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Re: Left handed playing right hand golf

i have no problems. i started playing golf because i use to be a caddy at a private golf course and they gave the caddies free used golf clubs, with bags, balls, etc...
i was left handed, and hated golf passionately. i was all about basketball. i shoot basketballs, throw, bowl, write, bat left handed, but comes to golf i play right handed. i have no problems.
the 1st clubs i have ever swung were left handed clubs. so i got used to that and only that. so i had no problems playing the game of golf.
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Re: Left handed playing right hand golf

It is interesting that Mickleson is a righty that plays golf lefty. Supposedly this started as he "mirrored" his dad's swing on the range as a youngster.
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I'm a lefty all the way, writing, throwing, kicking, you name it. - but i play golf right. On a good day, i can drive 250+ metres, straight down the fairway. Stick to what you're comfortable with. I learnt to play rightie, and have never looked back since.


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I am naturally left handed when I write, throw, and shoot a basketball. However, I am right eye dominant, and when I bat, shoot a shotgun, or golf I use my right hand. Weird.


I have noticed that since my left arm is the strongest, I hit the golf ball farther than most of my peers, and even some younger players. I also tend to hook the ball, rather than slice.


The drill that works best for me to keep the ball straight....is to put a bottle behind the clubhead at address, and push it straight back during the backswing, keeps the clubhead parallel and low to the ground, and uses your arms and shoulders, not your hands. See Golf Magazine October 2013, The Fix-IT Issue....thanks, Krista Dunton!



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I am a lefty playing right but sometimes pull left

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I am left handed

Played baseball most of my life as a righty because as a kid in a small town it was nearly impossible to find a glove for a lefty


I play golf right handed but putt left handed (tried both ways but much better putter as a lefty)

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I play with a guy who is a full-blown righty and swings righty, but he putts lefty which I find to be very strange. He's an excellent putter too. I don't know what made him develop this strategy, but it definitely works for him.

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I am ambidextrous (at golf anyway and I throw left handed and write right handed) and play right handed.  So I really don't know my "handedness" as do different things from different sides, just screwed up I guess.  But I am left eye dominant.  I tried playing left handed for a few years but just wasn't making any progress so switched over to the other side.  I seem more comfortable this way and in my hay day clubs were surely easier to procure.  So I guess I'd recommend you play from the side you're most comfortable with.

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