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Re: Interlocking Grip

I'm a beginner. About 10 years ago I took a class and was taught the interlocking grip. It felt ok at the time. This time around I have tried the overlapping grip. I may go back to the interlock. It felt more natural to me, and that is the key...what is natural for you the individual.
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Re: Interlocking Grip

I use the interlock grip because it feels the most comfortable.

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Re: Interlocking Grip

im going to change to interlocking :)
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I have a question about the interlock grip. I have been using it since I started playing. Recently I made a change to have a stronger left hand on the club. My question is since I am a righty my thumb on my left hand when making it my grip stronger feels weird under my right hand. I started taking the thumb and putting it under my right hand against the side of it. I started hitting more fades and less push slices. Is this a bad fix or is this an actual golf grip.
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I use an interlocking grip, have since I started long ago. 


Jman..I'm a righty too. My left hand shows 2 knuckles, my right hand sits on top of my left, i.e. my right thumb, sits directly on top of my left thumb, so the V's point up at my right shoulder. This manner of position makes it so that both hands are on the sides of the grip, and not one that over, or under the grip. I find that if I make a good swing, this grip produces a fairly straight ball, or a slight draw with short to mid irons.


When I use to use a stronger grip, I tended to turn my hands to the right, producing a wild slice, or if I did turn them over, I usually hit a bad draw, or hook, especially with driver. The way I explained above may take some getting use to, but it works well for me, might give it a try. BTW, I learned it from Martin Hall on the GC. 

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