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Going back and analyzing my round Sunday, I think the change in driver loft and shaft I made appears to have been a good one.  I was using a TM burner TP 10.5 with a 56 gram fujikura shaft on it.  While I was pretty consistent with it, I think it may have been a bit light, resulting in some high flight with soft landings and little roll.  I was ending up with around 245-260 yards with it on a flushed shot, while hitting my 3-wood about 240.  Also, the face was a slight bit closed on the TM, which is not conducive to my tendency to go left on a bad swing. 

I picked up a Cobra Zero Limit in 9.5 with the stock Aldila stiff shaft @ 62g ( adjustable, but I set it on neutral ) and picked up anywhere from 10-20 yards with it, judging from how I played with it Sunday.  I get a LOT more roll with it, the trajectory is a good bit lower, and my natural strike with it is a very slight draw.  On 18 Sunday, I had 120 yards left out of a 413 yard par 4, which is pretty good for me. 


Every fairway that I used driver on with the exception of #1 and #3, I hit.  Only 8 holes on that course are really driver holes for a Male golfer, so 6/8 fairways hit with that club( first full round using it too).  The remainders are par3 or extreme doglegs.
edit:  In case anyone asks, those scorecards are produced with an app called Golfshot
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Yes, a hole in one!  On No. 13 at the Hogan Park Quail Course in Midland, Texas, at 4:07pm on Thursday, November 22nd, and I have a witness - my wonderful wife.  We drove to Midland to spend Thanksgiving with mother, had a huge meal earlier and decided to get out and take advantage of the great weather.  There aren't many obstacles out here in West Texas and with the grass dry as bone, the ball will role a long way.  Anyway, it was a 145 yard par 3 with a slight left to right breeze.  I took out my 6 iron thinking I would swing easy.  Actually I hit it a little fat but the ball hit the middle of the green and because of the slope rolled straight back into the hole.  And I finished the round with a 91 - not bad for a old hacker.  My wife says now I'm REALLY going to be difficult to get along with.




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I recently had the great experience of scoring my first hole in one. 14th hole, 175 yards, 4 iron, in the hole. Thank you, thank you, but.... More was to come. I then scored my second hole in one at the same hole with the same club just 3 weeks later!!!!! As I now say to my mates, it's either in the lake or in the hole. Incidentally these were both in official competition and had 3 witnesses. We did enjoy the 19th hole.
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First round since Labor Day weekend. Yesterday was my first time to the range since the same.

Some of me is still there; today was my third-ever-in-my-life two-birdie round. Both par-5s, and both were a good wedge and then a medium putt (about 10-12 feet each).

However, the doubles and triples added up and I ended up with a 99. Nine holes of bogey-or-better and nine of double and triple (although not consecutively for either...

What this really reminded me is that, since I can't get to the range after work, I'm going to have to start going before work.
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I had a 54 hole weekend culminating in tying my personal best today in the points game, resulting in quite a few free beers from the nassau cart bet, and a few bucks for being +9 on my points. 


I've never broken 80, and this will be about the 10th time I have shot 80.  If only I didn't have trouble getting out of a bunker on 9..
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shot a 91 at my home course on saturday. My goal is to get out of the 90's by the end of the year and its supposed to be *60 here in St.Louis on saturday so I'm hoping to reach that this weekend.

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82 on Sat but I feel I played better than that.

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Had a weird day. Killed my tee ball, horrible iron play. Shot 84 which is my highest score this year.  Also, had my first hole in one! Such a strange game!

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Ready to hang myself, can't shake the 41-44 curse. Today another 9 hole outing at 43 and again I played better than that. I don't get it. I've been working on my putting and most days I am pretty solid. Today I hit 5 of 9 GIR and 3 putted every one. Besides one in a trap on a par 3, which I rolled up to within 18" of the cup for a 1 putt,  the other 3 missed were on the fringe. I effed those up with the putter too. I may as well miss the greens completely because I can knock it closer with a chip than a long putt. My lone birdie was the result of a chip that hit the pin. Typicall BS corrections and faulty distance control. If it rolls past I leave the next one short and vice versa. A few lipped out but dang this is irritating because my iron play is really good.

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Got a hole in one this past friday on the 5th hole, par 3, at World Woods in Brooksville, Fl.  Still I only shot a 44 on their short course but the hole in one felt super good! I doubt my handicap will ever get much better since I'm such a late starter but I love the game anyway...

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Had a lesson on Friday... And played in our men's league on Saturday.  Not good results.  84.  My brain was still scrambled from the lesson - and know that the swing changes I'm partaking is going to take awhile to click.  These changes are no small feat.

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@retgi:  Great feat!! Still waiting for one

Because of my handicap, I came in first this month in my golf club...shot a net 62!!

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Shot a 81 at the Phoenician today.  Had four birdies with my new custom putter.  Great day on the course.  Would have been a lot better if I could have avoided the 8 on a par 4.  Yikes.  Gorgeous day here in Phoenix. 

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Got lucky today and managed to play in the nice weather... really need to play more than once a month.

First time playing this course: par 72, 71.3 rating, slope 124. Shot 91 with 33 putts but I missed a 3' putt for birdie on 17. Had a bit of rust on my short game: a couple of pitch shots flew the greens. Also shot 7 over on the par 3s... Seven pars though, which I'm happy about.

I hit 3 fairway's and 4 GIR, but most importantly, ZERO penalty strokes! Not one lateral miss or OB. I am glad to see my swing changes are working; still have a lot of work to do yet. Overall, very pleased with the round.
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Played CCC yesterday with a couple friends. Haven't scored this poorly since I first started playing 6 yrs ago. Triple digits is all I'll admit to. Good things did come of it though. I hit my 3 wood better and higher than I have ever done. I did learn trees and I don't get along on a GC. a2_wink.gif But we had a good time and will master this course.
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I BROKE 80!!!  First time ever.  Shot a 75 at that.  

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Played my four-man December to remember skins game... I hit really well misclubbed twice but other than that a good day... I had 2 eagles in a row...(how the hell did I do that) I parred the first three holes misjudged the wind at 4 made bogey... Misjudged the wind at 5 made double (i 3-putted from ten feet) parred 6 and 7... Holed a PW from 102 at 8 for eagle... And hit the best 2-iron I've hit in probably 3 years to 5 feet at 9 to set up back-to-back eagles... Funky 35 but I'll take it... The back 9... I nearly made it 3 eagles in a row at 10 (9 and 10 are back-to-back par 5s)... Was 2 under through 12... And then the 8 handicap Shane came out... Three bogeys in a row at 13, 14, 15... And made an unbelieveable 3 at 16... It was playing 215 into the wind... I hit 2-iron behind a tree... Sculled my attempt to hit it on the green and chipped in for par... Bogeyed 17 with a 3-putt, Hit the shit out of my drive and just 130 into the 448-yard 18th, hit it about a half club long and holed a 50 footer for birdie... Shot 73... That's 3.0 differental if you were wondering... But can't post it because it's out of season...
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Played yesterday, not really keeping score because we aren't posting anymore and we were just playing a friendly better-ball match. Picked up when it didn't matter and moved on to the next hole and got done pretty quickly.


Couldn't drive the ball out of my shadow all day but my irons and short game were on. Probably the best day I had with the short game all season. Great timing, eh? If I could have chipped and pitched like that all year I probably would have broken 80 a few times.

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