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Played at Rayburn Country in Brookeland, Tx on Thursday and that course beat me up. It has a slope rating of 136 when I normally play courses in the 115 slope range. I shot 113.

Last Sunday my neighbor and I played at Henry Homberg golf course in Beaumont, Tx and I think it would have been my best 18 ever. We had to cut it short and go pick up the wives, but I had 5 pars in 14 holes! That is miraculous with this thing that I call a golf swing. LMAO

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I am relatively pleased with this score considering it was the first time out this year. 43 degrees, course was soaked due to snow melt. Only two doubles or worse. My goal was to shoot bogey (perceived handicap), so one off aint to bad.


Had some lovely sand wedge up and downs, I read the greens well (good considering I had 0% GIR!!), and A LOT of fun. I can't wait until things dry up a little more and the weather hits, maybe 50.


Can't believe I tripled the opening hole, but considering it was the first hole played since last July I guess I should accept it!

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The 46 degrees at 7:15 felt better than the 55 degrees we had on the 17th hole.


I went into today expecting an ugly round since I never play well in the cold, but managed to break 100 for the first time in a month with a 99.


Driver was fine, putting was fine. I have finally reached that point in my game where GIRs are reachable - unfortunately i managed to find a bunker almost everytime - unfortunately the superintendent finally got me back for putting out of the bunkers in front of him and made the sand so soft that i was lucky to have half of the ball above sand level each time. Needless to say, I have now lost all confidence out of the sand.

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Belmont Country Club
White Tees 69.8 / 125

March 2, 2013


  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN TOTAL
WHITE 362 109 442 399 498 367 330 198 458 3163 400 166 517 161 367 309 351 304 512 3087 6250
HANDICAP 9 17 1 3 11 5 15 7 13   2 12 6 16 10 14 4 18 8    
PAR 4 3 4 4 5 4 4 3 5 36 4 3 5 3 4 4 4 4 5 36 72
SCORE 5 3 5 7 6 7 6 4 6 49                     49
ROUND SCORE +1 +1 +2 +5 +6 +9 +11 +12 +13 +13                     +13
NET SCORE 5 3 5 7 6 7 6 4 6 49                     49
TEE CLUB 3W Pw 3W 3W 3W 3W 3W 3Hy 1W                        
FAIRWAYS x   ⇐ ⇐ x ⇒ ⇐   x 43%                     43%
GIR x 11%                     11%
PUTTS 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 18                     2.0/18
SAND SHOTS       1   3       4                     4

 Total doo-doo today. It was a 49, but it felt like a 59.  This is usually not the case but my short game and wedges failed me today.  This was one of my better days off of the tee.  Usually it is off the tee that kills me.  Can't wait til I can put them both together.  Hit some great shots so it wasn't totally bad.  Hole 6 was great until I hit my approach into a greenside bunker, to a downhill lie. Excited just to get it out of the bunker but just a little too hard and it rolled into a bunker on the other side and got pinned against the lip.  Couldn't take an unplayable because it would have been nearer to the hole. Tried to hit it sideways but it just rolled to the bottom, hit it out and 2 putted.

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Played pretty darn good again today .. 73 on a par 70/67.5/114, so not a hard course by any means, but still, a 73! Including my second eagle in about a month. Short par 5 (480) driver,5 iron to about 25 feet. It's coming together!!
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So I got talked into playing today and even got to wear shorts for the first time this year. Shot 89 and today was a not so good chipping but decent putting day. 2 pars on the front for a 45, 3 pars on the back for a 44. 

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54+49=103. Major improvement over Fridays round as it wasnt until the 17th hole that I lost my first ball (usually by now Im around a half dozen down!!!).


It was also my first handicap card AND I got two pars and hit 3 FIRs and 1 GIR! 


Need to sort the putting out though as I took 44 putts around today and 40 on Friday! The three and four putts are killing me!





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59-51 = 110. My best score ever! By 8 shots, too!


I feel like this was a breakout round for me. Probably crazy to hear for the better players here, that a 110 was a good round, but i hit 6 Fairways, and had another 3 balls in the first cut of rough, so just about 50% really good tee balls. Take out the 4 par 3's, and i really only got into trouble off the tee 5 or 6 times. Couldn't beg borrow or steal a putt today, but I also only had a couple of 3 putts. Mostly got them down in 2. Just not one!!!!  


My usual round is low 120's or worse. 


