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75.1cr 141slope..........score 82.   I played well through 7 and then came a shank.   From then on, the day was a struggle.  It just wasn't the iron play.....I also lost a few drives, etc, etc........the day just went to hell.

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Shot an 84 on Saturday at a 6,200 yard par 72. Was hoping to break 80, but 3 3-putts and a double on a 130 yard par 3 and another double on a 480 yard par-5 were the end of me. Was running 1 over after 5 holes with the 130 yarder coming up. Pulled a PW hole high left of the green, skulled an easy chip and three putted. So went another fruitless quest to break 80...

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I'm fairly new to this forum and golf in general (played very rarely in my late teens/early 20s, but only began really playing seriously in late 2010). I must say, though, I'm addicted. I watch TV working on my grip, I take practice swings waiting for my gas to pump, I hit wiffle balls in my living room with wedges, etc. 


I just spent about 20 minutes trying to find a good thread on maximizing effectiveness of a practice routine on the full swing from 9i-D, but most of them seemed short, dated, or bereft of good info. I notice you seem to be one of the most knowledgeable and sensible people on here so I thought I'd ask outright- could you spare 5 minutes of your time to explain to me what you think a "standard" for good practice should be, or direct me to a thread where I can read about it? I'm about an intermediate player (average in mid-80s) who's improving, but I don;t have lots of money for lessons or even to play anything more expensive than muni courses right now. I know that the only good practice is good practice, and I want to improve at a maximum rate of efficiency rather than spinning my wheels.


Thanks for the help,



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82, Par 72, 70.6/132, 6420yds.  Fairly tight parkland style.


I had a miserable day off the tee, I hit only 3 fairways and 6 greens in total.  I still managed to scramble my way to an 82 though so at least my short game was working.


I loved the course but the bunkers were awful.  They were filled with - and I'm not kidding - brick sand.  Might have been a choice based on the history of the area, or maybe it's just because it's cheap since it comes from down the road (I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the former).  Whatever the reason, brick sand in a bunker is terrible.

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Blah, I went out with great expectations today. I really thought I was going to break 90. I was not so lucky, 101 was today's score Blah. I think I had an epiphony after my round on the range though. We will see next time.

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I tried to go out yesterday, 2nd time out after an out of the blue lumbar strain. I only made it through 6 holes at +5 before deciding I need more recovery time. I moved up a set of tee's and I still struggled. I'm afraid to take a full swing. Should have skipped the range, tried to get loose there first. Though it was actually bending over putting that made it tough.

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Really rough day that started great with 2 pars and was feeling great until a skulled chip led to a quadruple bogie on a par 5. The hole started off bad. Dog leg left par 5. slice right. top a ball then a 3 iron to 130 yards. good approach and one putt for par right? wrong. bladed pitching wedge chip over the green, skull a chip bag over the green and finally 2 putt or something like that. Next hole decent drive. second shot flew the green 3 chipped onto the green and 2 putted. Continued like this until hole 8 and then parred 8 9 bogied 10 parred 11 bogied 12(with a great save but shouldnt have needed it from another skulled chip) then parred 13 and had a pretty good day until 18 where I got over zealous on the 550 yard par 5 and tried to crush my drive leading to a slice. double bogie to end with 93 but was 13 over on the front with 4 pars. pretty much killed me.

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not to bad a day for me shot 46-42=88 on a par 72 layout. Course rating was 70.8 and slope was 125.

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Shot an awful 94 on Friday...  Hit the range hard.  Went out today with 42 on the front and even par 36 on the back for 78 (72.5/137).  Best 18 score, best 9 score (on the back), best differential of my life (4.5).  I have been working really hard on my swing and it certainly seeming to pay off.  Awesome day...

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Played beautifully today, 74 (+4). Out in 35 and back in 39.

Only blip was a 3 putt on the 460 yard par 4 8th to make a double bogey. Before that I was 2 under through 7.

10/14 fairways
9/18 GIR
29 Putts

4 birdies, 7 pars, 6 bogeys and 1 double.

Right on the edge of being a single digit capper now.
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36 on my par 29 executive course. putted well and chipped a lot better. i basically went out to in the entire round though, just couldn't get it right. luckily it was only a 5 yard fade, but still not my shot at all.

