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Playing 18 holes at sunrise and bowling 15+ games afterward with my son makes for a long day.  My son gets top priority and I was feeling worn out this morning so I skipped playing golf today and slept in.............   my high game today was 243 with a split/open frame in the 10th:doh: 

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My best shot- par 3 hole 15, 175 yards down hill, front pin. I hit a light 6 iron and it bounced in front of the green, kicked left and started rolling toward the hole. It disappeared for a second and then I saw it roll to the other side of the hole. When I got down there it was about 8 inches behind the hole. Most satisfying yet unsatisfying birdie ever
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Sunday, Kittyhawk GC., Eagle course, front nine



Lapsed back into the old pull-slice (or is it slice-pull) pattern with the driver. Pinned myself behind the trees on 2. Popped it up on 5 and pulled it into a hazard on 9 that is so far from the fairway, you wouldn't have thought it possible. Also failed to negotiate the forced carry on no. 8 for the umpteen billionth time. My approach shots utterly lacked quality. The only silver lining was the putting. I made all but one inside of 8 feet. 


Definitely need to get to the range before next weekend.

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+2 at Delaware Golf Club. Those holes aren't listed in the proper order, though. It gets the first hole, jumps to the back nine 10-18, then picks up with the second hole as #11.


Also, really not sure about my 352 yard drive… but the second yardage is accurate. Google Earth seems to confirm it was pretty long though…



Google Earth (Click to show)



Won $7 from @Slice of Life and @georgep, but had a great time (and a pretty great burger afterward). The hot dog, on the other hand… Blech. Great company too from @saevel25 and George and Ryan.

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One of my favorites of the year so far - blue listed as 6711 yards.  I was hitting fairways really well.  Found my approach game again partway through the front half.  Good round.


4 penalties - pulled a 3w left into trees (great contact), sliced one drive right and gone (felt it go bad during the back swing actually), thicked a par 3 iron short (marsh, no excuse), hit a beautiful par 3 shot hybrid long (wrong club choice).  no pattern there....


I'm running out of weekends and there's still about 4 or 5 more courses I'm referred to that I want to hit....luckily have three day weekend coming up.



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43-40-83. Good to see my buddy break 80 for the first time in his life (78), even while kicking my butt.

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46/40, 86.......shooting for 16 points, got 23, so +7 won first place $128.....Birdie on a Par 3 & Par 5 on the back nine.


Played my home course, Pebble Creek in Tampa.

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First round in 2+ months since my first kid was born.  Was in the middle of swing changes, and haven't gotten to practice much but was actually feeling pretty good about my swing between the intermittent practice and lots of dry swings.  Shot 38 on the front, felt amazing and in control, hitting consistent draws that I've been working on.  Really only 2 bad shots the whole 9.  Bad par 4 tee shot cost me a bogey, terrible par 3 tee shot got me a double.  One other bogey was just mostly bad luck with good recover to save the bogey.  Slightly over drew a 6i approach, landed it 2 feet off the fringe pin high, bounced on a sprinkler cover to a terrible spot.  Would've had a good chance at saving it from where it should've landed.


Then got pumped up on the turn and started swinging too hard, rushing at the transition, lost my positions, and shot a 50 on the back!  So 38 + 50 = 88.


Oh well, pretty excited about the new swing stuff still.  When I get the chance to play regularly again I think I can make a big leap!

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Brookside course 2 Blues (69/121): 86 front/back 43/43 (Sunday Evening)


Brookside course 1 White (71.1/127): 74 (for only 15 holes). In general, really shabby playing (shanks on a bunch of approaches, didn't read greens, fell back on some drives). I think my muscles were sore from the evening before. Front 44/Back up to and including the 15th was 30. Was on my way to par bogey on the remaining 3 holes, but lucky for me I had to go to work. So, we'll never know :whistle:


I plan to play 9-18 holes every morning this month, because I just got a monthly weekday pass really cheap. Hopefully, one of these months I'll be able to report breaking 85?

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Shot 41-44-85 at Little Mountain in NE Ohio yesterday morning.  My short game and putting were terrible.  I had a pretty good day tee to green for me.  Hit 62% fairways and 50% greens.  However, I 3 putted 4 times (would be more if you count when I putted from just off the green a couple of times).  My worst hole came on of all holes a 120 yard par 3.  That hole wrecked me.  I barely got off the tee after hitting it way fat.  Put the next one in a green side bunker.  The bunkers are very deep at Little Mountain.  I didn't get out of the bunker on the next shot and barley got out on the my 4th.  Triple Bogey.  All in all I scored a little better than average but it could have been my first time breaking 80 if my short game was just average.  Oh well.  I guess things tend to even out.  My tee to green game was very good for me.  And my short game and putting were terrible. 

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Got in 9 at the home course on Saturday before the rain came. Shot a 45 with 2 pars, 5 bogeys, and 2 doubles. 4/8 on fairways, but no GIR's on the round. Only 3 putted one hole (the first one on the day) and all and all pretty happy, although I would have liked to finish out the round to see if I could finally break through the 90 mark for the first time.
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Shot 46-49=95 in the qualifying round at Newman for the City Tournament... hit it my normal low to mid 80s quality... but had 3 triples and a quad... 10 over the other 14... so I fell to first flight where I lost 2 and 1 yesterday because of two o.b. balls on 15 (hit it literally 1 inch out) and 17... which I guess I wasn't ready for... made a fighting 6 but to a bogey 5
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43-38=81 @ River Forest

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Shot a 39 +3

Shot better tonight and had much better ball striking. Short Game is still S****

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Only hit two fairways.  ...says something about how easy the course is...

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Played 9. Shot a 50. Had 3 pars, didn't hit a single GIR but I only had 14 putts. The score of 7 on dogleg right #4 and the 8 on a 120 yd par 3 killed me. SMH but it's okay, lots of positives today.
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Los Serranos south course white tees 72.5/133 par 74. 91 45/46.

Had to tee off twice on the back 9 on two holes. Got par on the hardest 4 holes. Tripled the easiest hole with 4 putts and 3 on.
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I wanted to get a quicker round in today since I haven't played in a week, so I went over to Crooked Creek in Indy...just a 9-hole course and shot a 31 (which is par). I felt good all day, birdied the par 5 hole 5...chipping game was good, but totally messed one up that I could've eagled that par 5. It was my third time there and I enjoy it immensely...not too difficult, and definitely a fun course

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