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Is it bad when you feel like a 75 was a e1_poo.gif score?  I just felt like I let one slip away today... Grrrr.



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Brampton Park Golf Course, Cambridgeshire

5970 yards (Yellow Tees)

Par 71 (36/35 but today the back nine was 18 as we ran out of daylight and only got 5 holes in)

Front Nine - 42 (+6)

Back Five - 22 (+4)

Par - 54

Score - 64, 10 over par...a new record low score for me! 


Birdies - 1 (only the 4th birdie in my LIFE!) This was ALMOST the first Eagle of my life!

Pars - 6

Bogeys - 3

Double Bogeys - 4


Lost Balls Front Nine - 1 (I have NEVER lost this few balls on the front nine holes at Brampton!!!!)

Lost Balls Back Nine - 3 (and Ive NEVER lost this few on the back nine!!!)


The big difference today is I left the driver in the bag and teed off with the 3 wood! Actually, the one time I pulled the driver out resulted in the first lost ball of the day! So back in the bag it went and out came the 3 wood and low and behold the ball ends up about 260 yards down the middle of the fairway!!!!


All in all, a bloody good days golf! a3_biggrin.gif




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Played in my first "stroke" play tournament this weekend since I was a teenager. 36 holes total over 2 days. I was NOT happy with my game, or lack of it. I shot a 93 on Saturday and a 97 today. The course was in horrible shape. It was like hitting off concrete covered with that fake grass stuff. Ball striking was extremely challenging. I talked with several others, and they said the same thing. One guy I know shot a 71 in a tournament at a different, better maintained course, a month ago; he didn't break 90 at this tournament. I did win $42 for a birdie. Only had 1 birdie for both days, mostly bogeys, doubles, triples, and even a quad. On a good note, I only had 2 penalty strokes and lost only 1 ball.

I don't want it to sound like I'm making excuses, or placing blame for bad play, but the condition of the course WAS HORRIBLE. I really do feel that had quite a bit to do with my crappy score.

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Played the front 9 from the back tees on Friday and shot a 39, bogeys on 1, 8, and 9.  I didn't hit many great shots, just played solid.  Played the back nine on Sunday morning and shot a 42.  So that gives me a combined 81,  4 or  strokes better than my previous best from those tees and 3 strokes better than my best from the middle tees.  


89 on Saturday.


Sunday afternoon played in an inter-club tournament that was four ball on the front nine, and singles match play on the back.  I contributed nothing to the four ball and my team lost, but won my match with three birdies on the back 9.

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84 with 4 doubles on an otherwise good day. I blame myself for losing my cool trying to get around a very slow group. There's something about waiting and watching four people searching for errant balls on every hole that fries my mind.

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88. With a 13 on the last hole ( par 5 ) - yes, a 13

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Went out yesterday to the local executive course with my youngest son, it was painfully slow....at least 2 groups of newbie golfers in front of us, and no real gaps to jump ahead.


We ended up only playing 6 holes - #1-5 and then we skipped about 4 slow groups and played #9. I was playing 2 balls on every hole - there was nobody behind us (we should have jumped backwards, but I never really looked at doing that)


ANYWAY - my son plays from the forward tees and on the 4th hole he made his first birdie ever. The hole plays about 115 from his tees and he put his 3-wood about 15 feet from the hole and then drained a little right to left breaker. I don't think I have been that excited for a shot in my 40+ years of playing. I kept the scorecard and the ball and will be getting them mounted - I'm just not sure if I'm going to give them to him or keep them for me.


Days like that are what make golf the great game that it is!

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83 today on World Woods, Pine Barrens... 75.3/133 but it was not playing all the way back... the black and gold tees were playing together on all but a couple holes so tecnically i played the golds... 1 birdie and one double... everything else was bogies and pars... strugled with my aproatch shots, just could not get it close. lipped out a 30 footer on the first hole, then lipped out the 3 footer after the lip out 30... had the ball missed the hole completely I would have only had about 18" for par... a couple of the greens were way faster then the rest, and the bunckers were seriously washed out... but 83 first time out I am very happy with. The 83 gits my HC back down to 11, it was up to 12.2 ater my trip to Hilton Head... I guess I could have not recorder the scores, but I feel like I really know what im capable of shooting right now.

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49 (+13, 69.1/129). First trip back to my home course after 3 outings in Myrtle Beach last week during vacation. Played like crap. My fade off the tee has turned more into a slice. I was trying to readjust to these greens after playing the others last week. I've developed an ugly draw/hook with my hybrid all of a sudden. Just bad.

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82, Par 70, 72.2/129, 6622yds


Played a really challenging scottish links style course yesterday.  Really windy so I didn't hit many greens, also had putting issues (didn't drain anything over 8ft).

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After my soul searching performance a couple weeks ago, complete with threats to walk away from the game, I went back out this morning and shot a very respectable 93. It's even more respectable because it included two OBs and a ball in a hazard, so it could very easily have been down in the 80s. Thanks to those penalties, I was 11 over on the par 5s, and only 10 over on the other 14 holes. Ugh.


Overall all aspects of my game were solid. Only two flubbed shots, and I really kept myself from getting bogged down by bad shots or bad breaks. I also had a couple of opportunities to play through other groups and I managed to hit magnificent shots every time I had an audience---a 270 yard drive down the middle when playing through on the 3rd hole, a 170ish yard 4I into the wind to the front fringe on a par 3, and a 235 yard drive down the center when another player was waiting near my tee box to look for his errant drive. It's really a nice feeling to look like you know what you're doing with an audience.


Putting was pretty solid, very good distance control, and didn't miss anything from within about 6 feet. Unfortunately, I didn't make anything from outside there, but left I-don't-know-how-many balls within a foot of the cup, and a few within about 8 inches. Would have been nice if some of those had dropped, but I'll take machine-gun two-putt bogies all day.

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I shot a 91 on nine holes!  My highest score ever!  That is what happens when you accidentally hit the 5 and the 6 for a 56 on the ninth hole when it should have been a 5.  Didn't catch it in time.  :)

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Played Papago today.  Played from the tips and shot an 81.  I pulled two 3 footers and actually had a whiff on par 5 with a my 3wood.  That's golf.  

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Played 9 holes today just got home about 10 minutes ago.  Started off the day with a bogey on hole 1 which is a par 3 and hole 2 a short easy par 4.   Followed by that I birdied 3,4,5.  Got par on 6 and bogied 7.  I then shot par on holes 8 and 9 for a total round of 35 even par.  Not too bad today I hit nearly all fairways.  Even on hole 2 I hit the fairway but was on a severe downhill lie and didn't hit my shot hard enough and landed right in the ditch in front of the hole.  Took my drop and next shot was within 2 feet of the hole and a putt in for bogey.

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r/s - 71.5/124


5/14 FIR

9/18 GIR

27- putts


4 birdies, lipped out 3 other chances.


one more round and a loose my lowest differential :(

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78 par 72 rate 71.8 slope 126 First time at this course,shot 41 front 37 back,2 birdies,2 doubles, The nicest part was this round was just over 3 hours long so just got to walk up and hit every shot without waiting around.
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Went out yesterday for the first time in a couple weeks (due to a lower back injury). Driving was a bit poor, but my short game was solid. 6 one putts, 1 two putt, 1 three putt, and 1 chip-in. Hitting the woods is where I struggled. Still managed a 46 (+8) though, so overall not too bad.

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I forgot to post this the other day... Here was my round played on my Bday.  37 putts reminded me why I'm going to the Aimpoint clinic this Saturday. f1_cool.gif

I honestly can't remember a round where I missed as many putts as this one.  Make able putts! 



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