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Shot an 89(tied my lowest round) today at Belmont CC, my home course.  Hit 8 GIR, 1 or 2 putted every hole.  Wedges, chipping were both great.  Like always my issues today came off the tee box. I got 9-pars, had 4 legit chances at birdies, just barely missed 3 of them. HDCP will be coming down again. Woohoo!!

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Today I posted an 86 at Green Valley Golf Club in Denver Colorado.  Not close to my best round of 78 but I did however do something that has eluded me for 10 years.  I posted my first ever EAGLE!!!  I have had countless birdies but for some strange reason eagle has always been out of reach.  Hole #4 tee shot with a 7 iron.  Then pulled a 60 degree wedge (vokey) had a 60 foot pitch that I tried to kill on the front of the green and the ball did just as I had asked it to.  1 hop and nothing but net.  I was in such shock that it took me a couple seconds to figure out that I had just done what had previously been impossible.  Temperature at tee time 36 degrees outside.  Now I only wish that I wasn't playing with an orange Bridgestone e6 because it looks like crap on my display case, but with snow still on the fairways and bunkers a bright orange ball is vital those white balls are hard to find in the white stuff!!!!!!!!!

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79 with 3 double bogies and 2 birdies. Was on the green or fringe of 11 greens and only had 27 putts (putting from fringe doesn't count as a putt). Front nine I had 10 putts which was a new low for me.

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39. My score was higher than the temp.

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Played swords gc  Dublin sunday.The course was very wet,placing everywhere.Hit the ball well and scored well ,41pts.A new driver ping G15 in bag for three weeks now.Its getting better by the game.

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Shot a 105 at Eagle Pointe Golf Course in Mont Belvieu, Texas.

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10 over through 9.  Pulled it together on the back 9 at only +2!

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36 points for a second place in the stableford comp on Thursday
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Played at Riverbend GC in Madera, CA

I shot a 93, and my brother (golfingdad) shot a 77.

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90 at Pebble Creek.........ball in water on #12,13 & 14......Argh!
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Carded 45 on the back nine at Moody Gardens GC here in Galveston. Was shaky for the 1st 4 holes... started coming on strong later... Ran out of time (Tee'ed off at 3pm CST) and didnt finish the round.

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One of the most embarrassing rounds of golf I've experienced in a long time.  Six three putts.  40 putts total.


 It was the first time I've played this course, which is an hour + away from my place.  And I really wasn't too excited to play it considering it was a haul to the course, and the forecast called for rain all day.  But I needed to get a practice round in before a tournament next weekend that I'm scheduled to play.  


We had an 8 AM tee time... I pulled into the course a 7:45.  I walked onto the first tee without hitting a ball or rolling a putt... And it took me some time to get comfortable rolling the rock on wet greens (It's rained the last 3 days).  But even when I finally got the speeds of the greens figured out, and started using my Aimpoint charts... I still couldn't make a bird or par save from over 5ft.  The longest putt I made all day was a 3' putt.  Makes me sick... I burned so many edges, and nothing was falling.  I was ice cold.  I just hope that I can get it figured out before next weekend!?! b5_confused.gif


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Argh! I friggin' hate this game. Played a fantastic practice round yesterday - shot a 77 - for my tournament today. Felt great all day, figured my swing changes are really starting to sink in and I'm ready to go to the next level, and am really confident for my tournament. On top of that I feel really good during warming up AND driving in I noticed they did not move the pins today. Everything's in place for me. And then I go out and shoot a freaking 90 and finish in last place.

The bright side is that it was all on 5 holes. (4 triples and a double - otherwise 4 over par on the other 13 holes). The other bright side is that I drove the ball well today (usually the cause for my poor rounds). If you count the first cut, I hit 11 of 14 fairways.

The REALLY bright side ... I carded an eagle today! Par 5, decent drive into right rough (only in name ... lie was as nice as if in the fairway) Leaving myself 215 to the pin, big bunker directly in front of me so its a blind shot, except there's a power pole in the distance perfectly in line with my target. Hit a perfect 4 iron to about 20 feet. Putt was in the whole way ... very nice feeling on an otherwise doodoo day. It helped that I birdied this hole yesterday from almost the exact same line from 30 feet. :)
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Shot a 91 today at Riverbend GC in Madera.  Got 8 pars today.  Putted and chipped great. Driver wasn't working well, but all of the other clubs were.  Had only one bad hole, where it took me 5 shots to reach the green from 100 yards out.  Hope all of this good golf continues.

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93 @ Tampa Bay Golf
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First round under ever. Shot a 99 with sopping wet course and overseeded Rye greens that roll like rumble strips literally!!!
Temps were 28* when I teed off and only reached 40* by end of the game.
My drives were incredible (for me) for the 1st time ever due to a lot of TV practice. 270 yds and straight until #15 and I started topping/hooking like it was my goal in life.
An honest 99.
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Holy crap......................I kept score for the first in 2013!!!!   LOL.....................oh myb4_blushing.gif


I played the easy FRONT tees.....(ok, not really that easy)...but I didn't play the tips.  I played 1 set forward.....73.2CR 141slope...............it was freaking MFKN cold and windy, and I honestly played pretty good with all things considered!!  It was cold and nasty....................thre wind was howling!!

A traditional par 72 course....... I had four 3-putts.........the greens are very fast even if for winter greens.  My new home course greens have big slopes...so I need to learn to putt.   Overall....I played OK, but the greens are a huge challenge.  




I played the course well....the greens beat me to a pulp. I have a membership.......so I will defeat this course!!!!!!!!!!.....(in due time)...LOL

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Third time out in 2013 but first time to complete 9 holes. Every other time the course was open and I had time I bailed after 3 holes due to too much snow and other bad conditions. Anyway it was rough but I managed 42 before calling it a day. It was also the first time I played the irons I used so there were a few WTF moments. Made a few pars, a birdie, 2 real ugly double bogies and my usual string of bogies that could have been prevented. Should have played yesterday, best weather of the year, but didn't feel right.

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