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Poll Results: Do you play Dick Out? Do you enforce it?

  • 4% (3)
    We play AND enforce it!
  • 53% (35)
    We play it, but rarely actually enforce it.
  • 42% (28)
    We don't play it at all.
66 Total Votes  
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uncalled for...haha.  i had a friend where i used to live that was not afraid of enforcing or adhering to this rule.  but the rule wasnt dick out it was bareass...then if you missed the second one if was pants down.  im sure this could go way too far when there is alchol involved...

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Not making the ladies tee carries the same penalty as a four-putt. One jug (of beer) to provided by player for he and the rest of his group to consume, post round.

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DO: the only way to prove one's manhood when the tee shot certainly did not !

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im not into manass or dick so we dont play it.


not to mention nobody wants to see my fat hairy ass...lol

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Never heard about this one before, certainly not very golf-ish. We got beer balls. If you don't make it to the womens tee, you buy your fellow competitors a round of beer. Not enforced too much I'd say, but sometimes on trips when we eat and drink after a day of golf.

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Just joke around about it. But the day after I got married we held a golf tourney and my brother brought these ugly, flower print dresses for those who didn't get it past the ladies tees...................................Yes, I wore the dress. Thank God it was only a par 3, my bro had to wear his for a long par 5!

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In Spain it is called a Mahou (a brand of beer) and you have to buy everyone in your group a Mahou after the round. One per tee shot that doesn't reach the ladies tee. The Brits do the same but instead of a Mahou, it's a Gin & Tonic.

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Originally Posted by mediaguru View Post

Years ago a friend of mine held ME to the rule. I promply knocked a 3 wood from the ladies tee on the par 4 onto the green, all with my shorts around my ankles. I made the birdie putt and collected his money...

I guess you didn't know the DO birdie rule. If you make birdie you get to slap anyone in the face that enforced the DO. Now what was it that your supposed to slap him with? Hmmm.
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I think I've seen it done once in my life. It's kind of crazy to do it nowadays with everyone so hyper-sensitive; it would downright suck to be labeled a "sexual predator" and have to register with the authorities.


Tangential story: I was playing in a fraternity golf tourney and one of the guys dared me to play the hole without my pants. So I stripped down, teed off, and turned around to find my pants were gone. I figured one of the guys had hidden them in the cart, so I finished out the hole pants-less. When I asked for them back at the next tee, my partners said they were behind a bush back at the previous tee. So I had to drive back up the hole (passing a marshal who just shook his head) to the tee box, where the next group was about to hit. After I retrieved my khakis, one of the guys asked, "How did you lose your PANTS?" To which I replied, "It was a hell of a drive!"


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We play pants at the ankles. I dont need to see my buddys cash and prizes. We also make whoever my GF out drives buy her a drink. 


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HAHA we used to do this in high school. but not only did you have to hit ur shot with pants down, but you also had to walk the entire hole with ur pants down. man kids can be cruel!

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Originally Posted by flap View Post

Funny story;The Mrs.and I were playing the Dunes club in Myrtle and they hooked us up with 2 male members 

Actually, this is where I got a little nervous. 


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I've always kidded about playing D.O. but have never done or enforced it.  Really don't want to see anyone do it and if someone insisted I do I'm afraid I'd have to disappoint them.


My funny D.O. story:


About a month ago I played in my first ever competative round after 30 years of playing (I've always been a casual player).  This was the first of a year long series of club events.  They announce my group over the loud speaker and I go to the tee.  This hole is a driver for me so when it's my turn I step up and take a mighty swing only to blast a massive diviot and sky my ball to about 10' past the forward tees.  The tee was pretty crowded and that was about as embarassing a pass I could have made at the ball, so I announced to the crowd that at least I hadn't hit my drive D.O.  That got a big laugh from the crowd and I then proceeded to stripe a 3 wood down the fairway and wound up salvaging bogie.  I suppose that's what playing D.O. is all about anyway getting a laugh out of an embarassing experience.  FYI I also managed to shoot my personal best round on the course that day so overall I was pretty happy with my almost brush with D.O. golf!

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My group calls that hit a "Schlenker" and requires that the offending party pay $1 (for each Schlenker) to the other 3 golfers at the end of the round.  I'll take a buck over seeing a guy walk around the golf course with his junk on display any day!

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I topped my driver on the 2nd hole of a course i haven't played in years... it's a 480ish par 4 and there was a strong head wind, about 15-20 mph...


Needless to say i picked the wrong time to have my first top in three years. It went all of 25 yards.


But i did manage to scramble for a bogey from there, lipped out my par putt ><

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We don't enforce it if it is cold outside.

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Originally Posted by mapa94 View Post

We don't enforce it if it is cold outside.

I had an ex-girlfriend enforce it on a very cold autumn day (that's not why she's "ex"). Nobody noticed


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Originally Posted by sean_miller View Post

I had an ex-girlfriend enforce it on a very cold autumn day (that's not why she's "ex"). Nobody noticed



Just like the guy who got arrested for indecent exposure and went to small claims court but the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence.  


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