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First round of the season. Shot 81.


Pretty damn happy. Worked on my driver for the last few weeks and I hit 10 fairways which is high for me. Air was cold so came up short on the first 3 holes and greens were slow ( sand on them ) so putting was difficult ( the ball sometimes would break, sometimes not ).


Can't wait for this season




Played the front nine first, where I shot 43 and was getting used to my distance and the greens, then had a great back nine

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Shot a 45 on my "home" course par 36 9 hole.


Had a couple doubles which hurt, but I birdied a hole I barely ever par (a 390 yard uphill par 4).


The damn course has little grass nipples covering all the greens. The aerated the greens earlier and now the new grass is growing up. Causes the ball to bump all the way to the hole....


Drove nicely with a couple 270 yard drives.

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Weird day today because the majority of the round was a struggle......it felt destined to be in the 80's.   I kept missing fairways, 3-putted three times.......a tough round.


72.5cr 137slope par 72
3 Fairways......OUCH
10 GIR
31 Putts................ 3-3putts today....ouch
0-1 Sand saves
2 Birdies

Score: 76



I slammed it into gear late and played the final 4 holes -2.  It was a very satisfying finish because the game was on the rocks through 14 holes.   ....a big struggle, but I held on.  I was thrilled to escape with a 76 with all the bad shots I hit.   I was scrambling for pars like crazy and 3 putting when I finally hit a GIR....LOL

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Played 9 holes today, battling the wind but was only +2 through 8. The 9th hole killed me though, strong wind from left to right with a large pond all down the right side of this par 5, put 2 in the water before I found the fairway. Ended the hole with a 9, totaling +7 (43).

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Played 18.

Shot 76
32 putts
36% fairways hit
50% gir
1 three putt
4 birdies
7 pars
6 bogeys
1 double bogey

Not too bad I guess.
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Shot 33-38-71 at Casselberry GC. My lowest round in five years! Hit it great & got some real good breaks. Even had back-to-back double bogeys on 14 & 15 (yeah, I started thinking about it) to go from 2 under to 2 over. 3 under on the front. Dropped my handicap index from 7.1 to 6.5.


Getting Member of the Month musta motivated me. a3_biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by zipazoid View Post

Shot 33-38-71 at Casselberry GC. My lowest round in five years! Hit it great & got some real good breaks. Even had back-to-back double bogeys on 14 & 15 (yeah, I started thinking about it) to go from 2 under to 2 over. 3 under on the front. Dropped my handicap index from 7.1 to 6.5.


Getting Member of the Month musta motivated me. a3_biggrin.gif

Nice!  I know that feels great.


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Lit it up today! -6, 64 with 8 birdies and 2 bogeys. One was unavoidable, luckily stayed in bounds, the other was a complete joke. Putting for birdie from 12, blow it by the hole and leave myself a treacherous 3' slider. Overall a super super solid day. Very pleased with my performance! 16 GIR, 27 putts, 1/1 sand saves. Made short putts, mid range putts and a nice long putt. The sand save was on 18, downhill out of the bunker to the cup and water past the pin. Managed to get the ball to 14' and sunk the putt. All of this while trying to lengthen the course, been working on GIRs by leaving myself with more mid irons in to greens. My course can be a Driver/Wedge bonanza. Only used my driver on the par 5s and the driveable par 4 we have.


Played with three of the young kids from the course. BR is a kid who likes to talk big, we played for $10 and I gave him 10 shots. I'm surprised he stuck in as good as he did, particularly being down 8 at the turn. Here's the card...




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My putting is letting me down lately.  1 official 3 putt, but I had 2 more that came from the fringe.  It still feels like a 3-jack even if it's not an official putt....LOL


72.5cr 137slope par 72

9 fairways

8 greens

31 putts



I couldn't hole any putts today and my lag putting was bad.  I missed several short par-saving putts too...........I should have scored better today.



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shot a 48. was on a roll slated to play even bogey golf until the 9th. drop kicked a drive left, hit a tree with my 3 wood, then blew it past the green with my 3 because i had to punch it from under another tree, hit an excellent chip to like 8 feet from probably 30 yards, two putted....sheesh

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played the Caddyshack course yesterday, (aka Grand Oaks in Ft Lauderdale)...81...really fun.  Can still see where a lot of the movie was filmed. 

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Shot a 74 yesterday. (Par 72), 2 birdies, 4 bogeys  Our team was #2 in the state and in the match yesterday beat the #1 team. So know we are #1 in Va. Had a lot of missed putts from 15-20 ft. That could have helped my score a lot. But I hit the majority of the fairways which is always a good thing; and kept the ball in play all day. 

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46, Stonewater. It was actually like a week ago, but now's my first chance to update.


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I had an amazing round this morning. It was misty, 45 degrees along with a chilly breeze.........


72.5CR 137 slope

4 fairways....ouch!

7 greens

27 putts

score: 75


I didn't make a putt outside of 7ft the entire day, but I did have 1 chip-in birdie and I also knocked my 2nd shot on a par5 to 4ft and drained it for eagle. (my first eagle of 2012)a1_smile.gif


The rest of the round was brutal survival hacking out of long rough just trying to get it close enough to the green to get up/down and save pars.  I made a ton of short par-saving putts today....the theme of the day.    The rough is so long, that it's nearly impossible to hit a green in reg with anything more than a wedge.

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Played in a 6x6x6 tournament yesterday at Waikanae. That's six holes of Canadian 4somes (both tee off and you choose the best tee-shot and play alternate shots from there), six holes of four ball best ball, and six holes of 2 ball ambrose (both play and you select the best shot each time and play from there). It was a stableford competition and my partner and I shot one under par for 43 stbfd points. (My partner plays off 4 and I'm on an 8.) That got us 5th place in our division. It's a great format because if the first player gets a good tee-shot away, you can really wind up on the drives. As long as one partner is doing well in the 4bbb and ambrose, the other can forget about percentage golf and try those miracle shots that you wouldn't normally take on in a tournament. Had a couple of goes at miracle shots and it reinforced the fact that I'm no miracle maker.

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Just finished a round at The Crossings here in Richmond, VA. I shot a 107. I was really hoping to break 100 and felt like I was in good shape after the front 9. I was striking the ball well on the front 9, hitting most of the fairways and making a few GIR. The back 9 was just bad. I missed more fairways and didn't have a single GIR. My putting was just pathetic today. I had 12 3-putts, 12! This will definitely become a focus for me. Even with the poorer performance on the back 9, I could have still broken 100 if my putting had been even half decent.

Good news is that I felt really good on the front 9. I'm loving my new irons and have found better distance and accuracy with them. The pin placements were really tough today, as I think the course has a tournament tomorrow. I felt good about that on the front 9, not so much on the back. :)

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Played 9 holes in league play on Thursday,


1 fairway


2 up and downs

15 putts


4 over 39...

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Played 27 holes yesterday....Funny, only planned on playing 9. Shot pretty well. Still working out some kinks with my new driver shaft, but its coming along. Shot a 42/43/41 for a combined +18. Had a great opportunity for my first eagle of the year on the par5 12th. Had a good drive, left myself with a 215-220 yard second shot. Hit a 3 iron to within 5 feet. Was so excited, misread my putt, and hit the ball ~8ft past the hole. At least I pulled it together to sink the birdie.

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