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Last round of the year. Didn't play stellar myself, but I wasn't too much of a hinderance to the group either. We played in a 4 person best ball (2 lowest net scores on each hole) and won by 5 strokes. It was a little awkward since I'd been somewhat vocal about sandbagging earlier in the year. Oh well, at least by next year nobody will even remember who I am. Have a great off season my fellow Canadians (both of you).

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I hit a 45, on a par 5 9 hole course. Lovely course and just keep going back. Had it not decided to start throwing it down, I'd have played another 18.





1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
4 4 4 4 3 5 5 3 4
6 6 4 5 3 6 5 4 5


It's annoying 3 putting. I do well to get onto the green, but putting is driving me insane at the minute. 

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I'm proud to say that I have went from a 26 hcp to 17.6 hcp in the past 3 mths. I used to play all the time years ago. Then life took over. Didn't play for 12 years. Just started back last Fall and it was like starting all over again. Bought some PING G20 irons and have been playing about 1 or 2 times a week. Heading to Panama City this week for golf and relaxation.

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St Andrews Golf.......The Joe Jemsek Course this morning.


Played from the blues. (tips) 6770 yds 72.0/122


I played the Hex Black tour for the first time and really liked it. Didn't play all that great on the front. (Tee'd off just before sunrise. Was still a bit cold) Putted like crap all day. Some greens still had enough dew on them to give the ball a rooster tail. Other greens were as dry as a bone. Never could figure out speeds. Did manage to salvage a decent round on the backside.


Ended up with a 94 for the day. Lost to my buddy who shot 89.

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Par 72 rate 72.6 slope 135 Shot a 77 for my first full 18 since taking a lesson and going through a significant swing change 3 weeks ago. I think this time next year if all goes well I'll be down to a 2 or 3.
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Of course it's the end of the season and I'm finding a fantastic improvement ramp over the last couple weeks.


9 holes on Saturday - 44


18 holes on a legit par 72 course (not some short/easy exec course, probably a decent middle length/middle difficult course, on Sunday - front was a 40 which I would take ANY day of the week.  the back was a 37!!!  Sometimes there are days where things just keep going right - this time it was approach shots and putting - even the driver was good, when I missed, it wasn't by much compared to normal.  This is the best 18 I've shot this year.  I'm typically 88/89 on this course.  And it was even kind of windy which normally throws me way off.


I like my new driver.  And the lessons I've learned in the last few weeks about club choices and swing path. 


practice is now two main items -


1 - more driver debugging (I'm so close and I like my new driver a lot) - I'm a little shorter than my last driver, but the shots are straighter in general - first use here, hadn't even hit the range with it.  And shorter could just be the windy day.

2 - that "under 50 yards up to the fringe" shooting - I really have no clue.  I am choosing to putt from the very fringe instead of chip/pitch and that seem to be a MUCH better choice.  but the rest of it, I'm guessing on my club/shot choice - chip it up with a 7/8i vs pitch it with the SW or PW, etc etc etc. on the little short shots (within 20 feet of the green edge) are even worse.  Lessons this winter I'm hoping.  But I played with it a lot this time and learned a few things too (hit the official shot, but then take a few balls and just try the other options to compare).

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I played Rammler yesterday, I hit over 100 again.  It was my first time out since the end of July (newborn at home).  my first 4 holes were pathetic, it was like I hadn't learned a thing in the past year, then I started relaxing and hitting some decent shots.  Then at 8 I caught up to the pack.  A hole with a foursome teeing off and three guys behind them.  They didn't let me play through even though I was by myself and I trailed these people all day after.  I was getting frustrated by it even though I knew I shouldn't. 

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40-40 = 80. Missed a downhill 3 1/2 footer for 79. Had 3 bad shots that kept me from going low. Third 80 in my last 6 rounds.

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76 (par 72 course, 6800 yds).  I was even up to 16th hole.  I was debating whether to hit a 3 iron on the 17th hole because it's down hill and only 380 yds.  Against my good judgment, I decided to go with the driver since I was hitting it well all day.  Lo and behold, I hit a draw and the ball trickles into the native rough.  Ended up with a triple bogey on the 17th and 3 putted 18th for +4!


Except for the last two holes, it was a great day--4 bogeys and 4 birdies for 16 holes.

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Shot an 89 today.  First time I've broken 90. Admittedly, it was on a par 61 executive course, but I'll take it anyway.

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 I shot 39-42=81. On the front, I had three consecutive birdies. Four double bogeys helped push my round into the eighties.

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I'm not sure what I shot today, but my first 9 was horrible, but I got some redemption on the last 9 and played pretty well ,I had 21 points for the day and was wrapped, a lesson tomoz morning and ill see how that pans out
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Well I shot 103 today and I was happy as, cut 15 shots off my last round.
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Shot an 82 on a par 71 course that slopes only to 112 and a 66.30 rating. Should have been much better though as I was +2 after 9, but found a couple hazards on the back and stopped making pars a5_crying.gif
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First round in over a month and shot a 98. Par is 72, course rated at 69.8 and slope rating of 133. Hit only 2 fairways, but 6 GIR and shot 1 over on those six holes. Also carded two 8s and two 7s a4_sad.gif. Lost six balls in the trees under the leaves. Apparently my game relies too much on being able to find stray tee shots and being able to put them back into play.

Gotta work on my accuracy, seems pretty clear that more GIR will lead to lower scores.
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Par 72 rate 73.4 slope 139 Shot another 79 wich of course is good news by itself but also my index will likely be below 5 after revision( I think 4.7 or 4.8). This was my goal for this year, I started at an 8.7 in april and it looks like I'm gonna wind up 4 strokes better, next year I would like to get below 3.
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Played 18 yesterday for the first time in a month. Shot a 88. Putting will become more a part of my practicing.....

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I was hitting some laser beams today at the flag... My approach on 16 was inches from going in...  All three birds were inside 5ft.


I hit a decent approach on the 2nd out of the rough, but just picked a little too much club and it flew out of the rough better than I thought it would.  Ended up in the trap - short sided with a terrible lie.  I tried to dig it out, but it came out with no spin and ran through the narrow green into the bunker on the opposite side.  Walked away with a dub.  Then on the next box, proceeded to block a 3W off the tee into the lateral hazard.  Took a drop, hit a wedge to 5ft, and missed the putt.


Overall, my misses weren't bad at all.  I just failed to hit the right distance on a few holes - came up short a few times.  And then didn't shape the shot as much as I thought I would on a few.  I'm pretty pleased with today's round.  I hit some great shots.




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