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Played Sunday @ Torrey Pines North - 70.8/125 - Shot a pretty disappointing 90.  Highlights/lowlights:


  • 3 putted the par 5 first for bogey.  Not the best start.  Fortunately, it was my only 3 putt of the day.
  • Birdied the 354 yard par 4 5th.  A 3 iron to the middle of the fairway left me 162 out, downhill, into about a 10 mph breeze.  Hit a choked down 6 iron to about 18 feet above the hole and made the downhill putt for birdie and 3 skins.
  • Tried to play smart on the 355 yard 5th, but my 3 iron was hit poorly and ended up in some deep stuff right of the fairway.  Hacked out a 9 iron to the fairway, but hit a woeful shot with a PW on my third.  A nearly very good pitch rolled just off the back of the green into a birds nest of rough.  Hit a really good open faced 60* out to 5 feet, but missed the putt on the low side for a 7.
  • Totally topped my drive on the 418 yard 8th into the canyon.  Hitting 3 off the tee, proceeded to make bogey with my second ball.  8 is the #1 handicap hole, so I'd have been okay with bogey, but after the worst swing of the day, ended up with another 7.
  • A poorly hit drive on #10 left me 187 or so to the middle.  Hit a slight draw with a 5 iron to the back center flag.  Landed right in the middle of the green, the ball rolled back and lipped out, finishing 3' or so above the hole.  Sadly, I missed the putt.
  • Hit the worst drive of the group at #13, a 423 dogleg left.  I hit it right and had 230 or so in from a pool lie in the rough.  While everyone else went for the green and missed, I laid up to 100 yards with a 9 iron, the proceeded to put my SW to 3'.  I saved par while everyone else made bogey, so 6 more skins to me!
  • Hit a decent 3w off the tee on 16, left myself with 115 in.  Hit a terrible choke down PW, then chunked the pitch.  Another pitch over a bunker to get on and 2 putts left me with a 6.


Overall, I wasn't all that happy.  85 was the target score, which would have tied for low round in the group and I let several shots get away - a short par putt on #1, short birdie putt on #10, should have made bogeys on both 7 and 8, two chunked chips on #11.  I easily gave away 7 shots and feel like 83 was doable even with some pretty poor drives on the back.

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I actually played yesterday but here it goes... I parred the first four holes, bogeyed 5, parred 6 and 7, birdied 8, and parred 9 for an opening nine of 36... parred 10, 11... birdied 12, parred 13, 14, 15, doubled 16, birdied 17 and bogeyed the 18th for a  74...

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Played pretty solid today,


39 (+3) 


Par, Par, Bogey, Par, Par, Bogey, Bogey, Par, Par


FIR: 2

GIR: 4/9

Putts: 14

Scramble: 2/5

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68 from the white tees.


At a disc golf course in Ashtabula, OH. :) Finished strong with three birdies! :)



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45 (+8, 36.1/138). This afternoon was my monthly outing with some friends. Two of the guys aren't really into golf, so what we do is let them play best ball (on every shot, putts included) and me and the other guy play separately but average our score after 9 holes to determine which team wins. Fun game to play if you have players who aren't very active in golf.

I hadn't played this course previously so in doing my research I realized this course is longer than what I'm used to, by a good margin. At my home course, I've been playing from the forward tees (5,600 yards) and I expected us to play the forward tees here as well (6,000 yards). The other guy who is pretty good, and who has played here before, suggested we go with the set of tees after the forward which is one in front of the tips (6,400 yards). This included a few long par 4s, especially considering what I'm used to. I had a lot of long approaches but I played them well. In fact, the first two holes I hit the greens with 4h approach shots.

I surprised myself with how well I played the much longer distance and think I'll be giving the next set of tee boxes a go this weekend at my home course. If I hadn't blown up #3, I would have shot about what I do on the front 9 at my home course and that's a par 35 (2,746 yards, 32.6/118). This was a par 37 (3,287 yards, 36.1/138). Good day.

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Out in 48 (adjusted to 47 for ESC), back in 39.  Almost birdied 18.  Anyway, posted 86.  What an aggravating game!


I had it going pretty good, just a stretch of blow up holes on the front ruined the entire day.  I have decided that no matter how tempting, I will not try 3 wood to reach a par 5 in two.  It cost me dearly today, at least 4 strokes.  If I lay up, I have an easy shot at birdie.  If I go for it and miss, I am looking at bogey and maybe par at best.  The risk/reward is not worth it.  My home course just punishes misses too much, especially with the longer clubs.

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lol nice disc golf score Erikb2_tongue.gif.


I was pinched for sunlight today, and couldn't finish my round z7_no.gif. Missed the last 3 holes, and score was on pace for my average of late, 98. The course is getting harder by the day, they keep letting more and more rough grow out. Even the stuff right next to the fairway is thick enough to consume a ball to where you can't find it. This could be the reason for my scores not improving at the pace I was expecting. I have been loosing lots of balls in deep rough, not OB or Hazard, just deep rough. Balls that where easily found in May.

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