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89! Finally broke 90 on a full course (par 70). Missed a three foot putt for par on the 18th.
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I played yesterday at Angel Park in Las Vegas. (palms course) and shot a 110 (my personal best) from the white tees. I'm a noobie so I've had some 130's in my short golfing career I was pretty stoked about 110. My new goal is now breaking 100! 

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In the interest of full disclosure.

83. 71.6/126......

.........with 9, count 'em NINE straight bogies. Followed by a birdie on 18.

83's aren't all that uncommon, but I can't remember ever running 9 bogies together before. The birdie on 18 helped, but at that point, all you can do is shake your head.
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94 (+22, 6,347 yards, 69.1/126). This was the second outing of three planned for vacation this week in Myrtle Beach. The greens had recently been punched and were really slow, and my putting was off all day. Notice on every hole I had a GIR I had a par. I need to get more GIR. a1_smile.gif

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Got rained out yesterday. Last round was Thursday ( 138/72.6). Course handicap, 11. I was 10 over par after 7 holes and bemoaning my game when one of my playing partners mentioned that he thought I was shuffling my feet a little during the swing. I firmed up my stance and went 2 over (double bogey, bogey, 8 pars, birdie) the rest of the way. Once I firmed my base I hit almost every single shot solid. Finished with 84 and it could have been better if I made some putts.

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I played a nice open praire-style course this past weekend in Southeast Nebraska.  I am still getting used to playing 18 at a time, but now that I am, I really enjoy doing it.  It was not too difficult of a course, but there was tall native grass that severely punished errant shots.  Also, water got the best of me on a couple holes, so I had 4 penalties (ouch).  I thought I would finally break 100 half way through the first 9, but a couple very bad holes (+4 on #7 and +6 on #16) killed it.  #7 is the number one handicap at 540 yards around a dogleg.  The approach shot is a narrow passage through overhanging trees with a creek running underneath.  The creek is ~220 yards out, and you have to be in perfect position to even attempt a straight shot through this narrow passageway.  


I sank some decent 10 foot putts, but the 3 putts killed me (especially the 3 putt on hole #11 where I hit my tee shot 10 feet from the hole).  We are doing 18 again this Sunday at a course in town, so hopefully I can avoid the blow up holes and par the ones where I am close to the green/hole in regulation.

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Man I love Beach's scorecards a1_smile.gif. I wonder what program/software/app it is?


I shot a 94 today at my home course, but didn't keep a detailed scorecard of it. Average scores are going down greatly as of late. Drives are getting straighter, mid game still sucks, and three puts are not happening as much as they used to. Think I only had two three putts today. I'm creeping up on 89, its going to happen....SOON!

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92 today on Heron Point here on Hilton Head. missed a 4 footer for birdie on 18, and made quite a few 4 foot par testers on the back nine... way to many doubles and tripples.  7 pars including 5 on the back.   course rating/slope is 72.5/134 absolutely beautiful day.


Playing Harbor Town in the mouring... I am super excited, cant wait... hopefully I can carry my swing over from the back 9 today onto the course tomorrow... Ahhhh can't wait!

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95 at Harbor Town today... 6, 7, 7, 7 finish... Every bad hole today was caused by the tee shot... need to get more confident with the driver.

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Shot -14....in a scramble at Mineral Mounds St Park in West KY

The old men were dynamite with their hybrids from 130 yards
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Played Oak Creek Golf Course in Irvine CA...


78.  r/s - 72.5/133


9/14 FIR

5/18 GIR

28 - Putts


some of the thickest rough i have ever played.  hard to even find your ball in it...

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A good day that could have been better. 42 at the Pete Dye designed Riverdale Dunes, Brighton CO 70.2/129, beautiful facility. Hit 6 of 7 FIR, 4 of 9 GIR but had 17 putts. Which sucks because until last week the putter was the strongest part of my game. Left the driver in the bag and stayed on the fairway. 

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89. I haven't played or practiced much lately, so I was kind of surprised to do decently.

Unfortunately, I missed a lot of good GIR opportunities. I think I had three chances to hit the green with a wedge that I just chunked. Driving was decent, though.
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yesterday I shot my best round ever of 73 (par 72) with 6 birdies 2 doubles and 3 bogeys. I was putting great and attacking the flags.


Today I shot 37 (par 36) and was a lot like the day before hitting and putting well.

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Played the Ocean Course Today on Hilton Head... Lovely course, definetely the easiest of the 3 I have played this week, but no pushe over either... 71.9/136 rating/slope

I shot an 88 with an tripple on 14 and a quad on 18... the par 5's were rough on me today... It was a beautiful day.

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I played yesterday and today..... 7122yds 75.1cr 141slope......77-80.   Just more of the same........some average golf, and some not so good...My timing has been a little off with the driver in recent weeks and I've been hitting shorter than normal drives which certainly doesn't help matters.  IE....like when playing uphill 460yd par 4's.....LOL

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So I'm pretty excited about my round today since it was the best round I've had in years.  The course isn't an overly difficult course but the type of day I had would have resulted in a strong round a more difficult courses.  That said here's the stats:


Kennedy Golf Course


6884 yards (Blue Tees)

Par 71 (36/35)


FIR 11/14

GIR 14/18

Putts 32


Score 73, +2


So the real key part of the round was that I parred the first 16 holes but bogeyed 17 & 18.  Almost an even par round. 

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Tee time at 8:53am tomorrow. Will be interesting as it will be my first whole round without using my driver at all. Just can't hit it at all once it got a new shaft.


a5_crying.gif A bit worried.. really need my irons to step up and my chipping/divots to really be crisp.

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