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Played Mid-Pines today. Picked up on one hole where my ESC would have kicked in. We were the first off the tee and played around in about four hours.

Mid-Pines measures only 6200 yards, but wedges aren't necessarily the shots you want to hit into Donald Ross greens. Sometimes it's smarter to hit the hybrid from the tee and play in with a knockdown 8I. And the trees have grown a lot since Donald's day, so the fairways are a tad smaller on some sides than others.

Shot 82. Had a nice 15-foot birdie (and missed two other similar shots of similar lengths). Played with the BlackMAX today and did not like it. The distance was a bit less than the V1x/B330, but the spin was really lacking on the short shots around the green. I've gotten really good at hitting the 40-yard wedge that hits, bounces, and then just stops dead. I even sucked a B330 back just a little on a short pitch like that. The BlackMAX keeps rolling. Maybe the greens were a bit firmer, but teh ball cost me a few shots.

Some may say the course is "boring" or "seen it, done it a thousand times already" but I'm a fan of the classics, particularly Ross. Nearly every shot I had today had its own risk/reward. I hit a shot into a 150-yard par 3 today, my normal 8I yardage. Instead I hit a low drawing 6I punch that, had it gone 5 feet further, would have ended up two feet from the hole. Instead, I had a 40 foot putt. Ask a golfer to overcome a challenge, reward those that do, and dole out appropriate levels of punishment.

Small greens, collection areas, mounding.

After golf we met up with an architect and had lunch at Pinehurst. Walked out the back door and boom, there's #18 and the Payne Stewart statue. Took a picture or two and headed on home.

Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain or ice, I'll be playing Mid-South.
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I went David Duval style yesterday. Locked up the course after work and got in 7 holes. Par, Bogey, Bogey, Birdie, Birdie, Bogey, Par. Hooray for inconsitency.
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You're on your SC trip huh? Sounds like fun so far.
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Originally Posted by Ben
You're on your SC trip huh? Sounds like fun so far.
North Carolina, but yeah. Stupid weather... I wanted to get out of cold. Yesterday's weather was fine... Friday's, today's, and tomorrows not so.
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Originally Posted by iacas
North Carolina, but yeah. Stupid weather... I wanted to get out of cold. Yesterday's weather was fine... Friday's, today's, and tomorrows not so.
Ah man, bad weather on your trip. That's weak!
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Originally Posted by Ben
Ah man, bad weather on your trip. That's weak!
My review of the courses are on the site. It was chilly, but again, I was just happy to be playing in February, y'know? Can't bitch too much.
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Man, I'm jealous of everybody thats playing. Living in Indiana means no golf all winter. I'm really getting the itch because golf weather is near.
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Originally Posted by gripitandripit
Man, I'm jealous of everybody thats playing. Living in Indiana means no golf all winter. I'm really getting the itch because golf weather is near.
Hey, I'm in Erie, PA, so I'm with ya. I had to escape to North Carolina. But come April and really May, you and I will be posting in this thread daily!
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Well it's spring here and it is beautiful. Played my first regular Thursday round with my 3 buddies who play every Thursday all year. I'm in two men's leagues (president of one) and the first two tournaments are this Sunday and this Tuesday. It has begun.
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I suppose I can chalk it up to no practice before hand and rushing around the course to squeeze in nine before dark, but, another weird +2.

Great up and down on one. Lost ball bogey on two for a triple. Birdied the par 3 third. 2-putt par on four, 2-putt par on five, 2-putt par on six, birdie on the par 5 seventh. missed a 2 foot par putt on eight, and a 2-putt par on nine.

I've been missing 2 foot putts lately for some reason?!
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Well, yesterday was yet another up and down day. The good thing about my nine was that I recovered perfectly after my bad holes.

1) two-putt par 2) bogey (missed 4 foot par putt) 3) birdie 4) bogey, missed another 4-footer 5) par, missed a slippery three-footer for birdie 6) great sandsave par 7) bogey 8) par... didn't play 9.

