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95, swing fell apart after 9,

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87......  About average for me.  Only missed 4 fairways, but couldn't hit GIR's, and didn't get up and down like I should. 

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95, had an amazing day driving but putted 40 times....yes you read that right 40.



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41 on the same front nine of Tradition. Birdies on 5 and 6! Swing is really coming around, still had one double though...

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I had so many blow up holes, 11 our of 18 double or worse. I'm amazed I shot a 101 after seeing all that black! I gotta get used to bigger greens, McCann has huge greens compared to the other 9 hole "kids" courses I play. But the weather today, oh my god it was picture perfect.



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First time out this year. I shot an 88... somehow. It felt like I shot a 95.

6 over on the front, 10 over on the back. One birdie for each side. There were a load of crappy shots, just barely countered by the occasional good shot that would save bogey or par.
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I got out and played 9 holes today with an old high school/college friend who lives in Atlanta these days. I shot a 49 and he shot a 54. I was really pleased with my ball striking today. I hit 50% of fairways and 3 of my 4 misses were fine, one of which was only 2 yards off the fairway. 1 of those 4 however, I drove a little too far on a dogleg and into the pond.

On #4, a 154 yard par 3, I hit my 5w off the tee and got it as close to the pin as I ever have on a par 3 ( http://f.cl.ly/items/2d141S3W3n3D0P1f1G10/IMG_20120318_151845.jpg ). Sadly, I missed the short putt for what would have been my first birdie. My putting was awful today, again. I should have shot a 43/44/45 today. Everything else felt great, my putting was just a big let down.

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First round of the year for me. I shot 9 over with 38 putts but as bad as the putting was, the chipping was simply pathetic.

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(6/9/11) Shot a 93 for my career best. The funny thing is is that it came on the hardest course I've played all year (Bethpage Red). My driver wasn't even working that well but I was able to really take advantage of my short irons and short game and really grind for a score. My goal of breaking 100 for the 2011 season is over and now we move on to breaking 90 f1_cool.gif


(7/11/11) Well, I last posted here after shooting my 93 and talked about my new goal of breaking 90. Now I've been there, done that c3_clap.gif. Shot an 87 today at the same course, Bethpage Red. Started out the on the front 9 with a somewhat unimpressive 48. Only one par which came on the 4th hole where I hit possibly the best 7 iron of my life, 165 yards into the wind to 15 feet. Mostly unimpressive golf and some screw ups like the penalty stroke on the 7th where I hit the ball with my practice swing. Also on the 8th hole, I proceeded to drive it 295 yard right down the middle (downwind on rock hard fairways, still my longest drive ever though), hit it to about 20 feet with my 56* wedge, and then 3-putt for bogey. So after this nine, I really tried to refocus myself and just concentrate on each individual shot because I was hitting it pretty well up to this point. Ended up shooting a 39 (+4) on the back for my best 9-hole and 18-hole score. 5 pars, 4 bogeys, almost flawless. I still left a couple shots out there today (especially on the front) which proves to me that I still definitely have room to improve. The back wasn't even spectacular golf, just hit some greens and dropped some putts. One highlight was the open faced 4 hybrid out of a fairway bunker and onto the green on the 18th hole to save bogey (I had already went bunker to bunker on my second shot). Another was the 3 hybrid up the hill on 15th hole for the GIR which I then 2-putted for par. Overall I just drove the ball great today and putted well down the stretch for my career best 87.

(3/18/12) So I've pretty much decided to post in this thread whenever I shoot a career best. Today was one of those days. Shot an 86 to just beat out the 87 I shot last this season. This time the score came while I was at school at a course called Newton Commonwealth. Also, while the 87 was composed of two extremely lopsided nines, today was a routine 43-43. Today really showed how much I'm improving because even though I felt as if I played so-so golf, I just grinded it out, avoided the blowup holes, and really came out with a great score. It also shows me how much more I can accomplish because I left at least 6 shots out there today. The bad of today consisted of 3-putting 3 of my 4 GIR (possibly attributed to getting familiar with distance control with my new putter) and really my driving (I only hit about 2 really good drives all day on the 8th and 11th, the rest were simply playable). However, my irons and hybrids today were on fire all day. I hit possibly the best 6 iron of my life on the 13th hole which is a unique par 4 of about 230 yards, but you're not allowed to carry the pond (which starts at about 185 yards out) in front of the green on your first shot because the club house is right behind the green. I pured a 6 iron that's flight was so perfect as it just continued to rise until it dropped about 5 yards short of the pond at about 175-180 yards out. I also pured my 3-hybrid about 3 times (on the 2nd, 8th, and 15th holes), my 7 iron twice (on the 2nd and 5th), a flushed pitching wedge on the par 3 16th from about 130 yards out to 20ish feet, and had a beautiful 8 iron over a tree on the 17th hole to the front of the green to get up and down for the par of the bogey/par finish i needed. My short game was really great all day too even though I only got up and down 4/13 times when it was realistically possible. While 4/13 isn't great, even getting up and down for par 4 times in a round is ground breaking for me, and there were many other times where I was giving myself close puts for par (I only 3-putted once when I wasn't on the GIR). Overall, this season is shaping up to truly be a great one. If I can get my putting sharpened along with my driving, I really don't think the 70's are too far away.


