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We've had the wettest January and February on record here (Cyprus) so the golfing Gods haven't allowed for that much golf. Manage to get 2 rounds in a week, but that's been about it.


Played Sunday, shot a 75 which I was very pleased with (SSS 71) and I can feel my swing coming back after a LONG period in the dumps.


Took an inch and a half of the driver (back to 44.5 inches) and hit 12 out of 14 drives in the fairway with the two misses close and still in play. Lost MAYBE 10 yards on a middle-hit so much better driving stats.


Got a 3-day competition from Friday so already booked sick-leave.....

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Got out Sunday, 48*, sunny and 20-25mph winds, but glad to get out. 43-46, struggled a bit in the wind off the tee and had to scramble, but over all satisfied. 1 3 putt. Things are looking up I can feel it. 1st time in my life I've had 2 rounds in by the end of February i think.
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Played in Boise last weekend.  40 on the front and a scary 47 on the back.  Driver went to hell.  Hit 3 in the water off the tee a4_sad.gif  I was very pleased with my front nine though.  Lots of room to improve, but still felt pretty good.

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Was able to get out today and get my third round of the year in. Got my first birdie on my 33rd hole of the year!

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6010 yards par 71 69.5.8/115 score: 84.......40/44 5/15 FW and 6 GIR. 31 putts including one 3 jack. One quadruple bogey, 3 double bogeys, 5 bogeys, 7 pars and two birdies. I played a ton better than my score.The quad was the result of a wiffed tee shot on a par 3 into water coupled with a terrible 3 putt!

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I got out to play 18 today, at the same course I played two weeks ago that happened to be the first time I played in probably 5 years. Two weeks ago I shot 96 (par of 66) in nice weather. Today's course conditions were terrible, as we've had a lot of rain the last few days and quite a bit yesterday. I didn't even think I was going to get to play today because it was supposed to rain, and looked like it was going to until about the 16th.

Today I shot an 86! I think the big takeaway today was that my bad shots/holes weren't as bad as they were two weeks ago. I also had a lot more pars than last time. I've been to the range a few times in the last week, continuing to focus on not having head movement, getting a full backswing, and keeping my weight up front on impact. It's definitely helping. My new driver was pretty good for me too, no complaints. I really need to focus on my putting and continue working on my swing and overall ball striking. I also need to buy some golf shoes, waterproof. I play in my tennis shoes and my feet/socks were wet by the 3rd hole and that made for a long day. I had a lot of fun today, even with the terrible conditions. I don't really keep track of my total score as I go along, so finishing the 18th and seeing my score was a nice surprise.

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Played nine on Saturday afternoon after things cleared up a bit.  Shot 34 with a couple birdies and a bogey.  Hit 6/7 fairways and 7/9 greens.  Didn't get up and down once but hit it really well other than one loose iron shot.  The driver has been something I've been working on this year and out of the seven I hit I would say that three were exactly the way I want, another three were good but slightly low and one was just OK.  I never put myself in trouble at all though.


One of the birdies was a 25 footer...the other was a kick-in.  Both came on the last two holes so it was a good way to end.  a1_smile.gif



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Played 18 holes after work at a short course close to my house that is very tight, lots of trees and water, and quite a few dog legs.  It is target golf for sure.  I tried something different this afternoon.  After a thread discussing forged irons, blades, cast cavity backs, etc. I decided to take my very old Ping Eye 2 irons to the course and take everything else out o fthe bag.  I haven't played these irons in 12+ years because the offset on them eventually turned me into a hookapotomus...especially with short irons. 


So I took to the course with a sack full of nothing but these Ping irons and a ping putter I've had and used forever and was quite surprised.  Hit 1 iron a number of times today very successfully.  I hated the wedges and short irons, but the mid and long irons were sweet.  Nice high draw.  Putted the lights out.  Hooked a few 7 irons off of par 3 tees, but nice off the turf.  Carried a 200 yard par 3 over water with a drawing 4 iron.  I was +2 on the front nine (bogeyed two par 3s) and -4 on the back (4 birds and no boges).  Ended up -2 for 18 with nothing but irons.  Again, not a long course but a super premium on accuracy.  Several times I tried to fade the Pings and couldn't.  I was able to fade the 1 iron off the tee on a par 4. 


I think I'm going to keep Ping long and mid irons in the bag for a little bit with my blade short irons.  It was a fun day today.

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93 today on the Village and Mill nines at Chicopee Woods Golf Course, which is three strokes better than I shot a few weeks ago on a course I am far more familiar with. I don't believe I played that well, though; I kept my drives in play, but I didn't hit a solid iron shot all day.

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Shot an 85 yesterday. Weather was nice, but it was a bit windy. Had a couple rough holes on both front and back, but also had some pretty good ones. Had 2 birdies on the front 9, and a chip in eagle on the 16th (first eagle of the year). I struggled a bit on some of the holes, as I didn't have my fairway woods with me.