All these little putts I've been missing are burning me lately. I did get a chance to practice before work today, Today's nine I plan on making all my short putts.

Oh yeah east coasters. It's 82* and perfectly sunny today.
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Today was the first tournament of the year of one of my men's leagues. I started out the tournament with a freaking triple on an easy par 4. I birdied the 2nd after missing an eagle putt, parred 3 and birdied 4. Long story short after an opening triple I shot 73. I drove and chipped terribly, but had good iron play and ate up the par 5's.

On a side note I played the round with the yet to be released Maxfli BlackMax.

When I left the tourney, there was 1 guy with a 71 so I was in 2nd. There were more players coming in though so I may go down the leaderboard a little.
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Update: I took 3rd in that tournament. There were two 71's.

Today I played with 2 buddies in some cold wind. 2nd 73 in a row. Maxfli Blackmax.
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Cool deal guru, congratulations.

Today I was -2 after five holes with a bogey on the first. Par on 6. Then a bogey on the par 5 7th after a BOMB to the middle of the fairway for my tee shot. That blew! Then, darkeness came. Didn't get to finish.
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You need to get some rounds in before dark, man!
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You're telling me! But, working two jobs 7 days a week doesn't really permit. I did play 18 on Monday though. Shot +5. A weird round to say the least. After a 30 minute commute from my morning job, I got to the course to be greated by a 2-3 club wind. And no warm up.

Chipped in for birdie on 1. Quadrouple bogeyed 2, doubled 3, bogeyed 4. Went par, par on 5 and 6. Then another chip in on 7 for eagle. Practically chipped in on 8 for birdie, and missed a 3 footer for birdie on 9. Par on 10. Yet another missed 4 footer for birdie on 11. bogey 12, birdie 13, bogey 14 then parred out.

I suppose I could say that once I got warm, after the forth hole, I shot -1...

My skills are certainly sharpening though.
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A solid +2 for nine hole yesterday. 8 pars and one double.

The only reason why I doubled was I got fancy because I was in a skins game. On a par 3 I had one guy tight, the other guy I figured wouldn't get up and down for par, so I had to try and be the hero. My tee shot ended up about 3 feet directly behind a tree. The tree offered up a fun little shot, so I went for it. About 3 feet up from the ground the trunk splits into two, leaving a hole about 2 feet wide. And woulnd't you know it, through that hole I could see the pin. I took my shot, and knocked around the tree a couple times then I see the ball land about 30 feet behind me... hahahaha. Oh well.

But, like I stated. the other 8 holes went really solid. I only missed one green coming in, which I hit into a bunker, and got up and down. The birdie putts that I had on the others weren't anything I knew I should absolutely make.
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Well, with all these solid scores, I think it's only right that I step in with something awful.

I played today for the first time since early October I believe. I have gone to the driving range some, but I just haven't been in the golfing mode over the past few months. And besides, Oklahoma weather with the 30 MPH wind stinks!!

Anyway, I went today and started off triple bogey, bogey, and triple bogey. By this time, I was thinking about heading to the house, but I just sucked it up and kept on working on all my rustyness. I ended up shooting a 49 on front, and then I shot a 43 on the back. The 43 is more in my area, that is for sure.

My friend and I then played another 6 or 7 holes just because it was a beautiful day, and I really started to get into the groove again. I did start off double bogey, but then I went birdie and finished with a few pars and a bogey. So I was 2 or 3 over at that point, which is definitely looking a little better for me.

I played at Sugar Creek Golf Course in Hinton, OK just for the record. It is not great, but it is ok and a very reasonable price.

So I had to bite the bullet with my crap 1st nine, but I deserved it for not playing any. What can I expect? I was very happy with how I finished, as a couple of those pars could have easily been birdies. So it's back to the driving range this week and I will continue tuning up the game. And hopefully I'll be down in the low 80's again in a month or so.

Ok, you all can start talking about your 70's again.
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