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I had a pretty good 9 holes today. Had 44 shots. 

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42-44 at Oyster Bay GC in Sunset Beach, NC.

Golf course was nice. It was 72 and sunny in February, so I can't beat that.

6 pars, 8 bogeys, 4 others. Need to get rid of the others.
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I played yesterday...............it was cold and windy and still couldn't bring myself to keep score!   I played forward tees rated 73.2cr 141 slope.........good times! 

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I played 18 in the cold'ish 42* yesterday.  I shot 100.  I could not drive or putt.

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The course played really long today because the temps were in the 30s and the fairways were completely saturated.   Not only were the balls not flying far because of the cold,  but they were plugging in the fairways...LOL....to add insult to injury.


I only played 16 holes..........73.2CR 141slope...........I skipped 2 holes to get past a couple of 4-somes and the rest of the course was pretty empty.   Shockingly, my ball striking was very clean today.   I hit several greens in spite of longer approaches, and made a couple putts.   I was +4 through 16 holes and made 2 birdies.   My game is slowly coming around...........

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85 today at Pebble Creek took 4th place in Points game with 36 players
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Played at Ridge Creek and shot a 93 from the whites, not good considering the low slope and rating.  Had one of my worst days putting in my life. I think I 3 putted maybe 4 times, including one when I was about 12 feet away for birdie and ended with a bogey.  I had about 7 penalty strokes for unplayables and deep fescue which they were having us play as a lateral hazard.  Only hit 2 shots that felt good all day.  I was never comfortable at any moment today.  Oh well, I'll take the good with the bad.

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Weird round.  51 on the front including triples on 2, 3, and 4.  Followed by a 40 on the back, including a birdie (TX wedge from 65 feet out of a bunker), 3 pars and 5 bogeys.  The only thing consistent about my game right now is its inconsistency.

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On Saturday, I played the best round of golf I ever have. I played at my home course in Ninety Six, SC.  Great weather and very quick greens.  


I scored an 86 with 7 GIRs, 2 birdies, and 3 pars.  I was GIR on 3 of the 4 par 3's, most of which are really difficult.  The 3 I hit GIR were around 175 to 185 yards each, and the only one I missed was a 160 yarder.  Go figure, huh?  


Anyway, I hit my approaches much better than I ever have, but still struggled getting off the tee.  Also, I didn't take advantage of the par 5's, triple bogeying 2 of 3 (the other being a birdie)


Looking forward to warmer days ahead, and hopefully lower scores!

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Went to the TItleist new Pro V series release day at Spring Valley in Clayton South, beautiful course but not very beautiful golf. They only organized 9 holes for us and I was only 1 of 2 non-pga professionals there. Didn't make too much of an ass out of myself only really hit 3 bad shots but shot a 40.

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Normally a 105-108 today 100 on a par 72, 49 on the front and 51 on the back
No lost balls
Hole 13 180 yards par 3 putting for birdie from abt 20-25 feet out missed it by less than. Half a turn of the ball
Been playing for less than 6 months
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I went out and played nine today after school, I played absolutely terrible in my eyes. I shot a 41, which doesn't sound bad at first, but I only hit 2 fairways and 2 greens. On the 3rd, a downhill 150 yard par 3 with a TINY green, I hit a pitching wedge dead at the pin, about 10 feet short, and 3 putted. Did the same thing on the other par 3. Everything for me was terrible today except distance.

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Played Monday, the temps where just above freezing  (yesss), and the sun was shinning.


Shot 41-39 for a 80. The course is set up shorter than usual for the winter months, so i managed to reach a short par 5 (460 yrd) in 2, but then i followed that with three putts and only scored par.

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Stone Canyon.......73.2CR 141Slope Course par is 72.....................I scored my 2nd round of the year: 42-39=81


Temps were 41 degrees on first tee and 51degrees on completion with a 13mph breeze.  The course was wet and played like it was ten miles long!! The golf ball was not carrying and to add insult to injury.....there was no roll either.... LOL.I had some crazy long approaches into greens.    I was +7 solely due to penalties from the tee.   I hit my driver well, but there are some very challenging tee shots and I paid dearly with a few near misses.   I hit my irons crisply so even though I didn't score as well as I hoped, I felt like I played well.   I'm feeling good about my game right now....it's coming along.   Today could have been a REALLY big number if I wasn't hitting the ball well. 

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Shot a 49/37 for an 86 yesterday. Basically where I am on avg (mid 80s).  The encouraging part, I hit some of the best 5 and 6 iron shots ever.  I figured out a set up that was working on the 8th hole and used it all the way through the final 9.  Essentially I lowered my back shoulder more than usual at set up.  I also hit some of my best PW shots because of this.  Seems like every round I figure out something near the end of the front 9 and/or back 9 and wished I could go back and play 18 again, lol.


Had some trouble with the driver using my new modified overlap grip, but I expected that since I hadn't practice any shots using driver with the new grip.

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Played 9 bright and early this morning before work. 42 (+13) with 12 putts (8 2-putts, one 4 putt).

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Played yesterday. Same shortened course as i played Monday (5400 yrd). Hit the par 5, 17th hole (460 yd) in 2 again, expect this time i didn't 3 putt for par. Instead i holed it for a big bird.  Hit the rbz 3 wood of the tee then i hit my approach shot to 4 feet, with a 3 hybrid, and holed the putt for 3. That is my first eagle of 2013. I know its not a long hole, but it still feels good!


I shot 43-36 for a 79 on a par 70 track. It could have been better (obviously). It was a windy day, that gave me problems with hitting GIR, and i couldn't scramble for the life of me. I figure out the wind enough to hit greens on the back, or it would of been 86-87 instead.


I might be teeing it up again today, so we'll see how she goes.

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I played Thursday and gutted a score out of the cold mud...LOL    Stone Canyon: 73.2CR 141slope.  10mph breeze and temps were in the high 30s...........the course once again felt like it was 10 miles long.  I didn't hit the ball as well, but I didn't lose as many tee shots.  41-39=80 was the result.   I'm hitting the ball so short right now, that he course is just brutal.   I could always play shorter tees this time of year, but I can't bring myself to do it. LOL

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