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92 (6,137 yards, 69.1/129). Played pretty poorly overall, but I'm happy I was playing golf and happy my net was under par. Today I was partnered up with random people, which seems to have this effect on me. I'm nervous all the way through. Not because I feel like I have to impress or anything. I'm well aware nobody cares. It's just having someone over your shoulder, pushing/slowing my normal flow/pace, etc. It makes me tense and clearly that's not good for my swing. My driver was all over the place and that really hurt my GIR chances.

I'm also happy that a poor day resulted in a 92. A few months ago a poor day would have been from shorter tees and into the high 90s/low 100s.

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I had a few birdie opportunities and several par opportunities.  My putting was just bad.  Well bad would have been an improvement.  I just couldn't finish the holes well at all.  My drives and iron play were on and real good.

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Still nursing a lumbar strain. It's been two months now but I can finally swing with full motion. Shot a 42 on the front of  a very easy course. 6 bogies and 3 pars. Missed a few putts.

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Last 2 rounds.


Shot a 70 on Saturday. Was coming down the last one under (I haven't broken par for ages despite some great form), hit a decent drive which dribbled into the rough by about a foot. Had 160 into the wind, accounting for a bit of adrenaline decided to cut an 8 iron. Really badly just wanted to hit the green and two putt for 69! Put a great swing on it, caught a flier and it sailed straight over the pin, flying about 190 yards! Pretty much dead from there. Ended up sinking a 20 footer for a good bogey.


A very poor 77 on Sunday. Hit 14 greens (as opposed to 11 the day before when i shot 70) but had 3 doubles and 2 three putts (apart from the doubles). Couldn't make the birdie putts or the up and downs. Put the putter behind a short putt on 11 and the ball moved which sent me to 7 over and couldn't muster a fight back. 

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92 (+20)


Really really bad day. I drove the ball beautifully, Hit 9 out of 16 fairways, those i mist were just in the rough, which at this course wasn't high at all. 


Putting was horrible, these greens were at least 3-4' faster than i was use to. I just couldn't get use to them, i had about 5 three putts. 


The worst was the wedge play, i bladed four iron shots, all OB over the greens. I also had one water ball. 


Since those were wedge shots, i usually can hit greens 75% off the time with my wedge. Thats 6 strokes there, and 5 three putts, which i normally never do. 11 strokes wasted. 

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Shot a 90 yesterday which is right in line with my hcp..

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My best score ever. 76 and that included a TRIPLE! Solid all around.

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Shot a 106, 11 strokes higher than the 95 I carded the last time I went out.


How do you add 11 strokes? Easy: 4 three putts and one four-putt, and not a single one-putt. I hit the ball relatively well, especially with my mid irons. Driver was a bit off, but overcame it pretty well (by my standards). In the end, it all came down to me not being able to make a putt.

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I played solidly today, but had very few birdie looks.  75.cr 141slope...........39-38=77.  


I only made 1 birdie from about 7 feet.  The rest of the day I was chipping and putting to save pars or lagging from long range.  I played a game of "Rabbit" with some guys and won $20 today,............ "so I've got that working for me!"


Carl Spackler

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110. z7_no.gif


Started off with a fairway, "fringe in regulation," par, then a decent bogey and an ok double bogey (though I realized later I may have played to the wrong green, I'm not certain). On the 4th hole, though, the wheels fell off spectacularly. My tee shot was ok, but a bit right, and (of course) under a small tree. Fortunately it had room underneath to stand, and I tested my backswing and there was no interference. I set up, swung, and I guess I go back a bit farther on a real swing than on my test swing, and I got hung up a little bit on a branch and whiffed the ball. So I set up again, took a 3/4 backswing, and somehow got hung up again and whiffed. At that point I might as well not have played out the hole because with all the effort it took not to wrap my 9I around the tree, I didn't have anything left to put into the golf.


