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Played Blackhawk Track 1&2 in Beaver Falls, PA


Rating 68.8,  Slope 119: 


I hit a 93 today. 


Shot a 43 on the front, which is a little above average for me, but fell apart on the back shooting a 50. Not happy with the back at all. At least three times did I have to wedge it twice from within 100 yards. I 3-putt 3 times on the back too, which I almost never do. 


My mental game definitely came into focus today.

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Originally Posted by onesome View Post

Ouch on that 83, sounds like you may have just pressed youself a little too much to get to + index, we got a lot of summer left so I'm sure your gonna get there. What course do you play?

It happens......hit the ball crooked and the score snowballs.  I play a public course..



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Played at the Hugo Golf Club - white tees - 117/34.4 - Scored a painful 47. I'm not real concerned with the score today. This has been a tough week, physically speaking. Between working in 95* heat everyday (8 hrs.), playing drums at a 2 hour band practice on Tuesday night, playing drums for an hour on Wednesday night (Church), work outs on days off and only practicing twice this week I was really just wanting to swing a few clubs to get stretched out. Had 3 bad holes. Wasn't real comfortable over the putter. Left several putts short. I'm gonna play tomorrow (18) I believe I'll have a much better score. I love this game a3_biggrin.gif

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Yesterday, 45 (par 35, 32.5/112). I decided to move back and play the back tees, which I knew wouldn't be a big deal outside of the par 3 distance difference on #2. I had a great round going, +2 after 6 holes. I fell apart on #7 and nearly jumped off the cliff on #9. Turned my first real shot at a sub-40 round into a 45. Extremely frustrating. The positive is I know I have the potential for it at this course.

This was my first round with my new wedges and I had some great shots with them. A nice approach on #1 with the 56, awesome chip with the 60 on #3, and a great sand shot to within 3 feet on #6.

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I played Juniper Hills.......Frankfort, Ky while on vacation.

This is the course where I learned to play golf.....by caddying for my Gpa in 1959. I try to play here every time I return.

Wednesday shot an 87 from the Blues.....6250 yds. Today I shot an 88 from the Blues.....played with a buddy I graduated from High School with in 1968. The greens were wicked fast.
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I broke 100 today 45 out 54 in OK so its 99 not a massive low score but I still set my new PB and that includes a 9 and an 8 on my card so I'm very happy

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Ever have a round where you can't figure out what you're doing wrong?


And then figure it out on the 17th hole?


Son of a bitch.

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96 today playing at a new course. Started rough with a 51 front 9 and than finished stronger with a 45 back 9. I must have hit 3 fairways haha.

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Originally Posted by Mattplusness View Post

Ever have a round where you can't figure out what you're doing wrong?

And then figure it out on the 17th hole?

Son of a bitch.

Yep... About every third trip out it seems.......

On that note, shot a 97 today on a course I had never played before. Bear Creek Valley in Osage Beach. Good thing an iron was the smart play off all but 4 tees because my driver just did not like the fairway today..
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Blah kind of round.  Made some ridiculous mistakes on the front 9... And dialed it in on the back.  Couldn't sync a birdie putt and burned a lot of edges... Until the 18th, when I had a legit Eagle putt from less than 8ft and missed on the low side for a tap in bird.



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Had a great round by my standards. 3 over on a par 34.


I was EVEN through seven holes! Then I go bogie and double. Had back to back birdies which brought my back to even after an opening double.


Best shot was about 150 yards from the rough after a pushed drive. Landed it within 15 feet and sunk the bird!


Drove about 300 yards even on a downhill par 4 on the hole before that and chipped on and birdied as well.


Pushing drives cost me strokes, but at least they were straight pushes and not slices/fades.


I feel like I'm close to playing on a slightly higher level if I get just a little more consistent. Iron shots are great, putting is pretty good. Today I found a direct correlation between the number of pitch marks I have to repair and my score haha.

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Tried to go back out friday afternoon but wind was gustng 40+ mph, well handicap just got revised to 6.6z4_blink.gif. Now I have only an 8 course handicap, friday is gonna be tough.

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88 today on a course i played for the first time, birdies on 2 x par 4s which is uncharachteristic by my standards! 44 on both nines.


Lessons learnt.


- Dont always rip the driver off the tee, hit an iron to leave a full shot to the green,

- FIR and GIR are essential to make comfortable pars, let alone birdies

- Keep it in play

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I don't even wanna talk about what I shot today.  I've seen better quardrapelegics play better golf than I did today.  Shot 55 on the front 9 and didn't even bother coming in.  I was so mad at myself.  I hit the range and practiced putting and was ready to go!  i was VERY excited and then at the 4th hole it tanked BAD.  z1_censored.gife1_poo.gifd1_bigcry.gif

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Shot a very disappointing 98 today after an epic meltdown on the 17th that happy gilmore would have been proud of.  It was a par 5 and I hit my 3rd shot pretty close to the green.  Had a bad chip and was left with about 15 feet to the hole, first putt was pretty and left myself about 5 feet to the hole.  Proceeded to miss that and then missed three 3 footers to card a 10...


I just lost my cool and kept rushing up to the ball and hitting it thinking there was no way I was going to miss again...mad at myself for losing my cool but I think I will take a step back next time to collect myself.  Still rattled from 6 putting the 17th I shanked my tee shot on 18 and carded a 6.

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I ended up shooting a personal best today. I tried to focus more on distance control instead of spin. In the end, I shot a +4 76 (77 with a penalty stroke). Also, I got a chance to try a cross grip putting style and knocked a few putts off. 

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I played Fox Run in Grayling, MI this weekend.  It was the first time I've played since my son was born in May.  I shot a 105, 58 on the front, 47 on the back.  Putting was my biggest issue.  I had two par 3's that I three putted and one that I four putted.  (as said NUMEROUS times....I'm new to golf.  One year to be exact)  I was very happy with my last 6 holes.  Par on 2, bogey on 4. 

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75.1CR 141slope

78 last friday...


76 on saturday...that round was an interesting round.  (42-34)

The first 9 was just plain difficult.  I played decent enough, but was out of position and paid dearly for every missed green and fairway.  I played the same on the back, but my misses were in better places and I was able to save pars.  I had 1 birdie and 1 bogey going into he 18th hole and then chipped in for eagle to shoot -2 on the inward nine. 


another 76 today...in more traditional fashion.

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