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I'm still trying to change my ball flight and I am hitting the ball terribly!!!!!  I had one of those weird days when the long game was a complete mess, but I mostly kept the ball in play and scratched-out a respectable score.


Stone Canyon Golf Club: 6633yds 73.2CR 141Slope...........par is 72



I'm trying to hit a fade with bad results. I had several miss-hit drives that went basically nowhere.

9/13 fairways, but some drives were no longer than 225yds!! YIKES!!  Lots of mis-hits finding the fairway on this day!  I was HACKING!!!

9/13 fairways

7 greens

30 putts

1 penalty


Due to really bad driving, I had to hit rescue club, 5-wood, and 3-wood into some par4s today!  OUCH........ Luckily, I hit them very well to get back into play.  It's not just the driver....

I'm changing the ball position and trying to hit a higher fade with my irons and the results are jekyl and hyde.  I hit some beautiful shots, but the misses are God Awful!!   I'm having fun, but I may need to break my 20 year hiatus and visit the range.   Making this change during regular play is proving quite difficult.........

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Brookside Course 2 Blues (69/121) front 8 and 18th hole (par 35): 41 with a double on an easy 300 yard par 4. Could have broken 40 if not for a stupidly executed chip shot on the 7th hole that cost me two strokes (left me a long lag putt).

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Couldn't hit an approach shot.  If it was straight, it would be short.  Weird round.

Really nice course, tight.  Definitely want to go back.  I think I'd have enjoyed the last three holes more if it was in daylight...   ; )

Two penalties just because it was dark and couldn't find the ball even through struck well.


saw 9 deer,4 wild turkeys, and my wife hit a ground squirrel in the head


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Played the back 9 at Pelham Bay in the Bronx. Shot a 52 which is pretty average for my handicap but this round was inconsistent as hell.



16 putts

2 penalty strokes


1 birdie

3 bogeys

2 doubles

1 triple

2 quads


I started off well but then got a dose of the shanks and my confidence was shot. To make matters worse, I was carrying and my strap broke AND I lost a headcover. This might have had something to do with blowing up on holes 14-15.


Short game was solid and driving was good for the most part. Only hit 2/7 fairways but misses were in playable rough. The shanks from the fairway killed me and are so frustrating. I know I'm far from the first person to say this, but if I could eliminate the blow up holes, I'd be consistently in the low 90's. I'm getting there but I gotta work on the mental game I guess.

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Played 30 holes at +10 before running into a HS golf team that had everything back-up with four groups on a hole.  


Four birdies, all kick-ins.  Stuck an 8, a 9, hit the flag and stopped next to the hole on my eagle chip on a Par 5, and drove the fringe of a 304 yard Par 4 where I two putted.  Shot 40-38-40, and then E through three on the last nine before leaving the course.


I absolutely smashed a bunch of drives yesterday.  Several in the 270-280 range.  That second 40 included five bunker shots, so I'm happy my finding the sand didn't destroy the round.

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+7 43


Just playing horrible right now. I have no contact with my irons. My short game is still garbage. 

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78.  And that is the first time I've been under 80 on a par-72.  (All the other times were at a par-70.)

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Played Victory Park shot 84 with 2 doubles bogies, course very wet no run all carry, green were slow ,which thought was a advantage, previous best on this course was 87 so i was pleased with the result.

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Community GC (Dales Course), front nine



Client no-show led to a surprise afternoon off and I managed to get in nine before the leagues took over.


Just nothing with any quality. No. 7, an uphill par-5, killed me again. An embarrassing four-putt cost me on No. 4. The only bright side I can think of is that this score would have seemed pretty good six months ago. Not so much now. 

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83 on a reasonably testing par 70 parkland course. Given that this included a triple bogey and a double bogey, for most of the round this was pretty much the best golf I've ever played. Progressing, slowly...
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Originally Posted by Lihu View Post

Brookside Course 2 Blues (69/121) front 8 and 18th hole (par 35): 41 with a double on an easy 300 yard par 4. Could have broken 40 if not for a stupidly executed chip shot on the 7th hole that cost me two strokes (left me a long lag putt).

Same course, 44. Total bogey. I parred the par 3 but doubled the first hole while rushing to tee off. I just pulled (or drew all my shots, makes no difference when I hit right of every green) all my approaches, and over shot a couple greens. Then tried to hit an island green from 107 with a 52 degree wedge. Talk about being a couple yards short.


The good news is that my iron distances have gone back to "normal", I just wish I didn't have golf epiphanies in the middle of playing a round.


