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Played last Sunday...winter golf....and had a 39 on the front and 40 on the back for a 79.  Short game is hurting from not being able to play during the week this time of year.

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Shot  a 74 on Sunday!  Best round I've ever played.  Shot a 74 once years ago but it was largely luck, with a lots of 160 yard punch slices out of the trees up on the green and whatnot.  Still a pretty easy course though, 71.9/119, with the difficulty points coming mostly from distance, 6,805 yards.  Lots of huge greens and fairways.


But I felt in control for the first time ever.  Two 3-putt bogeys on the first 4 holes, then as I tired mentally I had my only two really old-style misses leading to bogeys on 15 and 17, but I played -2 through the middle ten holes and just totally felt in control all day.  And after those two bad irons on 15 and 17, recovered on a long par 5 on 18 hitting a good drive, slightly pushed 7i, solid wedge, barely missed birdie putt.  Just felt incredible.

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82 and 89 at my local course, slope 132 from +1

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Shot a pair of 81's last wknd at my home course 70.1/126.

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Hit every single green and had no putt longer than 15'.  Shot par.  c1_cursing.gif

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Played today at Desert Dunes in Desert Hot Springs (quickly becoming one of my favorite courses) and shot 83 from the white tees (par 72, 71.7/128)... 


I birdied the first, bogeyed the second and then had a string of four pars until I made a 9 on the par 4 7th (that hurt). I made a double on the par 3 eighth and then was able to shake it off and make 4 bogeys and 6 pars from there. I had a couple of good birdie looks on the back but couldn't convert. I can't complain too much though, overall a good day.

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It was Tuesday... I shot a 97 at Bear's Best in Atlanta.  First time I've been on a golf course since August, and with the arrival of the triplets on October 20th, it was the first time I've had a club in my hands in a couple of months.  Fought a nasty push all day, but was money with the driver.  Hit over 70% of the fairways, but only hit two greens.  And, the push tended to put me into some nasty spots near the greens... awkward hanging lies and short sided.  Contact was good though.  Other than two mishits and a fat fairway bunker shot, I struck the ball pretty well.  Also, my putting was decent, I just didn't put myself in very good positions with my irons.

Playing again on Sunday at Heritage, so hopefully I'll have it worked out by then.

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Shot a 37 on 9 today. Par 35 about 3200 yards. 7 pars and 2 bogies, both on the par 3's.

Edit- here's the card
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Aaaah yes, winter golf!  I played today and it was 40degrees on the first tee and 43 degrees when we finished.  It was one of those dark-dreary-wet days with no wind.  It rained last night and the course played very long and the greens had a thick coating of dew throughout the entire round.  The air was very cold, damp, and heavy, but it was reasonably comfortable thanks to the calm wind conditions. 


I scored a great round that came from completely out of nowhere because I've been playing like sh!t lately.   I guess I rolled out of the correct side of the bed this morning....LOL

The course:  72.5CR 137slope......par36-36=72...The Score: 37-34=71 (-1).......... 9 fairways.....13GIR....29putts with 5 birdies.  Today was a very pleasant surprise!!!  Golf, whatta' crazy game.....I beat my round from the previous day by 10 strokes. LOL

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Such a weird day.

Shot 86 at my some coarse today - par 72 6458m, hit 40% of fairways, 18% gir, 28 putts , 1/5 s/saves, 2 under on the four par 5.

44 front 42 back.

Could of been better if i could hit some gir.
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79 @Mile Square Players Course.  




5/14 fir

9/18 gir

32 putts


Couldn't convert any of the birdie opportunities i had and made double bogey on 18 after going in the water off the tee.


Still felt like i held the round together when i wasnt hitting the ball that great.  Made some nice putts.

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I thought I might be done for the year but maybe tomorrow...


Lotta work being done on the course, so it looks like we'll have to skip some holes.

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It was 75 and sunny in Myrtle Beach today, so I took advantage of the great December golf rates and squeezed in a round at a course I had not played before.


SandPiper Bay in Calabash, NC. 


Struggled all day off the tee, only hit 5 FAIRWAYS.  This place has a TON of water.  Shot 43-45 with 6 pars and 8 bogies (the rest were 'others').  Putted pretty well, but spraying it off the tee was making it tough to make pars today.  At least the weather was nice.  And the course was in great shape. 

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On Sunday I shot a 114 @ Highland falls in Las Vegas-summerlin area...52 on the front then after a couple coffee and baileys the back 9 turned into a 64. Awesome course, a couple of tee boxes overlook the whole city of Las Vegas. I've play quite a few courses out here and this place had some of the best views and elevated tee boxes.

Then on Monday I played Primm Valley Golf Club- Dessert course. Wow, another awesome course, can't wait to play the Lakes course. I shot a 107 from the whites, Still trying to get under 100 a5_crying.gif . I'll get there at some point, at lest I sure hope so a2_wink.gif
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I played at Chateau Country Cub in Kenner, La. I have been playing golf for 22 years now. I finally broke 80 with a sweet 78! My wedges were on fire!

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Played Heritage Golf Links on Sunday.  Shot 100.  Brutal.

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Played a full 9 holes for the first time in a while.  One of the golf course employees was playing with me and keeping score so I was just focusing on making good swings and maintaining my inclination since it's been a while and that's always the first thing to go when my body isn't well conditioned.  Shot low 40 something on the front nine.  Didn't strike it too poorly, maybe 7/10, but the course was just so tight.  Some of my landing areas were < 15 yards wide.  Back 9 started getting hot and we only got in 5 more holes before it got dark.  -2 on the par 5's.  They have a really long one that takes a 300+ yard drive over some trees followed by a 250 yard level shot.  No hazards anywhere, just long and tight.  Nailed the drive perfectly and had a green light special from the center.  Smooth 3-wood to the green.  It felt so easy, but he said in all the years he's been there he's never actually seen someone get on that green in two.  That struck me as odd, but stroked the ego nonetheless.  b2_tongue.gif  It was great fun.

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Played hookie from work yesterday and played golf. Shot 73 (par 71). I finally started hitting it better yesterday after a couple of garbage rounds the past couple of weeks. It's amazing how one little thing can ruin your whole swing. The funny thing is, the wife told me what I was doing wrong and I didn't believe her.

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