I can smell 99! It's close, I think. 

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I shot a 79 on a Par 74 yesterday in our monthly men's league tournament.  I missed several putts from inside 5ft... Which leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  37 putts sucks....


I played very conservative golf all day - and really only tried to attack one hole which I birdied (short par 5).  I look at my card, and there are so many wasted shots.  The missed putts were brutal...


#5 Missed a 5ft birdie putt -  just above the hole - pretty straight putt but didn't get it rolling on my start line and pulled it.

#7 Missed a 9ft birdie putt - above the hole - slick putt - just left myself in a tough spot with a difficult birdie attempt.

#8 Missed a 12ft birdie putt - misread, tap in for par.

#9 Missed a 4ft par putt - straight up the hill and pushed it.

#12 Missed a 3ft par putt - pushed.

#13 Missed a 12ft eagle putt - burned the right edge - tapped in for birdie.

#16 Missed a 3ft par putt - pushed.

#17 Missed a 8ft birdie putt - tapped in for par.


Looking at my putting, if I could learn how to pressure putt, I think I'd be an exponentially better player.  



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I broke 100 for the first time today! c3_clap.gif


I shot a 98 (par 71) on a course I'd never played previously - 46 on the front 9, before hitting the self destruct button and shooting 52 on the back 9.


The course finishes with two par 5's, I was on 83 when I got to the 17th tee so knew I could take 16 and break 100 which took the pressure off a little. I ended up taking 15. Cutting it a little fine.


My driver was great (for me for a change) hit all but 2 fairways with a couple of 250+ yard drives. Putting let me down big time. Too many 3 and 4 putts.

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86 today :/ 45 degrees with winds 15 to 20 so the windshield was cutting right through me... And although I'd like to blame the score on the wind, it was by far my putting. I turned 6 birdie putts to bogeys and ended the day with 2 birds but also 2 triple bogeys. On a positive note, my contact was crisp today with every iron in the bag so I brought home one positive feeling! 

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110 but the good result of a terrible score is that from holes 9 to 17 i hit 44 which is a good run for me over 9 holes but for the other 9 i dont no what happened it was shocking to say the least.

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Heated driving range - nice change up from hitting in the garage.  Still, crappy balls and crappy matts.  Still.....worth it to see some flights

Working on moving forward through the ball per directions from my last lesson.

Pretty sobering - I can't wait to get back into good weather and hitting on grass.  But there were a lot of individual. shots indicating hope.


So let's call it shooting 210 on a par 200 single hole.


Actually, put me down for a 208

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well played a 68.9/123 Par 72 and I shot 39-39-78.  I was blocking everything.  I hit 2 fairways and 2 greens all day.  my short game was amazing.  I hope I can keep that going and then improve on my swing.

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Panther's Run Golf Course - Ocean Isle Beach, NC


Temperature 45 degrees.  Winds - 20mph steady with 30mph gusts.  The greens were 10.5-11 stimpmeter.  Very slick, and some very tough pin positions on slopes. 


Oh yeah, and the round took 5 1/2 hours! (I think the obnoxious greens played a large factor in slowing down many groups in front of us).  Teed off at 10:20am, putted out on 18 at 3:50pm.  It was a long brutal day, and I could not get off the bogey train.


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I got 36 holes in today which is a complete rarity for me. I played on a local course that has two separate 18 hole courses on it. My first round started out kind of rough, couldnt chip or putt and started out with 1 par on the front and just had a hard time getting it going and shot 48 on the front. Then on the back things started to turn around I had 4 pars on the back, 3 of them were in a row and closed with a birdie to shoot a 41 on the back for an 89. On the second course the good play continued but just couldn't get more putts to fall but I was satisfied with the quality of shots I was making. I had 2 pars and a birdie on the front for a 42, and had 3 pars on the back finishing with a 43, 85 total for a good end to a long but enjoyable day of golf. 

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Shot 80 today at my local course it's my best score yet. Previous best was 87.
Very happy right now.
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on 3/3/13: Recently moved to the Houston area, tried a new course on Sunday. Wedgewood in Conroe. This course had the most elevation change (hilly) that I have seen since I moved to Texas in 2010. Their were a lot of blind tee shots and the "map" didnt do any justice to how the course actually laid out. That being said, I shot an 87 which isnt too bad for a first time playing a course that needs local knowledge to play certian tee shots.
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