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Finally put everything together and shot +3 (38) (70.1/119)


Fairways 6/7

GIR 5/9

17 putts

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Shot an 80 yesterday, my best round yet (68.3/123). 10 pars and 8 bogies ... no doubles and no 3-putts!

Only missed 5 FWYs, partly because I played 3W off 12 of 14 tees. My blow-up at Poppy Hills recently was mainly due to going back way inside with driver, resulting in pushes or hooks. So I'm working on the one-piece takeaway and feeling high at the top with good extension. Then let the hands drop with hip turn/bump and don't let my head drift forward of the ball (towards target) in the contact zone.

The whole round felt in control - stress level stayed nice and low, I really enjoyed myself.

I did miss a bunch of 8-15 ft putts, any one of which would have had me in the 70's ....

This is progress.
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Played 3 Nines at my home course today and this is the best round ever .

East Course Par 37 - Shot 2 over
West Course Par 36 - Shot 1 under
North Course Par 36 - Shot Even

Drove the ball really well today and long
All Department Was good

7 birdies
6 Bogies
1 D Bogies
13 Pars

44 Putts total for 3 nines.

Aim Point Works
Gym Work Out Pay offs
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A bad day at 87. Headed out to play the front yesterday before the Ryder Cup and left to play the back after Kaymer sank his putt. Two doubles on each side and a bunch of bogeys. Though a lot of it due to high wind, a couple of unpredicatable gusts knocked my ball down into the water despite taking more club than usual. Didn't hit one GIR, again the wind. Awesome day for chipping practice and a quite a few sand shots.

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shot 80 today. 43 front, 37 back. 2 birdies.

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Shot 81 (41/40) and finished birdie/birdie/par. Nearly aced the 17th (at 185 yds w/4 iron).


Best round in three weeks; just tried to control my emotions out there regardless of how I hit it. Despite my best efforts, still had 4 double bogies due to poor chipping.

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2 birds and an eagle

1 double bogey

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5,739 yds

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Hit 2 into the same water hazard to finish with a 10 on #9 for a 47 last night. The hero shot I swear I won't attempt didn't work out for me. I should know better than even when I am playing decent a bad lie with a hazard in play is a bad idea. Funny I didn't learn the lesson and attempted another one after having to drop in some nasty sand and weeds.

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It was another frustrating day yesterday.  Shot an even 100.  I keep working on my game but it's going to take awhile.


I've about run out of excuses but I did come up with a new one yesterday.  Played a course that is directly under the flight path of one of DFW airport's major runways.  You just can't concentrate when dodging landing gear.



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First round since the scramble on Friday.  Had a little hiccup combined with getting a bit unlucky on the second hole, but turned it around.  So many lip-outs on short chips, it was frustrating.  Felt like I was shooting -7 minus the double.  Got to teach a random guy how to hit a golf ball, which is always rewarding.  Hopefully he takes it to heart.  Wind was up and greens were extremely bumpy.  Serious goat track, but hey, it's golf.



Date:   10/4/12   Handicap Before:   4.7   Handicap After:   4
Score Type:   Standard   Course Handicap:   2   Total Putts:   12
3-Putt Avoidance:   0%   Putts after GIR:   1.6   Putts per GIR+1:   1.3
Birdie Putts Made:   40%   Par Putts Made:   100%   Putts after Chip:   1
Bogey Scramble:   75%   Scramble:   75%   Score on Par 5s:   7
Score on Par 4s:   3.7   Score on Par 3s:   2.5   GIR on Par 3s:   100%
GIR on Par 5s:   0%   GIR on Par 4s:   50%
Hancock Golf Course
HOLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 TOTAL
152 462 357 144 249 324 335 346 264 2,633
Handicap 6 1 5 8 7 2 9 3 4  
Par 3 5 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 35
Score 3 7 4 2 4 3 4 3 4 34
Net Score 3 6 4 2 4 2 4 3 4 32
Fairway   arrow_right_red.png check2.png   arrow_right_red.png check2.png check2.png check2.png check2.png 71.4%
Putts 2 2 2 1 2 0 1 1 1 1.3
Approach Shot check2.png x_red.png check2.png check2.png check2.png arrow_right_red.png arrow_up_red.png check2.png arrow_up_red.png 55.6%
Chips 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0.3
Up and Down   x_red.png       check2.png check2.png   check2.png 75%
GIR check2.png x_red.png check2.png check2.png check2.png x_red.png x_red.png check2.png x_red.png 55.6%
GIR+1 check2.png x_red.png check2.png check2.png check2.png check2.png check2.png check2.png check2.png 88.9%
GIR-1 x_red.png x_red.png x_red.png x_red.png x_red.png x_red.png x_red.png x_red.png x_red.png 0
Penalty Strokes 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
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Bad, bad day yesterday. Didn't hit the ball awful and avoided disaster a few times, but was on the bogey-train. Only four pars. Four three putts, two for bogey and two for doubles. The bigger problem was that I got dusted by an 8 handicapper who had 5 birdies and shot 74. Ouch!

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I shot a 59 today, my best ever, most likely because I hit the ball straighter than you

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Shot the best score of the year 86 (7003 yds, 73.8/140)

57% fairway, 33% GIR......d1_bigcry.gif

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We had a crazy round of captain's choice today at Crooked Creek golf club. Shot a 49 in a benefit tournament and won everything. Even had a hole out for double eagle on number 12. It will probably never happen again but it was insane.

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Played lights out on the front 9... And struggled to keep it together on the back 9.  I have to find a way to put 18 holes together...  The penalty stroke was ridiculous... I'm sitting over a 4ft putt - and had like a nervous twitch and my putter tapped the ball while I was lining the face up... Ball didn't move - but kind of 'shivered'.  I called the penalty on myself as we were playing in a Mens/Team play for a traveling league.



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92.  My first nine was a little rough, but my second nine was awesome!

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112 at Los Coyotes Country Club today and 110 at Marbella Country Club yesterday.


Two rough outtings this weekend.

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