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82. My putting has definitely improved, I made 2 left-breaking downhill putts of 12 - 15 feet (for par, birdie) but missed a shortish birdie putt. Key for me on the green is keeping grip pressure light and stroke rhythm constant. I hit about 65% of fairways which is good for me at least. My main swing thoughts now are good weight shift/hip bump and keeping my head slightly behind the ball in the contact zone. If I miss right it's usually because I've let my head drift forward.

Maybe I'll meet my goal of breaking 80 this year.
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43 out 42 in. Very disappointing. Been focusing on consistent ball striking with my irons at the range and ive started hitting them really well. But today the driver was not on (a result from too much focus on irons) so i was chipping out or trying to hit bubba fades to the green haha

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Played 9 holes, lost 3 balls and shot even par.  After playing last week on a silky smooth bentgrass green course with a nearly perfectly level and planar 10 foot radius around every hole, I realized I'm actually a good putter and it isn't me making the ball bobble all over the place.  Carried that confidence on.  Being a good chipper helps too though  a1_smile.gif




Date:   6/29/12   Handicap Before:   5.4   Handicap After:   5.4
Score Type:   Standard   Course Handicap:   3   Total Putts:   13
3-Putt Avoidance:   11.1%   Putts after GIR:   1.6   Putts per GIR+1:   1.5
Birdie Putts Made:   60%   Par Putts Made:   60%   Bogey Scramble:   100%
Scramble:   50%   Score on Par 5s:   4.5   Score on Par 4s:   4.2
Score on Par 3s:   3   GIR on Par 3s:   100%   GIR on Par 5s:   50%
GIR on Par 4s:   40%
Crystal Falls Golf Course
HOLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 TOTAL
479 135 362 390 375 399 491 135 407 3,173
Handicap 5 9 7 6 4 2 3 8 1  
Par 5 3 4 4 4 4 5 3 4 36
Score 5 4 3 5 4 4 4 2 5 36
Net Score 5 4 3 5 4 3 3 2 4 33
Fairway check2.png   check2.png arrow_right_red.png arrow_right_red.png check2.png check2.png   x_red.png 57.1%
Putts 1 3 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1.4
Approach Shot arrow_right_red.png check2.png check2.png arrow_right_red.png x_red.png check2.png check2.png check2.png arrow_up_red.png 55.6%
Up and Down check2.png     check2.png check2.png       check2.png 100%
GIR x_red.png check2.png check2.png x_red.png x_red.png check2.png check2.png check2.png x_red.png 55.6%
GIR+1 check2.png check2.png check2.png x_red.png check2.png check2.png check2.png check2.png check2.png 88.9%
GIR-1 x_red.png x_red.png x_red.png x_red.png x_red.png x_red.png x_red.png x_red.png x_red.png 0
O.B. Penalties 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 3
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Shot an 86 today


40-46... I started the back off like CRAP... double triple double triple and parred the rest... sad day.


But in all honesty, I've never felt more comfortable about my driver. I'm carrying 260-270 easily (probably has something to do with the heat). But I had to wait for the green to clear on two occasions on a par 4 tee box today. And it was a good thing I did - pin high just off.

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Shot 77 - missed four 6'-8' putts...grrr.


They're usually balanced out by rolling in some longer ones, but didn't make anything over 10'. Guess the 'balance outs' were 3 kick-in sand saves.


Tied for the second best round since I started playing again in April, so I was happy overall.

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Shot a 92 today.  z7_no.gif Didn't get to practice this week. Part of the over 90 was due to trying to play through a legitimate low blood sugar attack which resulted in triple bogey, double bogey, bogey. I usually eat something about 30 minutes before I play and I always bring almonds and/ or a protein bar with me. I decided today to not play with these guys ever again; their attitudes were horrible. They didn't care. Yes, I get down on myself sometimes and even sling a curse word form time to time, but I would like to get better. They just want to whack a ball and say they're playing golf. They don't even play the ball as it lies?!?

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87 on a par 69 course Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf Club in Clearwater. My daughter took a 1st Tee lesson this morning to. She shot a 106. She hit's her wedges and putter fairly well. If she could get her Driver and irons under control, she would be good to go. All in due time, she is improving, and loves the game, so I am happy.
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Played nine holes and shot a 48.  I was really upset with how I played.  I warmed up at the range and could do no wrong.  However, as soon as I stepped onto the course it all collapsed on me!  z1_censored.gif.   Oh well there's always tomorrow!

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108, and with 12 drops. This was my first full round in a while. Still rehabing my ankle, 2 pars, a few boogies. I am happy, but need to fix those lost balls out there.

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Shot a career low today, 70 (2 under).  I left 2 birdies on the lip of the cup and lipped out another, or it could have been one for the ages for me.  Oh well, at least this way I have something I can try to beat.  Had I posted a 67 or something, I'm not sure I could have ever beat it.  Next goal to accomplish: get into the 60's.  I had it 3 under with 3 to go, but bogied one of the toughest holes down the stretch.

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Shot my best score last night. 50 on the front, 54 on the back for a 104. 4 pars, 4 bogeys plus the rest (some doubles, couple of triples and a 10). The 3rd time I've broken 110 in the last 2 weeks! (108, 109, 104) so I'm going in the right direction.

I've been trying the Stack & Tilt swing and something just clicked last night. I was hitting nice high draws with my irons and my hybrid was even better! c3_clap.gif


Was the first time I'd hit my new driver (apart from 10 or so balls when testing it out at the store) too which probably cost me a few shots.

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shot my best front 9, 45out 63 in - 108 with a 10 a 9 and a dropped ball and a lot of 3 putts on the back. And I left my driver in the car so hit a lots less bad shots

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Played 9 holes twice: 43 and 45

My putting has dramatically improved, I made 3 par putts in the 43. Unfortunately I still have not had 9 holes this year where I haven't had a double bogey or worse. Once I can eliminate those nasty holes I believe I can be under 40 for 9 holes.

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I broke 80!


I shot a 79 today with a 39-40.


Again, a terrible start with a double, single, double. But the back to back birdies a few holes later helped immensely. I just couldn't read a green to save my life on the first few holes.

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I broke 90 this morning! I shot an 87, my best on a par 71/72 (66.1/122 -- 5,600 yards from white tees). My driver came around on the back 9 and I hit a lot of fairways and the misses weren't bad. I also hit many more greens than I have in the past, so I had a number of real birdie attempts. I missed 2-3 birdies by inches, and another that was dead center of the cup but was hit too hard so it hit the back of the cup and rolled another 5 feet.

I almost didn't head out this morning since the heat has been so bad here recently but I'm glad I did. I played as a single and was pretty much stuck behind foursomes from #2 on, so I did a lot of waiting and managed not to lose my flow on the back, knowing full well I was working on breaking my best score.

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38 on a par 34 9 hole course. drove the green on par 4s twice resulting in a birdie and EAGLE!


felt i could have parredthe course but putting was off, everything running a little slower than my stroke thought


best day out so far gotta love eagles baby!

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Went out to play 18, but only played 9. A storm was rolling in. Somewhere around my approach shot to the 6th green and tee shot on the 7th, I strained a muscle in my right shoulder. AAHHH the fresh smell of Icy Hot.....Anyways shot a 46 z7_no.gif. Triple bogey on the first hole...I remember being in a hurry to tee off due to a couple groups that regularly show up on Sundays. Being rushed and not warming up properly don't make a good combo.

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Shot an 80... Had a double and a quad on the back.  So freaking dumb.  Took 4 shots to get out of a fairway bunker... Made my day, let me tell you!  z1_censored.gif



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