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63, with 18 GIR, an eagle, and not a lot of putts made outside of ten feet. Never sniffed a bogey the whole day. a3_biggrin.gif

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First off, understand I basically suck. ;-)


I had my best round of the year. 45 on the front nine (Par 34). Here are the stats:


Fairways hit - 1

GIR - 2

Putts - 19

Up & Down - 1


2 pars, 3 bogies, 4 double bogies.


1 putts - 1

2 putts - 6

3 putts - 2


This past Saturday I was really connecting with the woods and accurate too. 4 out of 5 fairways but my irons and chipping stunk and I shot a 46. This week I had about 20 - 30 less yards with the woods/driver and I was mostly in the rough and once on the adjacent fairwy by 5 or so yards. But my irons, wedges, chipping and putting were better.


Now if I can only put the best of those two rounds together I'll be making some headway! :-)

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Golfing here this monday. Labor day! Pretty excited. Newly renovated.. 6million dollar renovation to be exact. Looks incredible. Will soak in every hole.


Won 4 free rounds in a raffle. Paid $5 for the ticket stub!


Bringing my father.. so can get 2 good rounds in each.

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91. 14 bogeys ..sheesh
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46 on a par-36 3600+ yards course that included a 40-yard chip in for birdie at the last.

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I'm way behind on my round played....75.1cr 141slope


Tue: 40-37=77

I was 5 over through the first 4 holes...........and finished the day at +5.  I played well once I finally woke up and started playing some real golf.


Wed: 45-37=82

AGAIN....I started terrible, except the front was a train wreck from beginning to end.......possibly my 2nd worst 9 of the year.  I hit it crooked and the  nightmare wouldn't stop!!  LOL....Then I bogeyed #10 and was wondering if I could even break 90!...LOL  I then went on a very stress free 6 hole par run until I bogeyed 17 and then birdied 18 for a relatively stress free 37. 


THUR: 40-39=79

The front9 has been my nemesis this week.  I butchered a couple holes early, but played really steady for the rest of the day.  I should have easily scored 3-4 shots lower......I was hitting it close and rolling the rock great, but nothing would drop. 

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After my meltdown at Poppy Hills (near Pebble) last week in which I hit 2 of 14 fairways and shot a 102 (see post 9571), I was looking for redemption at my most-often-played local course (Encinitas Ranch, CA).   I was well rested, it was about 76 deg with a light breeze, the stars were aligned ......


Long story short, I was back in my usual form - thank goodness!  In fact even better when it comes to fairways hit (12/14), partly because I used a 3W three times in the narrower fairways, partly because the fairways are generally wider than at Poppy but mainly because I SLOWED DOWN MY BACKSWING and MADE A FULLER SHOULDER TURN (resulting in higher hands at the top and better swing plane coming down).  One of the 2 fairways missed was when I hit long and straight, and right through the fairway on a dogleg right and into a fairway bunker.  Grrrrrr .... This was plain stupid of me; I had originally pulled a 3W out of the bag because of fear of reaching that bunker but then went with driver because I was driving so well and fearing that I mightn't make a short (maybe 130 yard) carry over impenetrable creek.  Ridiculous!  I should really have hit my 3h or 4i for heaven's sake.


Stats: shot an 86 with 7 pars, 8 bogies, 3 doubles, 7 GIRs and 3 3-putts.  Not bad, tho' my best is an 81 on this familiar and fairly friendly course.  Only had 1 up-and-down despite numerous opportunities, and those 3 3-putts ..... not good.  Still need to work hard on my short pitches and chips, and on putting.


So ..... I am somewhat relieved and my confidence is largely restored after the Poppy fiasco but the ugly memory is still there.   Maybe that's a good thing because I really need to keep working on that shoulder turn while making a strong move forward (weight shift and hip bump).  I tend to identify a problem, get it fixed but then get lazy and have it come back to haunt me, especially when I'm under pressure or tired or something.  Maybe I can hang onto the better driving action this time - time will tell. 

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Just got home a couple hours ago shot a 78 and played terrible for my standards on the front nine.  Shot a 41 on the front and 37 on the back.  Just was landing short on approach shots leaving me long putts for birdies and more than a few times 20 foot putts for par =\

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Played like an idiot today.  83 72.5/137 for a differential of 8.7.  Four blow up holes (doubles) mixed in with some major scrambling.  Miracle birdie on the par 5 18th.  I hit it to about 6 inches from the garbage after one of the worst second shots of my life.  Anyway, the ball striking was not good.  Hit about three greens.  But hey, even two months ago, I'd have been stoked with an 83.  I've tasted the 70s and I want more...


Handicap dipped to 9.5...  good stuff.


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been stuck on the 80 train for about a month and a half now.  Shooting consistent 80, 81, 82, 83 rounds but just can't seem to get over the hump and stay in the 70's :(  Just a matter of catching a few breaks one day, I guess.

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This wasn't special - just another example of letting score get in the way.

I was playing really solid yesterday, got to 15, and my buddy said, "You're two under. Man, one more birdie......." (After starting off with two bogies, I had four birdies at that point, but I really had no idea where I was re: score).

15. Bam. Ball in the water. Still made bogie.
16. Approach hit the flag, ricocheted into a bunker. Bogie.
17. Hooked it into the desert (I almost never hook the ball). Lost ball. Double.
18. Three putted from a million feet. Bogie.

75 (7102, 73.2, 138) which was still a very good round relative to my HC, but felt like 90 after the last four holes. I thought I was well past the point of getting ahead of myself, but I guess not.

15 was a par 3. Drove it so well all day.....13/14 fairways and, aside from 17, hit them all farther than average. Two weak approaches on 1, 2, and 18. Nothing outside ~25' except on 18. Now I need to keep my expectations in check for today's round.
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I shot my course best at  Desert Rose a 93. I ping ponged between traps on hole four for a 10. Then had some more sand troubles on hole nine for a 8. I got my $h!t together on the back nine and scored 4 pars to top out at 93.

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Nice Round jimbo it's always a good day when you break your course best!!!

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Shot an 84 and I was pretty pumped because I play to about a 16 handicap. I was all over the place on the front nine with a couple doubles, a few pars, and a birdie. Back nine was solid par/bogey golf. I did have 38 putts though. 38!! z1_censored.gif


That's the only thing that bummed me out. 

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4 months in and I am consistently breaking 90!  Last 3 rounds I've shot 89, 87, and 84.  Today I shot an 86 with a very nice back 9.  I can feel my game starting to come together.  Although I had a couple of pulls, I didn't have any bad mishits/tops etc.  Now if I can just do a little less 3 putting maybe I can move on down to the 70s :)

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Played at the Hugo Golf Club (home course) 69.4/117 - shot an 86. This, so far, is my personal best. I can really tell that practicing my short game helps a lot. Had a few holes that I just flat lost my mind on. My driving was well and putting got better through the morning. I'll keep plugging along.....

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4x 3 putts. d1_bigcry.gif

2x Doubles. e1_poo.gif


Somehow, I still managed to break 80... Looking back at this round - if I simply putted better and didn't miss two tee shots on the Par 5's, the round could've been incredible.  Oh well... I'm hitting greens more consistently than I've ever.  So I got that going for me. c2_beer.gif



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Thanks Issac........................2 straight days of rain in the middle of the US.  MFR......we've had a drought all year, and now we get rain on a 3-day holiday weekend.   sheesh

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