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I shot 100 even today.   My best game so far (I've only played about 12 rounds since I took the game up last October).    It was also the first time my wife and I have played with another couple.    I wasn't specifically keeping track but know I hit at least 50% of my fairways off the tee (that is being conservative, I only actually remember missing the short grass on 4). 


In another thread, I said I was going to be working this year on my short game and I have been.   I've been hitting pitches and chips in the yard nearly every day.   Today, the practice paid off.   I have never had such good fortune chipping..     

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Got out for my first round of the season today. Just getting over the flu so only played 9 holes. Plus the course was mobbed. Had a couple of bad shots, a couple of really good shots and a bunch of ok shots. But I'll take the 39 and run.

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I shot a 40 on the front 9 (had a lost ball, muffed a couple chips).  During the turn, my glasses broke in half.  No spares, nothing.  Without them, I'm blind...literally.  I was out there with 3 friends, so I just made the best of it.  I could see the ball on the tee, but it looked very fuzzy.  The guys gave me general distance and direction and I just trusted my swing.  They read putts for me.  I ended up shooting 38 on the back.  I stuffed a par 3 tee shot from 160 to 2 feet and made a bird.  No sense in looking up, because I could see the ball or where it was heading.  I'm not sure what to take away from the experience, but it was interesting.  As of later this afternoon, I now have 2 new pair.

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83. That's good for me.


I usually hit about 3 or 4 fairways (only), but today I hit 8. That made me happy!

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Shot a 97 on a par 72, 70.1/127 course. First time at "The Brassie" in northern Indiana. Nice course, particularly because they are still on winter rates at $25 with a cart. Not bad when it's about 80 degrees and sunny.


This was really encouraging, it's the first time since last November that I've been out, and other than a little chipping around the yard, the first time I've even hit a ball since then. There were a few flubbed shots and a couple really poor decisions, but my driving was better than it's ever been in my life. Consistent 210-220 yard drive that were pretty much dead straight or at most a gentle fade. Aim wasn't great on all because I'm used to compensating for a usually stronger fade, but it felt great.


Front nine was solid, +9 with two doubles and two pars. Back nine was rougher with a few doubles, including one that was about 8 inches short of picking up a bogey after a stroke-and-distance off the tee. On 16, I played a stupid hero shot that resulted in a lost ball and since I was getting exhausted, just dropped in the heather about where I thought it was and made a few bad strokes and took an 8. Nice up and down for par on the par 3 17th, then took a 9 on the par 5 18th. So the split was 45/52, which is both encouraging and discouraging. However, I think it bodes well for the year if I can find time to keep getting out there.


Handicap dropped another 0.6 points, too.

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First time out this year, pretty amazing considering it's mid-March and it's Canada.  Played an executive par 61 and played a pretty poor 71.  My putting hasn't weathered the winter well, but the biggest problem was converting from simulator golf to hitting from grass again.

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95 again today for me.  Putting was a little bit better but the greens were pretty hard and it was tough getting anything other than wedges to stick on them.

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Shot 88 (43/45) today, on a course I shot 84 two weeks ago. Was really hoping for a flirt with 80 but my game was just not there today. Horrible day chipping and four 3-putts (including a par 3 from 12 feet). Ah well, its only March.

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Visited a new course today with an old friend and shot a 101. I was hoping to break 100, and probably should have, but it was a fun day to get outside. My ball striking wasn't very good today. I was very inconsistent and had a lot of topped/thin/fat shots where I wasted plenty of strokes. Yet, I felt like my putting was better than normal. I sunk 2-3 putts from 10-15' where normally I'd just be hoping to get close. Nothing special, but for me it was progress.

Not sure how GolfShot got screwed up (probably me), but it calculated my first handicap incorrectly. I found a calculator online and it comes to 27. First time I've played 5 rounds and kept track of it so now I have something to start from and work to improve.

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