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Over the weekend, I scored 110 and 102. I have not been playing for months due to injury. So, I should be getting out there once a week and the scores should drop to mid/ow 90s in a couple of months.

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I played my home course today and shot a 90.  Had many opportunities to score lower but didn't, that's exciting that I shot a low score for me but still had issues with my round.  Shot a 42 - 48, 7 pars, 29 putts, and won 21 dollars in my group.  Only hit the Driver once today and I hit it OB.  Driver is staying home until I can get it fixed.

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Well, not sure what happened, but my last 3 jposts didn't go on here so ill try again





ive just started playing on a Wednesday and Saturday at a club that's not too far away, but the big difference is the course is a grass green type and man the putting is heaps different. But in saying that its nice to play off green fairways (well at least a couple of shots a round). Its weird when you get to 100 metrers out, that you can go at the pin(well try to anyway) with my p/w or 54* wedge. 50 meters and less is my 60* wedge. a whole new ball game to me. home course is more of a chip and run from 5-25m out and anything else is try and hit it short and hope it runs. i Hope to get my next few rounds down closer to 100 shots. Well that's the plan anyway

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The score does not show how happy I was with this round. I had 7 boogies and a par. So, I played a half a good round. The 3 snowmen included drops. The greens were incredibly fast. I rarely 3 putt, but I did so 7 times.  I hit 5 farways, but was never really in trouble or too far off from the fairway.



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I recently turned 17, and the last time I played golf I was six. Today I went golfing with my grandpaw and I shot a 96 on a pretty difficult 18 hole course. I was just wanting to know if that was good for not playimg in so long.
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Played yestrday in the cold, windy, and almost snowy conditions. Hands did freeze again on the back nine because of the 25-30mph winds, and the same winds kepy my GIR to only 4, i still struggeled with touch around the greens and my score refected it.


I shot 41-41 for a 82, with 2 birdies and 1 double, and a whole lot of bogeys. There are 2 more courses opening up in the next week, and also a D range that's right around the corner from my pace...im pumped!

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Shot a 75 on a Par 71...   I really struggled with over swinging with my driver at times.  I look back at the round and really have to shake my head in disbelief... If I hit my driver and keep it in play - I probably would've been closer to par.  


I got extremely lucky on #17.  I snap hooked my drive which looked like it was OB.  So I hit a provisional - same results snap hooked it and appeared to be OB.  But there is a severe slope which has low lying brush... If the ball gets hung up in the brush it could be OB.  But if it bounces out of the brush - it could possibly roll back down into play - possibly all the way down to the fairway as the rough is mowed pretty close and the slope/embankment is severe.


I walked along the line looking for my ball - and was just about to throw in the towel - and go hit another ball.  But then I saw a ball - inside the OB stake.  It wasn't my ball.  But I noticed a concrete drain right near the OB line - in play and there was my first ball.  Just in bounds... And given it was laying on the drain - I got a free drop for nearest point of relief.  Took my drop, and the ball rolled down the bank into the rough.


The funny thing was - my provisional ball was an arm length away from the same drain - but OB.  I dodged a bullet and got a nice break with the rules to get the free drop.  As if that concrete drainage system wasn't there - I would've not had a swing due to the low lying brush.


I gotta fix my swing as hitting those low hooks are killer... I hit OB on #6 due to the hook. #11 and #12 - hooked both off the tee and scrambled my ass off on both holes to get out of trouble.  I'm amazed I walked away from both those holes under par after those two tee shots.


#13... I hate that hole.  I need to find a way to play it without flubbing it around.  Something about that back 9... Man it is brutal.  I felt like I shot an 85... And somehow had a 75.  And that was with missing a putt from inside 4ft on 18 for birdie.  g1_wacko.gif



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25 deg C yesterday at Akarana. Was a lovely afternoon to be out there, pretty fun course. The turf was so tight, I could see divots everywhere, but I couldn't take one!


102 + 20 for 10 lost balls = 122.


