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120 on a 72 par coursec3_clap.gif

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I hit 120 and you think 76 is bad

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Originally Posted by BuckeyeNut View Post

Thanks Issac........................2 straight days of rain in the middle of the US.  MFR......we've had a drought all year, and now we get rain on a 3-day holiday weekend.   sheesh

That's how it's going in Illinois at the moment. It's bogus.


No rain all of last week.. get rain on the weekend, ruined my round.


No rain this week.. get rain on the weekend, THANKFULLY I'm golfing on Monday instead of this weekend. Better clear up.

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I shot a 43 at the par 3 golf course by my house. Not a very good score but I'm only 2 months in to it. I feel like I'm getting better with my swing. I picked up a 60* wedge last week and that has really helped. I pitched on to a few of the greens but it's going to need a little work. I almost had a chip in today. I am really trying to work on my short game and I need to practice with the putter. I left a few out there on the greens today. I went out today and just tried to make and easy smooth swing. All I can say is what a difference.

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Only played 9 holes today but shot a 40.  That is my lowest score on 9 holes so far so I am pleased.  However, I am also pleased with the fact that I played better than my score.  I triple bogey'd the first hole then made par on 2, 3, 4.  That is probably my longest streak of consecutive pars.  Double bogey'd 5 after a horrid tee shot but then settled down again with bogey/birdie/par.   Minus the first hole I probably played the best I've played yet.   Signs of improvement always make me happy.

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Played my home course again - Hugo Golf Club par 70 69.4/ 117. Shot a 90 today. My head just wasn't into it. I need to get to the driving range. I can really tell I need to work with my irons (9-3). My putter is feeling pretty good and my tee shots are coming around. On this course I only use my driver 6 times the first hole is a dog leg left so a 3 wood is fine for placement off the tee. I wanted to practice last night, but a big rain storm came in. I'll definitely practice tonight. I really didn't "feel" my short game around the greens today; I felt timid to hit the ball. I am glad that I am starting to get accustomed to scoring in the 80's. I scored 86 yesterday. I'll keep pluggin' away at this wonderful game.....

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Shot a +3 74.  Driver was unpredictable and irons were not crisp.  Chipping and putting were pretty good though.  I had the less than 100 yard wedge shots working very well today.  I'm milling around with different combinations of irons from three different sets. 

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Took my wife, Lisa, who is just learning the game for her first golf course experience.

I hadn't played in over 2 years, so I didn't have high hopes for either of us.


We played a Hale Irwin executive course near us (Palm Valley Golf Club - Lakes course).



Par 62, 58.2/89 from my White tees, 56.9/83 from her Green tees.


It was hot and the middle of the afternoon (this is Phoenix after all) but she impressed me.  :-)


After a rough start on the first two holes, she went bogey, double-bogey, bogey on 3, 4 and 5.  The heat was too much for her (she wasn't hydrating enough because she was worried there wouldn't be bathrooms...lesson learned) so she only finished 6 holes with a 40 (19 over) but she had at few awesome shots that went right where she wanted and her putting was exceptional considering her lack of experience.


I struggled on #2 which should have been a short par 3 but I managed to turn it into a 9.  (sometimes you just have to laugh)  My only other real catastrophe was the 5th where I found a lake, but I used it as a teaching experience for drops from a lateral hazard.  (yes honey, I meant to do that)


My awesome shot of the day was a tee shot on a par-3 that I left 6 feet from the pin (got to teach her how to repair a ball mark) but then left the birdie putt 6 inches short.  :-(

So I had that one par, four bogies, a double bogey, a triple bogey, and two disasters that I'll just chalk up to a rusty game.

Finished with a 51 on the front (20 over) and quit there since there was no way we'd finish 18 before dark (we started at 2:30pm).


She's hooked on the game now and I've got the fire again.

I should be back to my old game in another month (mid-90s), hopefully.  :-)


- Dave

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94 (+22, 6,115 yards, 69.8/126). The first of three scheduled outings on my Myrtle Beach vacation. I played OK overall. My putting was great but my general ball striking wasn't very good. I hit a number of fat shots and struggled with driver consistency. It seemed like any time I got a decent drive (read: in the fairway) I would duff an approach, or I'd start with a poor drive and finish the hole well. I couldn't tell you how many strokes I saved putting today.

The heat today really blew me away. I was dumb and didn't grab a drink before heading out, and the cart "girl" (she was damn near 70) passed us while we were on the 5th green and I didn't see her again until ~15. The humidity was rough and I was soaked by #7, socks and all. The bugs were out in full force as well and I couldn't hit a shot without swatting a few away every time. Considering the conditions, I'm kind of surprised I got a 94. Mentally I was spent and I was thinking more about the conditions than I was my game.

My score would have been much better but the blowup on #9 was of epic proportions. I'd just rather let that one end without an explanation. a1_smile.gif

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78 with a double bogie.
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64, Par 62, 59.7/98, 3990yd


Played a fun and challenging (very hilly, lots of hazards) executive course today.  My parents are members so with the long weekend early twilight and members discount it's a great deal.  I had 4 bogeys and 2 birdies, each split evenly per side.  Nice and consistent and my putting was excellent today.  Going to find something longer tomorrow, but the executives sure do give you a great idea of where your iron game is.

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71 yesterday. Was even par coming into 17 a missed 5 footer for birdie. Hit a good drive down 18 and nearly topped a 7 iron. Couldn't save par and finished 1 over.
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Once i put my driver away.. teeing of with my 3-hybrid was like a dream.

Really poor iron day.. divots were poor and really dug into the ground early.. need to work on calming down.

My wedges work..but I'm still learning those.

My putts were good. Read them all perfectly.. just need to put more juice into em. Tires of hearing'good putt' just because im just short. Shutup.

Shot bogey/double golf. Was fine with it.

Lost 2 balls.. 1 landed near the fairway.. still have no idea how i lost it.
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80 with 3 doubles.

Part 72 rate72.6 slope 135

Been a couple weeks so my putting was a bit off, 3putted from about 3 feet on #4 lol. Been working on my iron play specifically trapping the ball and its been an improvement so far, I think when I finally have a trap swing my scores will get low where I want them to be.
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+5 75 today.  Birdied the last two holes to shoot that.  Putter was working well when I finally got in a position to use it.  Chipping and the feely inside 100 wedge shots just were not there today.  Hit a couple good ones.  Mid irons were pretty good.  Driver was all over the place.

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Played Goose Creek - a very nice course here in SoCal ($75 and the course is in great shape).  Highly recommended for those that live in the SoCal area.  Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!



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Labor Day golf.......

75.1cr 141slope...............81 score


Rough day...........it was a struggle from beginning to end.  I never found my MOJO. I didn't really play that bad.  I just never really got things going.........

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