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72.5cr 137slope....par72

Score: 77





1 penalty

1 birdie


I struck the ball nicely today and my score was the worst possible outcome.  I should have shot 3-4 shots better thanks to a bulky putter.  I also hit 4 fringes so I was effectively as good as being on 12 greens in reg for all intensive purposes.  I 3-putted 3 times from the fringes today...LOL  They weren't difficult lags either.......bad speed control.  I had one of those days where the putter was bulky.  I through away a ton of strokes on the greens today.  It was just one of those awkward putting days...... and when I had good birdie looks, the ball never threatened the hole. (except for once)  sheesh....

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The day started a bit rough, but picked up near the end and I ended up shooting an average round for me.  Now if I would learn now to putt, I'd be OK.



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I played nine yesterday after work and shot a 52.  Not a good score in any way for most, but this is my first full year golfing and I'm happy with that.  I've broken 100 twice this year, and I'm showing improvement so I'm happy.

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Shot 96 on a par 71 (about 68/118). That's a bit over my handicap, but it was good enough to continue my falling index trend. Pretty happy with that at my first look at a brand new course, too. Beautiful, beautiful day, 75-80° and sunny. Got paired up with a nice guy who was playing 9, which was fun. I normally walk, but he had a cart and the starter didn't mind my jumping on to join him, so I got to ride the front nine. Fortunately I transitioned from riding/playing with a partner to walking alone without a hitch, I was a little worried.


Driving is doing really well and I've picked up some more yardage, particularly on my mid irons. It's a little bit of a mixed blessing, though, as it's creating a bit of uncertainty about club selection. It is nice to be missing long as often as I miss short, though.

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78 (+7) 36/42


Hit  9 out of 18 greens, 4 out of 14 fairways, had 34 putts.


Really i was just on fire on the front nine and cooled off on the back nine. On the back nine i had alot of block rights, i got really tired and couldn't finish a swing.  

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97 (48/49) at my home course which is pretty much at my course HC.


The one pleasant part was finally incorporating some of what I was taught at the free lesson I got in Orlando from Erik's crew.


I was finally able to hit a draw at will and was amazed how much further the ball went - it was nice to be the long driver on most holes instead of being the short guy. Average drive was 30 yards longer than I had been previously and that number would have been higher if I didnt clip a couple of trees on the left side of the course. Now it is a matter of compensating for the extra distance when laying up and possibly reconfiguring my bag a bit.

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94: 47 on front and back. Not terrible for me (started last year shoot high 80's low 90's) but I think I topped nearly every shot I had
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Played a quick nine and was doing pretty decent with a 31 and two par 4's left. Then the freaken mosquitoes assaulted me causing me to rush shots. I ended up double bogeying the last two holes. :banghead:
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75 or 3 over at my home course.

38 on the front and 37 at the back.

Best round so far this year .
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Got to play  Barnbougle Dunes here in Tasmania a few days ago - what a course. Rates with the British Open courses in  my opinion. very tough around there so could only manage 105 ie 19 stableford points. Not too unhappy though.

And then we played next door at Lost Farm which is also a brilliant course  - this time I was on my game and scored 89 or 38 points over the standard 18 holes but there are two extra holes which take par to 78 on the extended 20 - shot 98 which is 42 points (assuming 1 shot on 19 and 20).   Seemed to be hitting it in all the right places - even scored a birdie. Hit 12 fairways and sank 34 putts. Not bad for an old fella.

The scenery down there is akin to  Turnberry and Pebble Beach and just all round an amazing place. And only $100 for a round!!Plus there's an airport along the 3rd fairway so easy to fly in direct.

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My putting is REALLY bad. Needs to be worked on :) Shot 107 with over 50 putts! I averaged 3 putts per hole :( But, I did have a birdie which made the day amazing. Gotta talk to my teacher and say we need a putting lesson. I was GIR or GIR+1 on at least 15 holes

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I played horrible yesterday. Most drives went left because I just wasn't comfortable with my grip. I did manage to land a drive on the fringe on a 292yrd par 4, but still walked away with a bogey. I managed to shoot an 87. It was my fifth round this week, so I figured out I am a 13.4 handicapper. I'm looking to drop that down to a 9 at least by the end of the year. 

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not an individual round, but I played in an Autism Charity outing yesterday and we won the scramble outing by 5 shots with a -14(57). It was a great day, and it got to a point that if it was on a green or close to it, it went in. Awesome day and we were able to donate all our winnings back for about a $5k donation to fight Autism. Absolutely wonderful day yesterday.

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Just shot a 93 from the tips on my home course. Low round of my golf life. 45 on the front, 48 on the back. I had birdie putts on a bunch of holes. On the front i had birdie looks at 2 and 5, On the back 9 I had a birdie putt on 10,11, 12, 16.
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damn alcohol. shot 5 over on the front and 14 over on the back.

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Had a really great round going today. Been working on my swing a lot (mainly just one concept) and went out to play after work today. Through 15 I was -1. Just as I made a birdie putt to get back into red numbers (made a bogey on the hole before) I see a huge lightning bolt in the distance with a storm rolling in. Decided continuing my great round simply wasn't worth the very slight risk of being struck by lightning so I packed it in. Very happy with how I played though!

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Played a new course with my Son on Saturday.  Much more difficult than my home course.   There is water or swamp on all but 3 of the holes.  The rough is so tall balls are easily lost.  


But the greens.............. in my short golfing career I have never seen greens with slopes, undulations, tiers like these.  Two putts????   Not for me!!  Three putting was the norm.  After we got back to the clubhouse I asked if during the wintertime does the club let the kids slide downhill on the green?


Add all that to the gale force winds we had on Saturday (couldn't even wear a hat) and I shot a 103.  Can't wait to go back and try again!

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85 on my home course ( 40/45). Current handicap based on 14 rounds is 18, so that should start to drop. New callaway edge irons, Razr fit tour driver. Changed grips from stock to oversize Winn dri tacs. What a difference. No fat or thin iron shots. Missed a few putts and going to change grip on ping solving putter from pl ( palm lock) to mid size. Hope that helps!
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