The rest of the round wasn't much better. Was rewarded on several fantastic approach shots with lost balls that are probably in the muddy crap that was near the green on a couple holes, and couldn't putt my way out of a paper bag.


So, I dunno, this might be it for me for a while. I haven't had any fun on the course in a long, long time, and I'm playing worse each time out, not better. Between those two things, I really don't know what the point is. I play enough good holes that I know I can do better than I'm doing, but somehow, without fail, there are always 4 holes where I'm just not playing golf and I put down 8s or 10s. If I'm playing for fun, and I'm not having fun, I think it's time to find something else to do... we'll see.

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  Rancho Bernardo Inn. Shot 88, 18.3 hcp. Not a bad morning but it could have been better as I blew up on a few holes. Couple of 7's and a snowman

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If it makes you feel any better Zeg I shot a 102 at Poppy Hills a couple weeks ago.  I haven't played this badly and shot over 100 in at least 5 years.


First hole: missed left into thick woods,  had to chip out 90 degrees and about 50 ft into the fairway with a PW - a decent chip actually, considering I had to thread it between 2 trunks fairly close together.  Then chunked 2 shots before hitting a decent approach shot - rushed and rattled at that point.  Ended up 4 over on that par 4 - horrific start!  I then trebled the second hole, another horrible drive (push-fade this time) and multiple putts.  But then I righted the ship in the middle of the round - pars and bogies, more like my usual play.  Then the wheels came of 1) on the greens, some of which are very difficult with multiple levels, 2) in the bunkers, which had a thin layer of sand over a very hard substrate (see separate thread).  Afterwards one of the staff kindly admitted to the bad state of the bunkers and I didn't feel so bad about that part of the meltdown.  Think I only hit 2 or 3 fairways all day (my wife was scoring and didn't keep the usual full stats), almost all misses to the right .... bad bad bad.  This game is no fun, and rather tiring, if you are constantly playing your second shot from deep rough or trees or bunkers or whatever.


But I did stick a 90 yd approach shot with a SW on the 18th and made the 2 ft putt -  for par, not bogie, because I had played out of a bunker on the previous shot as I recall.


Yes, it was a very nasty round but I still played a few decent holes and I think I know what went so wrong that day (other than getting only about 4 hrs sleep the night before - uncomfortable hotel room).

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I played 18 at my home course (Harmon Club, Rocklan, MA) on Sunday, and had my best 9 holes ever.  After a poor front 9 (43) I played the back 9 in 33, 2 under par.  It's the first time I've ever been under par for 9 holes.  I had 3 birdies and one bogey. The best shot of the round, a 30 foot putt to save par on the second hole.

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112 today playing right-handed. I'll break out my leftie clubs Thursday and see if I can match today's score... f1_cool.gif

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A first in 35 years of playing golf.  A bogey free round.....16 pars, 2 birdies.   Plus it was from the 7150 yd tees.  


I'm really not that good, it was just one of those days.  a1_smile.gif

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Just played Ashbrook Golf Course in Union County, NJ today and shot my best 96.  

Blue Tees: 71.2/126 Par 72 Yards 6397


I just broke 100 for the first time last week, and found that since getting that monkey off my back I have been way more confident.  I played pretty well, with 2 triples.  Back 9 had a lot of chances, but could not make a putt to save my life.  Played pretty well off the tee for me, only losing two drives.  One sliced into a hazard, the other, to be honest, I lost it in the sun.  My two playing partners weren't paying attention and hadn't a clue where the ball went.  I thought I hit the shot pretty well, but clearly I wasn't in the fairway.  My assumption is I probably sliced right and got lost in the woods.  Had to drop because I took too much time looking for the ball.  


All in all, way more confident now.  Also, since I have broken 100, I am not afraid to go for it with every shot.  Not concerned about "the worst" scenario, as much as trying to find the best scenario.  



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Oh, and I shot a poor 75. Way too many bogies and lost ball from nowhere.
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78 with a double and a chip in. Only hit 9 greens and never really made a putt of any consequence.
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