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95.  Had three triples in a row early on that kind of killed the score. 


I still had a great time.  38F when I started. Winds around 20-30.  32F at the turn.  Wind chill into the high teens.  NICE!!

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78. Had my second hole in one. It was so foggy we didn't see it go in.

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I finally got out today after a bit of time off (I hate when life gets in the way, LOL).


Played the local course at Langley AFB (Par 72) and shot 40 on the front and 37 on the back.


It took a few holes to get back in the swing of things. I pulled a couple of drives off the bat and thne chunked an 8 iron from 157 into a bunker on the second hole. After that things calmed down a bit and by the end of the round things were coming back. I wsh I could have stayed and played another 18.

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84............with an Eagle on a Par 4.........141 yards with a 7 iron!

This is only the second time I have holed out from 140 yards.....the first time was 30 years ago.
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84............with an Eagle on a Par 4.........141 yards with a 7 iron!

This is only the second time I have holed out from 140 yards.....the first time was 30 years ago.
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At my home course, Pine Valley CC (Wilmington, NC)

Played 9 holes ... the easier of the two nines.  started out 1-over after 3, then faltered  and  finished a disappointing 8-over 44.

I'm returning to golf after a 15 year period of very little golf, trying to get back to my "old game"

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70.7/127 6550..... 75 with 5 birdies and 3 doubles. 4 over through 3, and 1 under for the remaining 15.

Good grief.
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86. It was a dreadful day out there. 38 putts!!
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I shot my personal best yesterday. 100.  The goal was to shoot under 100 (My prev. personal best was 104) No gimme's or "good enough's"

I'm getting better every week.

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46 points yesterday in my first event win. Had 93 off the stick. I was so happy, all the hard work is starting to pay off. No birdies, 5 pars were the highlight of the game. 14/18 fairways was the main reason I think, driver was going great and iron play was good too
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I played for the first time in more than a month today......It was 50 degrees and the wind was blowing so hard that the flags on the green were nearly touching the ground........LOL



I was in a fairway bunker with 161yds to the pin in a hurting crosswind..........I pured a 7-iron right at the flag, and it hit right near the cup, but it hopped 30ft past due to the green still being partially frozen due to the sub-freezing overnight temps only hours before...LOL


Oh well... at least I hit one good shot today!!!  c3_clap.gif

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Played the Hugo Golf Club - 69.2/118

Today was the first 18 holes since October 27, 2012 and I shot a 90. The front nine was ok, shot 41. Putting was pretty good. The back nine was another story, 49. My short game around the greens left the course. Off the top of my head I can remember 7-9 horribly flubbed chips that cost strokes.

I was using a ball I have never used, Nike PD Soft. Someone told me to play a softer compression ball due to the colder weather.

I'm gonna play tomorrow, and I will not be scared around the greens.

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Tale of two 9's... I had to laugh at the bookend 7's on the front.  The front 9 was ugly on the card, but I actually played really well.  


#1... Green side bunker in 3... Then pick it with no sand and send it 40yds over the green! LOL

#2... Blocked tee shot - finds sand.  Failed to get up and down.

#3... Missed an 8ft bird... Tap in for par.

#4... Catch the fairway bunker... Hit a solid 9-iron but over drew and didn't hold the green.  45ft chip to 2.5ft.  Missed the par putt.

#5... Flip a 58* wedge from 75yds to 3ft... Missed the birdie putt.

#6... Wedge to 7ft... Missed bird.

#7... Sandwedge to 4ft... Finally made a damn putt - birdie.

#8... Anti-hook swing - blocked into green side bunker.  Failed to get up and down.

#9... Terrible / awkward lie just on lip outside of fairway bunker - have to punch it to front of green.  3rd shot... Chunk pitch shot.  Then hit my fourth shot to 2ft - but above hole.  Miss putt by an inch and it rolls downhill 25ft as the hole was placed on a stupid slope... This course is infamous for e1_poo.gif pin placements.  Proceeded to miss the come back putt and tapped in for a trip.  I wanted to strangle someone. z1_censored.gif


Back 9... I was pretty much on cruise control.  Had a few makeable birds early that I missed.  My chipping was very good - never left myself with more than a 2ft putt after a chip on the back. 


#17... Drove it into the green side bunker and got a nice up and down for a sandy bird.

#18... Usually a birdie hole - putt didn't break as much as I read it... Tapped in for par.  


Happy to break 80... First time in a month after a battling swing changes.



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Played nine holes today in our Sunday pairs scrounges, my partner was super impressed with my game , we won a lotto ticket i had 20 points, had a PB 42 shots for 9 holes.super happy 😁
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84. First drive OB. Three drives in the water. Beautiful day, fun partners, but the game wasn't good today. Oh well, the only thing worse than playing bad is not playing.

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Missed a 2 footer on the last hole to card a 90 on Saturday....followed up my Eagle on #3 last week with a Birdie this week.


Carded an 87 on Sunday.

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Good day til the last 3 holes!!!

Shot 80 at my home coarse today - par 72 6458m.

37 front 43 back.

I was 2 over the card heading to the 16 hole, then finished +2, +3, & +1. d1_bigcry.gif


What might of been a1_smile.gif

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+12 on an Executive Course with 4 par-4 holes. 


Short game saved my butt, as usual.

Pulled the heck out of any iron longer than a 7 as usual. PW-7i were excellent, which was good to see. Two holes around 180, 2 around 195. Pulled two six irons hole high and two 5 irons hole high. Perfect distance, wrong direction. Good news - parred 2 of the 4. Good boy, short game.


Hit my 3 hybrid off the tee twice to 235 on the fairway.

4 drivers (5 if you count my first tee mulligan). 2 on the fairway, 2 off but very close. 1 at around 250 (topped it a bit), the others around 285. 


Here's the bad news. Six 3 putts. One one putt. Never putted so horribly in my life. It was painful. Hit 5 GIR on the 6 par 4's and three putted four of them. Manged a single par on the par 4s.


Time to pull out the old putter track this week...

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