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Shot 77 today and might have been my best round of the year even though shooting 74 & 75 on an easier course.


Of 14 fairways, I was in or on the first cut of all of them and only hit 8 greens but was on the fringe of several others. Had 1 double bogey on a par 4 with a sh!tty tee box (uphill lie no matter where you stood) and hacked it around. Closed out the round with a birdie, shooting 39/38. Made a couple nice par saves and three putted for bogey once.

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Been in a slump lately, but decided to walk (not push cart) with bag on my back..and shot an 88...decided to sell Speed Cart..lol

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par 72 rate 72.5 slope 135 Once again another 79, front 39 back 40. Had 2 doubles on front but were able to fix most of it with birdies on following holes. I'm still struggling with a lot of mechanics issues with my swing right now but I'm hitting good shots that are way better than my previous good shots like lipping out from 150 or nearly destroying the cup from 185 on another hole, I think next year is going to be very interesting if I can get as much golf time as I did this past summer.
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79 on a pretty easy local course, poorly maintained but cheap and open still - it lost me a couple tenths on my handicap (odd for me that a 79 would ever HURT my handicap - like I said, it's a pretty easy exec type set of courses other than two holes on the red course were 230+ yard bunkered par 3's).  4 birdies (an indication of how easy it is).  I got a little yippy with the new 60 degree wedge (It's a bit trickier than I thought vs last game) - back tot he range for practicing keeping the head still.  Had a real opportunity on a short par 5 for eagle (great drive, 6 iron to the green, 8 foot putt) but barely missed the putt.  the ever elusive eagle still out there, I'm sure as my game gets better, I'll find it.  really hitting drives well and straight now with the hints I've learned lately.


Sun came out during the 2nd 9 - tee shirt in MN in Nov.  But that traded for a LOT of wind

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Shot 81. 72.2/125  (BLAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!)


Missed a lot of short putts for par and birdie... didnt take advantage of my opportunities.  Oh well... thats what i get when i am too busy to practice all week.

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I know it's not a full round, but I played nine holes yesterday and shot 47. That is my best score for nine holes to date, I was pretty happy:-)
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Shot 81 (39-43, 68.9/125) this morning on dawn patrol, which normally would be a score to make me reasonably happy.  Today though, was a, 'someone give me the Heimlich' ending.  After teeing off before sunrise and recording 7 straight pars (missed 3 birdie putts inside of 15'...) I made a couple of bogeys to finish the front side, missing 10'-15' putts to save par in each case.  


The back 9 wasn't as good, but even so I was +5 teeing off on #16 needing only a bogey-bogey finish to break 80 for the first time since the mid-90's when I worked at a golf shop and played a couple times a week.  Sadly, my tee shot on 17 found a deep bunker down the right.  I hit a very good out to a perfect position short left of the green in the fairway, but then bladed my pitch shot over the green.  With an uphill lie to a real quick downhill slope on the green, I landed what a thought would be a good shot on the fringe short of the hole only to have it take off down the slope and end up 25' below the hole.  Two putts later I'm in with a 6.  Now I need a par on the last to shoot 79.  18 was only playing 310 yards, so I played 'smart' and took my hybrid off the tee.  And damn near missed the ball.  Right off the toe, 45 degrees to the right, it ended up 215 yards out from the green, but I was blocked out by some trees.  I used the same hybrid and hit a solid shot, but clipped a limb on the last tree and ended up some 40 yards short of the green.  Okay, now I need an up and down for 79.  No such luck as I completely chunked my pitch shot.  The next pitch found the green, but left me with 15' downhill on fast greens.  My putt slid by on the high side and I had to tap in for my second consecutive 6 and my 81.


I guess I'm going to have to chalk this up to the pressure I put on myself to break 80.  And as such, I'm going to have to say that getting myself into contention to break 80 going down the stretch a few times will eventually lead to me handling that pressure better.  At least that's my hope, because I sure don't want to choke like that on a regular basis!