I'm hoping my good round yesterday got it into my head to play better, because I felt like every shot was crappy today. Drives were scattered, approaches pulled right. Oh wait, I forgot that I'm a bogey golfer. Everything's good. :-D 

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Shot 100 today at Pelham hills (whites 70.2/126), 9 penalty strokes 34 putts and 8 shots I either flubbed or chickened out of. Now I'm good for penalty strokes and flubbed shots but this round seemed a bit higher then what i'm used to. Wedge game was horrible for me but made up for it in my drives, woods and hybrids which normally cause me trouble. Given that I haven't even played 10 rounds of golf this year (moved to new city, bought house, new job with crazy hours) I'm not too upset but I know I can play better...thats what hurts the most.

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84.  Best round of my life so far, and did it by not thinking.. Really just didn't focus on anything and just had fun with it.  

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89. Ouch.

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I had another crazy/stupid day from tee to green as I am still trying to change my ball flight 'on the fly' during play. 

Stone Canyon: par72.....73.2CR 141slope

Front 9 Score: 37

3/7 fairways, but I kept the ball in play.  I hit some ugly short crooked drives, but I could recover

4/9 greens.... 14 putts (four 1-putts)


Back 9 score: 42........so I carded a pretty good 79 considering my terrible play tee to green.

3/6 fairways

2 Greens thanks to penalties

3 Penalties!

I had 5 one-putts.......13 putts on the back!..................my scrambling and a 27 putt round was the difference maker.  I made some GREAT 1-putt bogeys today!  LOL


I think I may give up on the fade.   I've been changing my setup and experimenting with the driver and I am closer to dialing in what I want to do.   I think I have a high soft draw in me......I can live with that!!  I'm still hitting the ball shorter than I want, but I will gain club-head speed once I get grooved and can swing-away without thinking.

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78.  And that is the first time I've been under 80 on a par-72.  (All the other times were at a par-70.)

Nicely done!

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Played the same course today.


Well, as it turns out, I declared a practice round before going out. My intention was to hit only two clubs (4i and 8i), but I didn't do that even though I would have been better off. I played all 8 holes really badly. I think I hit every tree on the course today. Played my game on 6 holes, but the remaining two were really bad. My ball striking was okay, but for some stupid reason, I was having a bad day with judging distances and avoiding trees. On one of those holes, someone hit one of my tee shots that was on the other fairway. So, I needed to hit a second ball for 3 off the tee. I ended up tripling that hole. The other hole was just getting to know every tree lining the fairway. I cracked a larger branch off and it hit my partners golf carts and moments later foliage rained on their carts. The next shot with a 3H hit a tree and bounced back 20 yards 170 out and came back to 150. Then I hit a 5i into a tree just barely overhanging the fairway. A 52 degree wedge just sneaked over another tree, which lost a few leaves in the process, and landed the green. 3 putts later and it was over. Oh yeah, a senior golfer jumped my group. It was like being overtaken by a model T, because we couldn't keep the Ferrari on the road long enough to drive. My playing partners were in their late 20s, tall, athletic and all hit far and wild.


My shot of the day was a bunker shot to the back of the green 130 yards away, just missed the birdie putt. The bunkers were like hard mud.

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Played my 4th 9 holer of the season. Have been a range rat. Literally.


Using what I learned from LSW, played many different clubs than I usually did for the course - used the driver much more, the 3W only once, whereas I used to mostly tee off with 3W and 3I. This helped my score. Short game is very rusty, but coming back. Putting was bad because I was using the memory of the speed of greens from a round played on the same course in the morning, dewy and wet greens. Aimpoint reads were pretty much on. 3 hour 1/2 round plus a heated argument that was approaching blows (not me).


Usually carry 13 clubs to lighten weight. Add a 60 degree wedge. Switched out 3I for 20 degree hybrid,


Shot 40 with 4 3 putts, Hit 4 fairways, 6 GIRs, 8 GIRs+nGIRs


1 left fairway, 140 to pin,  middle of green 3 putt, Fairway Hit GIR - 5
2 right rough, 135 to pin, left front green, 3 putt, GIR - 5
3 left fairway, 160 to pin, 30 to pin, pitch, 1 putt FH - 4
4 hit green 15 feet left of flag, 3 putt GIR - 4
5 right rough, 115 to pin, 2 putt GIR - 4
6 right fairway, 240 to pin, layup in fairway, 60 to pin, chip (flew green 1 yard), 2 putt FH nGIR - 6
7 hit green 20 feet in front of flag, 3 putt 4 - GIR
8 right rough, 95 to pin, 1 putt 3 - GIR
9 fairway, 140 to pin, 10 feet off green pitch, 2 putt FH nGIR - 5

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