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Shot a 79 (42/37). Pretty happy as I played from the tips here at Oak Creek and hit the ball extremely well on the back 9. Missed some makable birdies... But overall really pleased with where my game is headed.
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Shot a 75 (40/35) on a par 58.  First time ever shooting sub-bogey golf!!!  New putter working like a charm.  Couple of lost balls as the round was at night kept it from being even better.

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Today marked my second day of golf tryouts for my highschool golf team. I came out and shot a nice 41 through nine to make my Valentine's Day complete! How sweet...

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Solid day today. -2, 68 at my home course. Had a couple of goof-ups, but I've already forgotten those. Overall I played quite solid, was bogey-free until 9. Hit a good majority of my shots right where and how I wanted. Rolled in a couple of nice long birdie putts and made all but one from 3' and in.


Two shots of the day include; a nice 35y bunker shot with my 54* that I hit to 15'. I've been having a real tough time with my bunker play lately, so it was nice to hit something close. Plus I made the putt on top of that! Second shot of the day was a 58* from 49y. I put in some serious time on these shots yesterday. I picked my yardage, 38y, set up, and hit away. The ball landed in the perfect spot, rolled up and lipped out for eagle, leaving a 3' putt for birdie.


Practice really does pay off!

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Shot one-over 36 at Winter Park. Bookend birdies on 1 and 9. The yoga is really helping.

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I shot 74, The new swing overhaul is going great... a couple of balls O.B. didn't help much today. However, the highlight of the round was on #4, I finally made a Hole in One!!!!!

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I shot 74, The new swing overhaul is going great... a couple of balls O.B. didn't help much today. However, the highlight of the round was on #4, I finally made a Hole in One!!!!!

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shot an 88 today. trying to average down in the low 80's by spring. Best round so far this year was an 84. I think if i keep at it and keep working on my swing and shots within a 100 yards ill break 80 at least once this year. On a positive note my putting was decent today but still a work in progress.

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Had a rough 9 holes this morning. It was a cold morning (~37*) with a light rain and a hangover. Started off bad, cracked my driver on the first tee...not a big crack, but a crack none the less. Hit a number of fat shots with the ground being a bit soggy, and kept leaving putts short. Ended the 9 holes with a 46.
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I shot a 96 today, which I believe is the first time I've broken 100 since taking most of last spring and summer off. Today was the first round in a long time where I felt like my game was improving. If I could start controlling my driver, I think I can move beyond the low-mid 90s I've basically been shooting for the last several years.

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I was only able to get 9 holes in this afternoon... But shot a 38.  7 pars and 2 bogeys.  Pretty fun round as I had several birdie putts... Just couldn't get one to drop.

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Let's just say I broke a window in the building across the parking lot on the 10th tee.  Groan.  Lost 4 Gamer V's, but found 8 Pro Vs :)

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Had the worst round in a couple years.  Was inconsistent off the tee, left, right, left, right and even popped on up about 80 yards.  My distances on my irons were way off for some reason, I was hitting my short irons 20 yards longer than normal and my long irons 20 yards shorter.  I couldn't hit a wedge to save my life all day.  My putting was pretty good though.


The course we were playing was horrible, I was getting better lies in the rough than in the fairway because there were huge bare spots (40ft wide and deep).  I just wasn't comfortable standing over my shots at all. Ended up with a 105, and I'm typically in the high 80's lately.

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First full 18 of the year and shot a 102.  Couldn't go to the driving range before cause it was closed for some reason and the greens were a lot slower than I was expecting so my first 3 holes were a complete disaster (7, 6 and a 9).  After that I start settling in a bit but my front 9 was still kind of a mess. 


Turned it around on the bank 9 and shot a 48 which I was pretty happy with. 

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Went to my favorite cow pasture golf course and shot 94. I was OK with that considering available practice time recently.  I had not hit my driver in a while so had to back off to settle down.

Happy with chip shots. Went for a risky ending on 18 that likely cost me a stroke or two but good learning experience.

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I've played 3 9 hole rounds and one full 18 hole rounds with scores of 42, 41, 48 and 85. Temps ranged anywhere from 48 down to 43 degrees and a steady light rain (my last18 hole round). I've mostly hit my driver OK, with my last round hitting 7 of 15 FW. My iron play sucks as last round I only hit 2 of 18 greens, but scrambled well and got up and down 5 times for par and had only 3 doubles bogeys. The greens were soaking wet and some had standing water, but I stubbornly putted out and had no 3 putts. All in all I think my iron play is not all that bad. I'm not hitting greens, but my misses are near misses, which leads to easier scrambling.


I really can't wait for warmer weather!!

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Yesterday I played for the first time in nearly 5 years and shot a 96 (par 66).  I felt good about the day and had a couple of really good shots.  On one hole, my 2nd shot on a par 4 from 200 yards (poor driver, indeed) landed about 20 feet from the hole.  Probably my best shot ever. :)


I learned that I simply need more consistency in my swing. I also need to work on driving distance and putting.

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Having a new driver in my bag and watching golf on TV, I was jonesing to get on the course this afternoon after the Sunday rush died. Step up to the 1st tee with my RazrFit and kinda top cut one down the fairway. "Whatever" I think to myself, first swing. End up 7' for birdie and miss it. Regular par on 2. Super up and down flop shot on 3. I get to 4, where I can use my brand new driver again, and I notice a rattle in the head, ohhhh nooooo, the epoxy is lose!?! I get one dang swing out of the club. Burn! So I'll be calling Callaway tomorrow, more likely Tuesday cause of this stinkin Presidents Day holiday. I've got a tournament next Monday too that I really want to have a new driver for. Anyway. I went on to play the rest of my round with just my 3wood for tee shots. No biggie, my course isn't terribly long, but there are a few par-5s left. I freakin' cranked my 3wood all day!! hitting it just as far as I have been with my driver. I was putting a little extra mustard on the shots, that may have something to do with it, but dang! I can't wait to put those swings on a driver and see what happens. I felt like Keegan Bradley out there this afternoon, whew! Anyway, I rolled my putter really nicely and hit some quality approach shots too. Only got through 12 holes before darkness set in. Finished at -2 though! Three birdies, one bogey.

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