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77 (72.5/135)

38 front 39 back

3 birdies should have me right at 75 most days but two doubles took care of that.....ooh well! My index is gonna drop again but probably the last time this year, im expecting 4.3 on the 15th.
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Brutal game Saturday 44-45 ( 71.7/135)

Man.. I have GOT to cut down on the blowups. I have a nasty habit of getting annoyed when I do crap like chunk a wedge shot.. I parred 8 holes and, still ended up shooting an 89 because of a stretch where I tripled 8, doubled 9, then went on a fest of Bogey, Bogey, double, double, bogey on 10-14 which are not hard holes at all, I was just aggravated. I hit 10 fairways, but only 5 greens, mainly due to not being smart off the tee and leaving myself with these short pitch shots that I keep hitting fat. 
There is something else going on strange.. I am hitting my 3-wood within 5-10 yards of my driver right now. There's one hole in particular on my home course that is a 357 yard par4 where I routinely drive it inside the 100 with my driver, However, on this hole the area around the 100 has a lot of undulation, which almost always results in an awful sidehill lie. I pull my 3wood this time, and end up right on the 100 again
My 3 wood(13.5) is going about 255 off the tee and my driver(10.5) is only going about 260-ish The only thing I can think of is the flex on my driver shaft, albeit stiff, seems lighter than the 3wood.
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I shot a 94 yesterday. I have only been playing since July so you can imagine my excitement. My lowest score prior to that was a 99 I typically shoot about 105 so yesterday was a great day for me.
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Beautiful day for golf, especially since it's mid-November in Philly. Greens couldn't be in better condition, fast and true.


Which led to three 3-putts due to bad distance control. Couldn't make the resulting 6-8 footers coming back. Bad 87, with some poor driving that led to some bad decisions.



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Shot 43/39 on my little 69.1/116 6148 yard home course today.  Birdied the number one handicap hole, a 425 yard par 4 with water in front of the green, and I got home with driver-8iron.  


Beautiful day. 

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I'm not talking about it......18 strokes more than the last time I played this course......



(couldn't hit an approach shot to save my life, I'm certain that I could resod my lawn with those shots (chunks consistenty after perfect practice swings) leaving lots of putts short - that said, on all 4 of the par 5's I hit my first two incredibly/unbelievably well, I drove extremely straight and far, but the only two greens I hit were both with 4 irons from 200.  Weird - my stongest play end of this season has been the irons to the green.  I'll chalk it up to not hitting the range at all now that the season is done.  Or,.....just not having 'it' today.  But something was really stupid between 40 and 180 yards today - normally my best range.)


yesterday was better, 


still learning,  positive side is when it's all put together, it'll be something very decent

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Played 9 on Friday and crystal falls and shot +6 with 22 putts.  Struck the ball really nicely with 85% greens and 85% fairways, but couldn't hit a putt to save my life.  I wasn't really putting all that bad either.  Just a weird game.  Day was beautiful, though, and I had a great time switching back to my longer Titleist 909D2 with 96g X flex UST Proforce V2.  That 43" 60 gram 7X VTS shaft I was hitting in the TM R11 is just way to short and quick for a guy my size.  I've been training with a weighted club and weighted gloves, so it was nice having something I could actually feel the weight of for a change.  I felt like it really helped me maintain my geometry well.  Nice to start placing drives where I want them again.  Can't wait to hit it again.

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Played saturday Triple Lakes in Columbia, IL and shot 105. It was pathetic. First time ive ever played the course but I was horrible off the tee with my driver. Finally put it away somewhere along the back 9 and just used my hybrid off the tee. Idk why i didnt do this after the first two holes. 

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Played Saturday @ Coronado GC - 70.1/117


Shot 41-41 - 82


Couldn't drive the ball for crap.  Two fairways all day - one with a 5 iron.  Hit decent iron shots and short game was good other than one pitch where the club went right under the ball, which led to my only double of the day.


Been playing pretty good of late and flirting with 80, but just not able to break it. Might help if I could make a couple of birdies.  I've only had one in my last 5 rounds :(

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41-40 @ Maplecrest CC in Goshen, IN (70.1 / 126)

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shot 81 today couldnt find my ball on #18 forced to take drop and doubled 18 after finishing tallying the score still on 18 cart path found my original 2nd shot behind green 25 feet to late i was pissed woulda beat everyone instead 2nd place by 1 stroke dammit

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