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There is this one hole on my home course where the tee is kind of elevated on top of a hill, and you can clearly see the entire fairway. Three times recently, when my tee shot has hit the middle of the fairway, I have walked down to the fairway unable to find my ball. My playing partners have been just as confused as me, as we all saw the ball land and roll a bit(not getting plugged). We have discussed the possibilities of birds picking up the ball as we walk down from the tee(long walk around the hill, unable to see the fairway), kids pranking us and so on but it seems too unlikely. Only happened to MY shots, three times, same hole. I must have pissed off the golf gods, or we all need glasses?b2_tongue.gif
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This year I saw a red-tailed hawk sitting on top of the flag on the 10th green at Oakmont Country Club.  The hawk did not fly away until we were almost on the green.  To a caddie in the group I said, "Hey Bob, this hawk got more pins today than you did."  Pretty funny.

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A few months back I played Crandon Golf Club on Key Biscayne. As I drove down the cart path on the first hole I encountered this -


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This is my favorite.

I was playing a match with a guy who has to give me a couple of strokes. He plays some mini tour events on weekends and I'm playing him again this Monday in league. One of the holes was a 220 yard par 3. He hit a 6 iron pin high about 20 feet from the pin. I pull my 3 iron into a tree about 50 yards off the tee. The ball ricochets and hits a house and lands just in bounds about a foot from a brick fence. I'm lying a deep rough only about 30 yards from the tee box. I take an abbreviated swing and hack the ball into the same stand of trees. It's laying on bare ground among the roots about 100 yards from the tee box. I'm half way there in two, already hitting at least 2 trees, a house, a fence and almost OB lying in some roots. I punch a 5 iron, but too hard and it flies over the green about 30 yards into some deep rough. My opponent is laughing. This has taken me at least 10-15 minutes to play these shots while he's waiting on the green to putt, so he hits his putt to about 2 feet from the pin. I then blast a SW onto the green and into the hole for a 4. His next putt does a 360 out. The look on his face was priceless, because he just realized he had to give me a stroke on that hole and I won it. a3_biggrin.gif
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Had a match at our local club and during the course of the round I hit three trees with the result being three balls OB.


On the other hand my opponent hit multiple trees with much different results. The first dropped straight down, but he still hit the green in regulation with his approach and made par. His second ended up in the middle of the fairway, while mine was OB. (He played the rest of the hole conservatively and won the hole with a bogie.) The third hit a tree, went straight through, and allowed him a clear shot to the green for his next shot, (but my par beat his bogie, as he could not get up and down after an approach that missed the green). The fourth ended up on the green, two- putts later and a par. The fifth went though a number of tree limbs, hit the fairway, another par.


To be fair, there were two holes that he hit trees, had to chip out and made bogies. (I won both holes with a pars.)


Fortunately for me, I had 6 one-putt greens on the back nine and won the match 2 and 1.

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