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A disappointing, mistake laden 42 last night. 6 pars and 3 doubles.

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2 ho-hum rounds of golf:  72.5cr 137slope



THUR: 78


I played well both days and had good rounds going...............but failed epically down the final home stretch.  

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I thought that driving into less trouble would improve my game... Strangely, I finally acquire a new 460cc driver instead of the older smaller types and then my irons suffer. I was hitting them fine 5 weeks ago, but now... week after week I can't hit one to save my life... Short game is as always.

I scored a 109.

I hit 7/13 fairways, but a miserable 2 GIRs. Mostly 2 putts. Most of my good shots were off of the tee, with mediocre shots otherwise. Not completely terrible, but it could have been better. I bested my best drive from last week, so clearly driving is no longer something I need to work on.

Bloody irons...... hehehe

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Hickory Hills Golf Course 35*


Yahoo! Handicap Rating is 15.8
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My short game right now is for s**t. I had 5 doubles and a triple yesterday, all attributable to horrendous chip shots or putts. I have no idea why the wheels came off so badly. To the short game range.....

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Don't askz1_censored.gif

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4 birdies, 3 bogies, 3 double bogeys

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Was able to pull out 39 with throwing a couple doubles was only able to play 9 rest was shut down for work they are doing.
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Didn't.......prepping for a Colonoscopy tomorrow morning...........ugh!


But I did play 5 times in Myrtle beach last week.....


Wachesaw Pantation East....90 & 94

Indian Wells....90

Wicked Stick...85

Founders Club....85

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9 holes last night. 3rd straight sub-40 nine (38 front, 37 back, 38 back). Longest drive ever on 18. Solid up and down from the back rough for birdie. Almost choked!
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Shot 80. 46 deg's cold, raining, hard wind. Had to ford couple small rivers due to rain. There was only one other looney on the course with me. Conditions were so soft that a 7 iron knuckleball from rough sank half way in to the green on 16th.


My best on that course is 79 so was quite amazed of the result.

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First round at the par-3 course after laying off for a month due to De Quervain's syndrome.  Lots of easy short irons in the ~110 yard range.  Shot -3.  Had to change putting grips mid-round due to pain.  Trying to get ready for a tourney on Friday.

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88 at Fossil Trace in Denver, CO on Saturday from Blues.


My most consistent round ever.

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shot a 73 today. par 70 99/62.3... not exactly a hard course, but the greens stopped me from making a ton of Birdies... made a triple on 16 for no reason.

played a course I haven't played in a few months yesterday and man that course has gone down hill. the greens were completely trashed, completely covered in big deep pitch marks... the trash cans at every tee box were overflowing with beer cans and stunk... I doubt the trash had been picked up all week... there was also trash blowing around on the course... I would have been really pissed if I had not gotten a deal on golf now. I think I shot an 88... again my driving is what really let me down...I really need to spend some time on the range and get the big dog in the fairway.

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Shot a 49 on my quick nine. Not bad for me, but great considering the wind beat me up so bad. I was hitting greens, but somehow finding the farthest spot from the pin on every green. 18 putts total killed me.
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Played in a shamble yesterday at a charity outing with a couple of big bangers. Fun to be hitting my second shots from spots that I can only dream about. Fool's gold b2_tongue.gif.

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I shot a 91 on the Black course at Bethpage on Sunday: 45 and 46. I hit only 2 fairways because of 15-20 mph gusts. I shot about 8 pars. Took several doubles as the morning dew didn't dry out until about 11am, which meant chipping by the greens was like hitting out of peanut butter.

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