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A 40/40 for an 80. I missed a 10' footer on the last hole that would have put me on cloud 9 with a 79. Still pleased with the results. I saw some things I have been working on go my way. It's just a matter of time. :-D 

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Shot a 42 in my league match today. 7 bogies, 2 pars. I'm pretty happy with it. Only 1 penalty, lost a driver in the high grass left. Two 3 putts on par 3s wasn't great, but one of them I was like 50 feet from the hole.

Gotta say the steady head drills and that quickie chipping video of Erik's have revolutionized my game. Before I was shooting around 50 over 9, and now I'm in the low to mid 40s.

Oh, and we won the match 2&1.
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81 with 3, yes 3, doubles. What?

But I was hustling through, 18 in 2 hours. The last 3 holes torture following some homemade old timer tournament.
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I reverted back to my old driver today......I hit several balls on the front and lost many....I mostly experimented to give myself a chance to get re-acquainted....I played the back first...then turned to the front and played a 9 for a score.


Stone Canyon:  par36..........36.4CR 145slope....

Scored a 38........8 pars and a double.


The 6th hole did me in.......408yd uphill par4......I pushed my ball left into lost ball territory.......hit 3 from the tee.....stroked a nice drive.........130yd wedge to 10foot and missed my bogey putt.  The old driver is staying in the bag.....  I'm not a big hitter, but my old driver definitely flies further. 

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Nearly had a Caddyshack moment last night. Went out for a quick nine after work, had 2 hours before darkness, walking. Parred the first two holes! In the third fairway a ranger comes up and says storms are coming and drives me back for a rain check. Glad he did. Would've been a mile from the clubhouse when the storm hit with a long, wet walk back.

Now, if I would've been even par at that point I might've just pushed through and hoped the heavy stuff didn't come through.
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Community GC (Dales Course), Dayton, OH



I had 17 decent holes and one massive blowup hole that kept this round from being a lot better.


My buddy Chris (the fellow who started me on golf) and I breezed thru the first five holes as nice as pie.The toughest two holes on this course are six and seven. Both par-5s. Six goes down and seven is back up this hill. We hadn't seen anyone so far and Chris saw nobody after walking 10 feet in front of the tee box and looking down the hill. He should have walked a little further.


We both hit some awful pop ups, head down the hill and see four guys wandering around the bottom of the hill. We were real lucky not to hit any of them. A ranger (didn't even think this course had one) tells them to let us play through. I don't know if I was spooked or what, but an 11-stroke debacle ensues. The amazing thing was that I regrouped as well as I did. Chris ended up shading me by one stinking stroke,

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44-41 for a +13 85. It was a pretty up-and-down round; I had 8 pars but I also had 5 double bogeys, all of which were on the hole following a par. Interesting. I was in the sand a ton, and I'm not good at getting it close from there. I putted pretty well, though, which is always nice.

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39 /58 today
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Add on please . Par 61
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61 on Tiger Woods...  at home sick (boooooooooooooo!)

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Originally Posted by Grndslmhttr3 View Post

44-41 for a +13 85. It was a pretty up-and-down round; I had 8 pars but I also had 5 double bogeys, all of which were on the hole following a par. Interesting. I was in the sand a ton, and I'm not good at getting it close from there. I putted pretty well, though, which is always nice.

Forgot to mention a birdie, which coincidentally was on a hole I previously posted in the Shot of the Week thread.

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78 front 40 back 38 rated 73.4 slope 139 indexed 3.7


2 birdies

10 pars

4 bogeys

2 doubles :mad:



12 GIR

30 Putts:-)


2 penalty strokes :pound:


Was a pretty good round but could have been one of my best ever, I put an extension on my driver shaft to get some weight back to the club head and I didnt' time to hit any balls to get a feel for it so I had some blown out drives that got lost so there was basically 4 strokes lost right there, I feel this round could have been closer to 73 with just a couple things going my way but overall a good score for such a long drought. Putting was what really made this happen though I think I may be turning a corner with that, hit an absolute beautiful approach from 115 that stopped 2inches from going in for a deuce on the #3handicap hole 430 yard par4, promising thing was the 2 doubles were on the #1 and #2 index holes and iha d to hit 3 off the tee on both but made net par with my 2nd ball basically 4 strokes lost.

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Played a scramble - our foursome shot 66.  If it had been just me, it probably would have been mid-80s.

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I felt like I should have scored a little better but shot a 74 (par 71).


+2 on the front with no birdies and +1 on the back with one birdie. (3 putt bogey on 18). :mad:


BTW I played 9 holes before our game and shot -2 with no bogeys. It seems that I am losing focus and making silly mistakes whenever my teammates have a hole covered and that's when I'm making my bogeys.

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I played nine this am at a new course. The most difficult course I've played thus far. 

I finished +9.


Very happy with my score. 2 penalty strokes. One was because I didn't know the course well, and the other a horrible tee shot that I pushed out of bounds.


Tierra Rejada in So Cal. A really beautiful course, that I really enjoyed playing. We were the first ones out there, and there was no one in front of, or behind us. 


Something about playing golf first thing in the am, when it's so quiet...Almost the same feeling you get when you can manage to go really deep into a meditation.

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86 esc 84 front 43back43 index 8.6 rate 73.4 slope 139


2 birds

5 pars

8 bogs

2 dubs

1 quad:censored:


35 putts

10/14 frwy

8/18 gir


Just could not get it going today and had a diusaster 9 on a par5 with 2 lost balls, I did however improve my driving technique and figured out what to do to improve and I hit 1monster drive up hill right at 280 yards so I do feel pretty good on that.

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102 legit. 4 pars 2 triples and 1 quad. The rest were bogie or doubles. It was the first time playing this course so I feel good about that score. I need to work on my full swing to calm the slice and chipping needs serious work.
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93 at Beechwood.
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