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Well, price per shot taken, you'd think you'd want to buy an expensive putter. But just say, find one that works for you with your price tolerance. Honestly, i love putting, its my favorite part of the game, i putt with an Odyssey White Ice #1 putter 35" length 340 grams, and i added about 10 strips 2" strips of lead tape to the back of it. I've tried a scotty cameron putters, they are smooth, i really like them, but i don't think there would be that much improvement in my golf game. Luke Donald putts with a Odyssey putter, and Rory putts with a scotty cameron. 

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If $300 is too much for a putter, what about this one that sold on eBay about a month ago? And the seller even charged $69.50 to ship it!! 


(BTW $6,999.99 was the actual selling price as this is listed in the completed auctions.)


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I went to buy a new putter, knowing that I was going to get a Scotty Cameron.  I had the money, it's the most used club, and I was going to make the investment.  I really wanted the new black Newport.


I ended up leaving with a fitted SeeMore.....  I really wanted a Scotty, but putted 10 times better with the SeeMore, so I couldn't justify spending double the money for something I putted worse with.  With putting, it's all about what feels good to you and that the putter sets up straight to your eyes.  


And I had enough money left over to take the family out for all you can eat seafood while we were down at the beach.

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I made 5 birdies on the back nine yesterday putting with this.




In putting, making a good stroke trumps technology every time.

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I just left my local Golfsmith with my brand new Scotty Cameron California Monterey!  I went there dead set on getting one of the black models but man I fell in love in a hurry.  I am a huge fan of the new pistolero grip!!!!  I agree with everyone saying that we spend the money of a driver so why not.  And you cannot beat the look of a Scotty. Now I am trying to raise the money to send it away to his custom shop and make it a one of a kind, guess that will have to wait till next season.  And I traded in a few putters I have used in the last couple years and I dropped the price from $350 to $150.  The good news is I never really struggle with my putting in fact it is about the only thing I do well. 

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Originally Posted by k-troop View Post

I made 5 birdies on the back nine yesterday putting with this.




In putting, making a good stroke trumps technology every time.

I can't speak for anyone else but, I did not get a scotty because I thought it would make more putts. I just really like the look and feel of the putter. I have no doubt that a bad stroke will still cause the ball to miss. 

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i received a scotty newport for x-mas from my wife, and so far love it , my other putter is a scottsdale ping and that is good as well , touch on the scotty i think is better though

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I agree with you Erik. I have never seen a putter (or a golf club in general) look as good as a Scotty Cameron. If people are willing to pay $300+ for a driver that they use only maybe 12-14 times a round then how much more so should you be willing to pay that for the single most important part of the game?

Thanks for your insight. Now excuse me while I find my black jumpsuit and ski mask..... I have to pay a visit to the local bank.

good one! I just saw on Ebay an SC Tour Napa used putter going for $1300 and it got me drooling. And I figured I might as well join you. You might need a wheelman and I'm the guy for it (I own a Jada 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28)!

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There is no club in the bag more important or subjective than the old flat stick. Ask 3 golfers what the best putter may be and expect at least a dozen opinions.....and remember that opinions they indeed be.....not necessarily appropriate for your stroke and set up, etc..


I would suggest that you consider getting a putter fitting at a place like Dick's Sporting Goods . It is relatively inexpensive and a portion of the fee can be put toward a putter purchase. You need to determine whether you are a "straight-back-and-straight-through" style stroke or an "In and out" "swinging gate" style putter of the ball.. This, along with critical components such as length , lie and loft can be determined by a good fitter.


That said ; The TaylorMade Daytona #1 is a very good club for the money. I have one with the older but excellent AGSI insert in my putter rotation as my go-to blade....however I tend to favor mallets so my "gamer" is an Odyssey White Ice Sabertooth which I absolutely love....backed up by an Odyssey Metal-X #7 that competes ardently for bag time as well.....


I would suggest that you check out Odyssey putters in general as IMO, they present the very best quality for the dollar in putter lines.


FYI: I have tried a friends Scotty Newport and it seems like a very good club indeed.....just IMO not c. $400.00 worth of "better" than my Odysseys and Taylormade Daytona.


Enjoy the process, try as many as you can on real greens that you most often play....try not to get caught up in all the buzz around brands, names and price tags.....


Remember: The best putter for you is the one that puts the ball in the hole most frequently with the fewest attempts.


Best of Luck finding the putter that speaks to your game.

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have a scotty newport 1.5, nice piece but hard to play.


today I'd rather test a more easy face, like with an insert or such.

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