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Played a brand new (to me) course today. Pqar 72, slope was ~128, I think is what the card said.. Anyway, I shot a 5 over 77, and had a great day. 11 fairways hit, with 13 GIR (including the Par 3's), and 2 up and downs for par. I tripled the 6th hole, which was a horrible blow-up, and bogeyed 11, and doubled 15. Only one birdie, on 13, but for my first time there, I am not too upset, aside from the blow-up on 6 and the double on 15, I played fairly well. Had I not sunk my Tee shots on 6 and 15 though, it would have been a much more satisfying round. Going to play there again on wednesday afternoon. See if I can card a few more birdies this time, and keep my ball away from from the bath.


The worst part was, the blow-up on 6 was my own fault. I knew that I had to carry 270 yards to cross the pond, and I knew it was my absolute max carry on a perfect tee shot, and I came up short. Had I layed up in front of the pond (my 3h would have put me right where I needed to be), I would have had a 135 yard 9 iron to the pin, and would have par'd the hole. But stupid me went for the long drive and came up short. I know better for next time, anyway.


My dad shot a 92, which is damn good for someone coming off 4 months of chemo and treatment for cancer. All around, we had a great day, but im still upset about sinking that drive on 6.

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97 (52/45) 3rd time playing this course over the last 2 years. 10/14 fairways,1 GIR, 34 putts + 1 birdie. I am going to credit those new Gatorade chews for the back 9 since this is the first time I have tried them.

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Shot a 75 today (40-35), par is 70. Through three holes I was four over par! Turned it around big time after that with 3 birdies and some pars.


Had 10 GIR with 32 putts.

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Shot a +5 77 today. Pretty happy with it. Hit 11/13 fairways and hit 10 GIR. Been playing a baby fade the last few weeks. My accuracy has improved considerably off the tee which is just making everything else so much easier to do. Funny that.

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Yesterday, shot 80 (40 + 40) with three penalty shots on a course rated 72.1/132.  Gotta get rid of those penalty shots!!!  Total mental mistakes.


Need to focus on one shot at a time.  Easier said than done.  Hard to focus on every shot over the entire 18 holes.

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Shot a disastrous 94 today.

54-40 from the tips.

Why did I play so bad on the front? Beats the hell out of me, but a 40 ain't bad from the tips
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Played Enniscrone G C in County Mayo, Ireland. It was truly diabolical. Wind, lost balls, rough, more rough, more wind, perfect shots meaning more lost balls because it landed on the wrong square inch of fairway. Truly character building.

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120 something, but i had a blast. first time i had ever played this course and it's ~500 yards longer total than the course i usually play. good group and i hit all but 2 or 3 fairways and i really bombed some drives out there and hit my 3 wood like money. everything else in the bag was a complete waste of time and that's why my score is so high, but man was it fun to put some drives in the short grass beyond where i thought i could hit it.

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Parred the front nine with one bogey and one birdie.

Shot 2 over on the back - bad shot out of a sand bunker cost me.

Still, it was a great round.

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shot an 83 today in the 103 degree heat (ugh)


10/14 fairways hit

11/18 GIR

36 putts b4_blushing.gif (5 3-putts...Had seven birdie putts inside 15 feet, missed 'em all)


Felt good, though. No surprise the putting needs help.

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77 on a Par 73.

1 Bogey
2 Double Bogeys
1 Birdie
14 Pars

31 Putts
56% GIR
2 Sand Bunker
1 Penalty
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Chopped my way around a muni track today in 100 degree heat and put up a SWEET 115. By the end, I was just happy to get off the course and into some A/C.

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A respectable weekend of golf....... 75.1CR 141slope


Saturday: 79= 3.1 index

I hit it OK, but I missed the greens in all the wrong places. (and I missed a lot of greens...and fairways)...this day was a bit of a struggle.  

5 fairways

7 greens

29 putts

0/2 sand saves

2 penalties

1 lousy birdie

I didn't hole any putts longer than 7'. 


Sunday: 77=1.5 index

I played great today, but miss-clubbing twice and two 5-iron hooks into par3's cost me 4 penalties!  Aside from those 4 shots causing 4 doubles.....I played great..LOL  I also had 4 birdies without holing a put outside of 6'..........I only needed 24 putts....and I didn't hole SQUAT.  I'm still feeling good about the game....I just need to minimize the disasters. 



PS....when I finished my round today, our club pro asked how I played...... I instantly responded with......"great, I only made 1 bogey".(knowing how he'd respond) He immediately snapped back with...."How many doubles?"....hahahahaha.......I told him 4, but I still shot 77a3_biggrin.gif  He knows my game well....LOL

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Shot an 89 today.  Excellent round for me.  On the front 9 (the longest and hardest of the course) I had a 44.  Everything was working well.  6 GIR and hit 7 of 9 fairways.  However, the back 9 was a different story.  My driver was no longer my friend.  Luckily, my irons and putting helped me salvaged a 45.  All in all a very good round for me. Now if we could get the temps down a bit.

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I shot a 100 that I can be somehwat happy with??? My bad holes are fewer but when I blow it I REALLY blow it! Par 4 5th hole, I hit my approach shot in the greenside bunker and reached the green 4 shots later! This was immediately followed by pull hooking 2 tee shots OB on the 6th tee! So I basically lost 8 shots on those 2 holes. The back nine has 3 par 3s which I proceeded to card 20 shots on! Played the other 6 holes (3 par 5s and 3 par 4s) at +3! Geeezz!

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39 for 9 holes! Awwwwwwwwwww yeah! best 9 holes of my life, came right after a lesson and 2 hours of practice

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Out early for a quick 9. Shot a 39 with 13 putts, 6 pars and 3 bogeys. A great score for me, lowest 9 of the season. My discarded carry bag with four compartments destroyed my putter grip so this was my first outing with the new Winn Jumbo grip. Not sure if that made the difference but I stroked in some nice long one putts. Also had my new 14 slot bag but I doubt there's any mojo there.

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Played yesterday in 102+ heat.  Shot an 81 from the tips (6600 yds, par 71) with a stinking triple on the 8th hole and a three-putt bogey on the 14th.  Didn't drive particularly well, but played pretty decent overall.  I feel like I am very very close to shooting mid-70s.

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