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I got out today and played a course I had never played. I've heard good things and it lived up. The course I've played the last two times isn't quite as nice, but for me it's been a good place to learn and I'll continue going there as it's remarkably less expensive than most of the courses in Richmond. As simple ball striking and swing mechanics are what I'm learning, a more forgiving course that I can afford to visit often makes sense. :)

I wanted to get out somewhere else today that was a full par 72 (the other is a par 66) and had some of the challenges you expect in a more difficult course (water, a lot of sand, doglegs, narrow fairways, fairways that force you to carry X yards, etc). Where I've played recently, First Tee Chesterfield, it feels like the entire width of the course is fairway. Today, at The Tradition Golf Club at the Crossings, most of the holes had some pretty narrow fairways, for me at least. There were some really beautiful views as well. I didn't have a great round but I really enjoyed being out there today. Being a Thursday, and not starting until after 1pm, I got a great deal on the green fee. But, they had just finished treating the greens that morning so they were all full of sand and that really effected my putting. Not that it's good anyway, it was worse than normal.

Given the narrow fairways, I hit my driver pretty good today. I can't complain all that much. I was 50% but even the ones I missed, I didn't miss badly and the vast majority were very playable. I found that I was hitting my fairway woods a lot today, which is normal for me but even than average today. Compared to First Tee, this course added an extra 2,000 yards. I don't have a lot of distance and so my drives would leave me with an 150+ yard approach consistently. For me that's a solid 5w or 3w when it's around 180+. I don't think I hit a 5i or 6i all day, and probably only hit the 7i a few times. The wind was pretty crazy today, so even some of the shorter par 3s where I'd be hitting a 7i or 5w, I was hitting a 5w or 3w respectively.

Today was pretty much sand day for me. I'm not used to playing on a course with a lot of sand traps, and today I seemed to find them often. I found the sand in 9 of the 18 holes today, in fact. That's not an area I practice a lot, so it was tough but a good learning experience. By the end, I had two great final holes and the 17th was a 3w into the sand behind the hole. My second shot was a good for about 5 feet from the cup, and I got the 1 putt (a rarity today...) for par. The 18th also yielded a par but wasn't from sand. It was a short pitch from in front of the green, but I think all the sand shots I had today helped on that one too.

Certainly a work in progress but a good way to end the day. I was proud of the fact that after the disaster that was hole 11, I was able to bogey hole 12 and par hole 13. I felt good about being able to shake that off and not let it effect me the rest of the day, and not even on the next hole. Today was a tough outing but I'm glad I played somewhere a little more challenging. I'm already looking forward to my next round.

Pictures of the course:






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First time I kept score this year. 47 for 9 holes. 20 putts. Got to avoid 3 putting, only had 2 GIR. Hope to show improvement tomorrow!
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85 at a course I have only played once before (Arroyo Trabuco).  My favorite kind too ... all holes separated from each other with hazards lining both sides of every hole.  I struck the ball as well as ever today, hitting 11 of 14 fairways, and 11 of 18 greens.  (I'm usually more in the 5 & 5 range)  However, I couldn't putt worth a darn (37) and had 4 penalties.  The aforementioned 3 missed fairways and 1 water ball on a Par 3.


Tomorrow should be better, as I am playing my real favorite kind of course ... one with parallel holes so I can recover from other fairways, plus I'll get to yell fore! a few times.

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86 (43/43) on a par 71 course. Really felt like I could go 80 or lower today but shot myself in the foot before the round even started. Forgot my wallet at home so no range balls to warm up. Buddy got my round but we had to jump on the tee pretty quick. And we invited a co-worker who had never played before. Double bogey the first hole then rolled off 3 straight pars then back to back double bogeys. Pretty much threw my sub-80 out the window. Birdied #11 to get me back to +7. Then finished up bogey, par, bogey, bogey, triple, bogey, bogey. Just bad. Wasn't one part of my game that hurt me, it was all of it. 


Ah well, hit the range this weekend and get it together for next week!

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6010 yards par 71 69.5.8/115 score: 89.......45/44 10/15 FW and 2 measly GIR. 34 putts including three 3 jacks. 5 double bogeys, 8 bogeys, 5 pars. The wind was howling 20-30 mph. Off the tee I was great, but I was hitting my irons like crap, hooking, pushing and fat. I had several 3/4 wedges into the greens that I flat out laid the sod over the ball. The wind effected my putting as well. It's just so hard to stay steady in the wind and with the ball oscillating it makes it even more difficult.


Hopefully better things to come this weekend!

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Got bounced in the first round of our match play championship. Although there is definitely something to be said for playing better with better players, my driver decided to stick it to me on 16 and 17 - making it tough to beat my opponent that outdrove me by over 100 yards on those holes.


Finished the front 9 down 2, quickly made that up on 10+11. I gave back one on 14, had to play a partially submerged ball on 16, when that did nothing more than dribble onto dry land - i was forced to try to thread a needle with a 3 wood - and that ended up as expected. Conceded a tie on 17 and that was the day.

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I shot an 84..........for 26 points....that's +8 on my points for a 3 way tie for first place in the Saturday game.......$87 includes $20 for a skin on #11.
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6010 yards par 71 69.5.8/115 score: 88.......45/43 6/15 FW and 4 GIR. 32 putts. 6 double bogeys, 6 bogeys, 5 pars and a birdie at the last.




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