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"8 Step Swing" by Jim McLean

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Discuss "8 Step Swing" by Jim McLean here.
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Re: "8 Step Swing" by Jim McLean

I came across this book and video earlier this year. Jim Mclean emphasizes not to try to absorb/assimilate every aspect of the lessons he outlines. I have found these 8 stations and the pitfalls that he outlines to guide me.


He has a new book being released to update his 2001 installment of this method.

It worked for me.
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Re: "8 Step Swing" by Jim McLean

Good, basic book. Tells you the 8 basic positions to look out for in the golf swing and the areas the club can be in and be acceptable. If you're looking for advanced instruction, this isn't the book for you, but if you're more or less looking for an introductory book of the golf swing, it's a solid buy.

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Re: "8 Step Swing" by Jim McLean

I learned a lot of my swing from the video but I find that the book is a lot more detailed.

I started in the past 3 - 4 weeks on the basics (set up, grip, weight distribution and weight shift).

This is a 2 pivot type of swing where the back swing pivots along the right (rear leg) and the downswing pivots along the left leg.

The corridors of success which talk about various areas of leeway in the swing and the 'death moves' at each step in the swing have kept me very consistent with my practice.

I have been working on the 1st 4 steps (reading those sections and doing his drills) and it has helped me with regards to distance and accuracy. I have even been more consistent with the driver. The details that he outlines with regard to the driver are also very helpful.

His book is not about any quick gimmicks.

I just ordered "Swing like a pro" mainly to compare and contrast how those methods of teaching are communicated.
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Re: "8 Step Swing" by Jim McLean

I've been on a mission to go from complete novice to scratch in a year (I was a little late due to injury) but this book is unbelievable. I couldn't actually recommend any other book or video and I've read and watched MANY of them.
Funnily enough I hated one of his 'drills' dvd but the book is highly, highly recommended. Thanks Jim!
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Re: "8 Step Swing" by Jim McLean

I agree with the others, McLean's method is solid. I used it myself about 5 years ago to start getting serious about my lousy game. But you need to be patient about seeing major improvement, goff is such a blasted difficult game. Try to work on one variable at a time for a while, the one you think needs the most work.

Another piece of advice: don't be like me and get way too obsessed with just the "positional" aspects of the swing, which McLean's method tends to get you doing. There's also the "feel" side of the game, which should be developed alongside the more mechanical side. Be aware of how it really feels to be in the correct position at a certain point (i.e. muscle tension, tendon stretch, how much weight on the right foot, that sort of thing). When you have proper extension of the left arm on the way back (something Tiger really emphasizes) it feels a certain way in the left shoulder - you need to burn that feeling into your brain somehow. Different sides of the same coin really I suppose.

AndreasS: you've certainly got the ambition. Let us know how it goes.
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Re: "8 Step Swing" by Jim McLean

Originally Posted by dozu View Post
I don't even need to read the book to tell you a book like this has to be useless.

golf is complicated enough trying to remember 1 position... and he tells you to have 8? gimme a break.

read George Knudson's book, that's how you play golf.
I tend to agree. I read McClean's book early on in my golfing experience and found that it confused and confounded me more than anything. It gave me no understanding of the "engine of the golf swing"....like giving someone a list of waypoints and leaving them without a car. In spite of the number, it's not even half as good as Joe Dante's four magic moves.
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Re: "8 Step Swing" by Jim McLean

I find myself not particularly enamored with McClean. That x factor thing kind of bothered me. I think it was gimmicky. Maybe it's because he doesn't have that "rock star" quality that I really look for in a golf instructor. I see his face everywhere and I'm sure he's a very busy guy, and he writes tons of books, but his stuff doesn't really speak to me. I guess I don't trust him. Who is he anyway? He's a little squirrley looking too, I think. I don't know... I do have a radar that he endorses, and I love it. So I guess he's not so bad. I was just kidding about the squirrley comment, Jim. You are a rock star
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Re: "8 Step Swing" by Jim McLean

Top 5 out of close to 100 golf titles I've read. His key contribution is the freedom of swing variants. Instead of teaching every student the same thing, he allows the natural tendencies and body types to come out. He's got solid data to back up his assertions.
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Re: "8 Step Swing" by Jim McLean

I like what he talks about, it will allow those to figure out there own swing with what fits them physically. I like he gives you death moves that are no go no matter what. The drills he gives are also good as well. Very good book to read.
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Re: "8 Step Swing" by Jim McLean

I just purchased the 8 DVD set and was impressed with his ability to point out what is critical to focus on and what acceptable positions you can be in and still hit the golf ball well.

His method of showing you the great players throughout time and the moves they made (very much similar to S&T) is a great tool as well.

I am a bit surprised he does not get as much credit by the average golfer for his work. I would venture to guess that more people know Michael Breed or Hank Haney yet McLean has a more distiguished career and seems to be able to back up his teaching methods better than both.
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Re: "8 Step Swing" by Jim McLean

I don't think I have seen this one yet; but we have it.
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I was over at my Dad's last weekend and he had the 2002 DVD sitting in a drawer that he gave me. I've watched it through once and repeated the first and second lessons a couple of times. I haven't really studied McLean's method as he presents it, I'm more on the Ben Hogan 5 Lessons plan right now, but there is alot of crossover. The biggest difference that stood out to me is McLean's very relaxed attitude towards the straight left arm, he seems to feel that it is much less necessary than Hogan does.

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I will have to peruse this one also. I am currently bidding on a used copy of Swing and Tilt on EBAY. Not so much as a swing change, but I know there is some excellent material in there relevant to every good swing. I am more interested in honing in the one I have, getting rid of some improper moves and incorporating some more solid. It sounds like Jim Mclean is yet another that certainly would not hurt. 

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well, it appears that I have the winning bid for a copy of Stack and Tilt. Bid was .99 plus shipping for total of $4.97. Hopefully it is intact.

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