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got mine today!  3 weeks short of a year playing the game. sunk a 6 footer after sticking my second shot on the par 4 1st at happy valley golf course in Wilson nc.  it was the start of even better things for me as a I went on to break 100 for the first time shooting 97.  I played the whole round with that ball so he's definitely getting to retire after today!  srixon ad-333, gotta love it!

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Made my first birdie today. Hole #2 at Mountain Vista Greens, playing from the forward tees, 276 yards to the pin. I couldn't drive all day to save my life. I end up hitting it 155 yards, and pulled it hard left cutting into the dogleg. Trees between me and the pin, but I hit a great eight iron shot over and stuck to the green about 20 feet from the hole.


I read the lie walking up--figured the ball would break to the right. I line it up, and it went straight in for the birdie.


Interestingly enough, I have spent all of my time the last three weeks practicing my irons and putting--today, my iron work and putting was great. I just couldn't hit my woods or hybrid at all. The birdie made up for a lot.

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Got mine last night (been playing since May).  Par 3, 105 yards from the yellow tees.  There's heavy woods along the length of the hole, and a small stream, full of cattails.  If I don't slice into the woods, I'll hit a line-drive into the cattails.  I usually lose 2-3 balls on this hole.

Last night was a painfully slow round (2 and a half hours to get through 9!) so I had plenty of time on the tee to take practice swings.  I hit an 8-iron and left it about 4 feet off the green, 15-20 ft to the cup. I debated for a while whether to chip or putt and finally decided to chip.. and made it!  Which made it both my first birdie and my first chip-in. 


Ironically, I was playing so poorly (even for me) to that point that while waiting on that tee I sent a friend a text message inspired by Happy Gilmore: "Golf requires goofy pants and a fat ass... I have neither and therefore suck."


Before anyone gets upset at my farting around on the tee, as I mentioned, it was a very slow round. What I didn't mention before was that I was the last in the long, slow procession.  No one was behind me the entire round; if there had been anyone there I would not have been sending texts, taking pictures, etc.

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First year playing golf. Hit a good drive, skulled the 2nd shot but only went to the back fringe. Had about a 60 foot putt with a lot of break and made it. Definitely will never forget that putt.

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I think...and it's a big "think" because it's been a while, but I believe it was a par 3 at Bunker Hill.


Hit my tee shot to a severely sloped green about 50 feet away. Just took a whack and it happened to go in the hole for birdie. 


Some people might call it luck, I like to call it...well luck I guess, so what?

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I made my first birdie on the very first hole I ever played on a very short par 3 course in Burnsville, MN. I was with my mother and father in law who are really into golf and I didn't even know what club to use. I think I grabbed an 8 iron and stuck it like 4 feet from the pin. I thought "hey, this is pretty damn easy, I'll just do that every time." Then I preceded to double bogey everything. The look on the in laws faces were priceless though.  

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My first birdie happened when I really didnt take the game too seriously, over 10 years ago now. I was playing a course called Mount Oswald just on the fringes of Durham City, it was a breezy day, and on the 15th hole (252 yards) par 4, wind coming from behind me, I hit a scorcher from the tee box, watched it soar straight and true and roll up onto the green.


From the tee box, it looked close to the pin, but, when I got up there, I was miles away, had a look, putted right up to the hole, tapped it in for a birdie!


I was stoked! :D


Had a few since, and they always feel nice, the best one I ever did was actually a few weeks ago on my course, on the par 5 12th, S.I. 1, basically, its a terror everyone that plays it comes off shattered. On the day, there was a massive cross wind, I put my driver away long before that hole, but, tee'd off with my 4I, then second shot up and over the hill with another 4I, ball drifted left into the heather, I was lucky not to end up in a line of whinnys, I played out of the heather by snapping my wrists early, angle of attack was steep, the ball popped out and landed about a metre from the hole... Putted it in for a birdie! Happiest putt ever that, and was worth the wind burn! :D



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My first birdie ever was a bladed sand shot that hit the pin and fell in. If it hadn't hit the pin I doubt it would have stayed on the green. I was probably 18 or 19 and only golfed for a few months. I dropped my club and started jumping around and hollaring. It was funny.

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I just started playing golf around May of this year. l
have been shooting in low 90's, Never making a birdie. played in my third weekly tournament. Made 2 birdies today on par 4's. Shot 92, now I need to work on my course management to break 90 !
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I'm sorry but I have no memory of my first birdie but it probably was on a par three. . . I guess. This was probably only 35 years ago.

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My first birdie was on a 300 yard par four. I had played golf a few times and had already made a lucky eagle the first time I ever played golf but after that I hit as many tee shots out of the county as somewhere in play.


A week or two later, in the round where I made my first birdie, I hit a tee shot on a drivable par 4 and I didn't know where it went so I started walking toward the green and hoping maybe I could find it. Some guys on a nearby tee box said "Good shot". I asked them where it went and they pointed at the green and it was about an inch short of the hole. 


That made me think I was starting to like golf and I made a birdie two holes later on another short par four.


Funny thing is that I haven't made an eagle now in a couple of months and haven't even made very many birdies lately.

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Mine was many years ago on a 185 yd par 3, stuck a 5i within 10" of the pin..

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I wish I could remember mine!   I have absolutely no memory of mine............ I do remember some firsts, but not the first birdie.

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High school golf team 10th grade, 1st hole 295 par 4, bladed 7 iron from fringe onto green it bounced and skipped into bottom of cup. Course: Kielbasa Links, nickname by my dad because Polish owner.
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I was on vacation up in Niagra Falls a couple months ago, I decided to wake up early and head over to a close by John Daly course.  It was a par 5, I hit a pretty good drive off the tee, hit my second shot up the fairway and chipped on to the green with about 10 ft left.  I had only been playing for about 3-4 months at that point but I was pretty confident in my putting, such a good feeling seeing it go in.  I ended up shooting pretty terrible the rest of the round but I still have that ball.

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First birdie on a regulation course was yesterday. Hole 17 San Dimas Canyon, but it's only a 461 yard par 5 (really narrow, though).


Should have made another one today at Santa Anita on hole 13 a 510 yard par 5, but I messed up the 20 yard chip on and it rolled off. At least I parred it this time.

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First birdie today after about 3 months of playing. 150m (165yd), par 3, 6th hole. Put a 7 iron off the tee about 1m (3 feet) right of the hole. Tapped in for birdie! a3_biggrin.gif (Nerves were killing me!)
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Originally Posted by BuckeyeNut View Post

I wish I could remember mine!   I have absolutely no memory of mine............ I do remember some firsts, but not the first birdie.

I'm with you there, it's not that I had so many that I can't remember it's just it probably was over 30 years ago is all, I'm sure it was probably a par 3:doh:

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