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A not so good 75 (+5). Went out in two over with 2 silly bogies. Double bogied 11 and 12 (poor luck as much as anything). Rallied hard coming home with some nice ball striking, made 2 birdies, one bogie, missed a bunch of 10-15 ft birdie chances.

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I finally, FINALLY shot a bogey round 2 weeks ago, and then again last week.  Granted it was only a par 31 nine hole but an accomplishment is an accomplishment.

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Originally Posted by daSeth View Post

Shot an awful 94 on Friday...  Hit the range hard.  Went out today with 42 on the front and even par 36 on the back for 78 (72.5/137).  Best 18 score, best 9 score (on the back), best differential of my life (4.5).  I have been working really hard on my swing and it certainly seeming to pay off.  Awesome day...

sweeeeeet.........nice job!

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I scored a new personal best from the tips today...... 75.1CR 141slope....7121yds.

34-38=72!  Even par..f1_cool.gif


I played well all day from tee to green and holed some nice putts too.  My only bad drive caused a blowup on a 460yd uphill par4.  I drove it right in the weeds.  Thankfully...my partner found my ball. I hacked forward nicely to leave myself 40yds short of the green, but it was an extremely awkward pitch to a small area of green over a bunker.  I missed the green, I missed the green again.......and then 1 putted for a 6.  At worst, I should have made a bogey.  Oh well...  My only other wasted shot was with the putter.  I had a big breaking downhill putt off a ridge and hit a pretty good lag to 3' and missed the come-back putt.  Aside from that miss, my putter was golden all day long.


9 fairways

11 greens

27 putts

1/1 sand saves

5 birdies!  .My estimated birdie putt distances..... 8', 15', 9', 10', 10'. . when those go in, it's going to be a good day  ...and it was!

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Best nine holes of the year, 35 (-1)

Par, Par, Par, Bogey, Birdie, Par, Birdie, Par, Par

5/9 Greens 

13 putts

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I'm a day late, but I shot an 86 with only three fairways hit.  I only missed one putt under 15 feet and so scored way better than my ball striking would indicate.  My iron play was at its best of the year and my putting was outrageously good.

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40-43 today.  Handicap dipped to 9.9.  First time ever in single digits.  Pretty stoked...

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Shot a stupid 98 today. Out in 49 and back in 49. I had my second ever birdie though! So that's good news. Only lost one ball which is also good news. My driving was pretty off all day until the last couple holes, chipping from around the green was also off. The second hole is a 98 yard par three and the hole was cut right behind a bunker so I bailed out right and ended up needing to chip onto the green. I bladed it way across and ended up hitting a flop shot about 5 ft from the hole on my next shot. I'm a lot more comfortable taking a 60* and flopping it than I am chipping from around the green, which I find very weird.
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67 on 9 Holes. Including a 17, that's right I said a seventeen on one hole. Had a 57 on this same 9 two days ago. (7 on the offending hole, that day)


Posted in depth about it here: 




I'd actually call it a 'volcanic explosion devastation hole', vice a 'blow up hole'.. but there is a happy ending to this story. I had a great time,and was glad to be on the course and golfing. Amirite?

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I'm finally starting to hit some crisp iron shots, as my swing changes are taking shape.  I was +1 for 9, but hit some of the better shots of the year today.  And very pleased with my score considering the cruddy conditions the course was in (terrible wet muddy fairways, long shaggy tee boxes, and bumpy ass greens).  I don't understand how a course in Orange County can not take better care of itself... American Golf should be sued for charging people to play this dump.


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I hit a beautiful 2nd shot on a par 5 that landed 2 feet from the hole. Incredible eagle. Best feeling!

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In other (more relevant to the thread) news, I played Theo Wirth GC in Minneapolis and shot a 39 on the front 9. I love Theo Wirth GC: affordable, challenging, and really nicely maintained. Plus the skyline view on the third hole cannot be beat.


I tried some foot alignment changes as recommended in the "my swing" post, and it really seemed to get my balance feeling better, thanks guys!
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Played at Brampton Park here in Cambridgeshire last night and finally broke 100! Well, would have easily smashed the magic 100 mark if it wasnt for the 7 lost balls on the round!


Came in at 98 (with lost balls)! Yay for me :) Pretty much everything was 1 or 2 over with one blowout of 7 on the par 3 4th hole (SI 1) and also got 4 pars!


Ah yes...you know you are still a beginner when you get excited over scoring pars :)





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I've been playing the forward men's tees this year, as it's been my first real season of golf. I'm a 20 hcp, but I've been playing much better than that over the last two months. Recent scores would have me trending towards a ~15-17hcp, as soon as I play enough to remove old scores from May/June. Also, this week I played a new course far longer than I'm used to and had good results with the added distance. For those reasons, today I decided to move back a set of tees and play the blues (par 35, 2,950 yards, 33.9/125) to see if I can move there permanently.

I shot a 41 (+6), which is as good as my better rounds from the white tees the last few weeks. My best from the white tees is 40, which I've done twice. I played really well and had no trouble with the added distance. The approach on #1 was a 4h, which I had good distance but pulled it to the left of the green. The only real difference is now the par 5s aren't as reachable in 2, which they're not supposed to be. I think I could get #8 with a good drive, but today I didn't have enough to get there.

My putting wasn't very good today. I left 3-4 shots out there on the greens, easily. Everything else was pretty damn good however. I've progressed a lot since February. a1_smile.gif

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85, Par 71, 70.1/121 6450yds.


Another weird day.  My driver was singing (13 of 13 fairways) but I had four 3 putts.  Seems like the more fairways I hit the worse my putting.  I just had no feel whatsoever with the putter today, it felt like I was swinging a mop or something.


Part of the blame though goes to my approaches which just weren't tight enough; I was hitting greens but almost always left the longest first putt possible.  I think tomorrow I'm going to hit the range with nothing but my 8i,9i and wedges and work on accuracy.  And of course an hour or two on the putting green!


I was really hoping to break 80 at this course today, sort of disappointing but maybe next time the stars will align.

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44 with 3 birdies. Quad on the 1st and two doubles on the par 3's. I've been on the sidelines with a lumbar strain so it's going to take a few weeks to shake the rust. Still not ready for 18 but I do have full range of motion after a month of being stiff.

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Shot 80 with a chip in eagle! Played a really nice course in my area (San Antonio) was an up and down kinda of grind but I enjoyed it!
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Originally Posted by Joe bogey View Post

Shot 80 with a chip in eagle! Played a really nice course in my area (San Antonio) was an up and down kinda of grind but I enjoyed it!

Tough not to enjoy a round that includes an eagle! Good on ya!
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