2 pars, 8 fairways, 10 x 2putts, 1 x 1putt, 1 GIR, 7 straight drives. 4 bunkers, with only one going back in. Happy with most of my tee shots, and my wedges to green were fun allowing 2putt, which is good for me. The greens were lightning. Almost got 2 in over 20ft.


Had a lot of fun, and wore a heart rate monitor for some added interest as some people have asked about that on here. Will find a thread to post, but took 3h37m solo, 1478kcal, 408kcal per hour.


Carried for the 2nd time ever with my cheap carry bag. Not too uncomfortable, a lot of rattling, but I'll get over it.


Double bogey golf, and the throw away holes are deadly. But I am still love this game...

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84 on par 71.  It was a nice day but windy (20-30 MPH).  Shot 45 on the front 9 that I wish I could  blame on wind conditions but most were forced errors.  Shot 39 on the back 9 dispite limping into the clubhouse with 3 straight bogeys.  Frustrating day but good to get out there.

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First round since October. And with new clubs, no wedges because they haven't arrived yet. got lessons over winter and basically changed everything.

shot 42-38--80

5 birdies

Ground was ice and snowy because it had iced 3 days prior but still had to get out. 24 degrees and it felt great.
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42-38-80 Par 71 71.9/120, it was very wet here with weather in the 30-40s and did I mention 20-25mph wind with gust up to 35-40.  210 Par 3 I hit 3wood and was short and I normally would play a 4 iron.  Was getting no role on the driver, course plays 6800 yards. had a few penalty strokes, wedge game was horrible. So ready for some warm weather.

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85 degrees here hot n sweaty lost 2 again, all tee n fairway shots wayward, no more than 2 putts on any hole 110
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Shot an 80... But had some fun with a few TST guys.  Good to get out and get a practice round in before our tournament this Saturday.


I have to kick myself - I had 106 into a front pin location and tugged my sand wedge into the left green side bunker.  The result, a fried egg... And walked off 18 with a double. d2_doh.gif



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All I've been doing lately for recreation is blowing some snow...........

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85 to match my lowest score.  Carded an 8 on the front, and one double bogey on the back.  Wasted some chances though.  Completely bladed a short chip on 17 that could have easily been par that went for a bogey.  Shot of the day was this - third shot to par 5 10th is over a creek that runs across the face of the entire green.  I struck a pure 52 degree wedge from about 115 yds and watched it land and bounce on the short side of the green, my view partially obstructed by a shrub on the near side of the creek.  When I got a little closer, I could see that my ball must have had some wicked spin, because it came back down the face of the slope to the water, and it laid to rest completely submerged but just off the grass, and with just enough angle to where I could get a swipe at it without actually getting into the water.  Only about 30ft from the pin, I busted out a 56 and blasted out of the muck to about 12 feet.  Didn't make the par putt, but it was a nice save for me.  Remarkably, I hardly got any mud on myself, but my wedge did have a solid clump on it.

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Got out and played today, turned into a typical round. 2 pars on the front 9 for a 44 and a birdie and a par on the back for another 44, 88 total round. 

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Played Tidewater CC in North Myrtle Beach today. Made a par on the first 4 and the last 3 holes. The other 11 holes in the middle were so-so. Shot 46-46 for a 92. Also, I had 5 three-putts. Which is killing my score and pissing me off at the same time.
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52+49=101 including 6 lost balls! Just the one par...but being a beginner that one par was the most exciting thing to happen today :)


Actually...as this was the first day of membership at "my" golf club (the first club Ive ever belonged too) I played off the white tees (just to see what it was like) AND for the first time ever I didnt "relocate" any ball on to better lies or fairways for the first time! :) Usually when I go out with my neighbour we play pretty "gentle" golf :) But I thought if Im going to make the most of my membership I should start playing properly...especially if I want to enter competitions and sort out a real handicap etc!!!


My goal this year is to go a round without losing a ball and today was a first of sorts as I didnt lose my first ball until the Par 3 fourth hole (SI1)...where I promptly lost 3! 


Finally...I almost drove my first par four green today too...was short by 3 feet! :) Yay for me :)





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