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Zen golf is a great introduction to Zen philosophy, especially for the golfer.  Good mental game book. Zen Golf and Fearless Golf by Gio Valiente (works with Villegas and others) are a must for serious golfers in my opinion.  Rotella seems like a hack to me.  His books seem amateurish.  


My Humble,


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Hello Golfers,

I LOVE the Zen series.
They focus on the mental part of the game with a very simple way to teach them.
He used oriental terms like the gurus from India, I love those metaphorical teachings!

A must read!

Have an amazing Golf Weekend!
Jorge Gomez
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Big fan of Zen Golf here.  It actually inspired me to start studying Zen and its really changed my life.

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The books were a BIG change of pace for me and my game. His teachings are a little repetitive, but it hits home if you actually PRACTICE mindful awareness. 


It has helped me calm down during every facet (putting, driving, out of trouble), and it has streamlined my emotions during my day-to-day life. 

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Just finished reading this book. I really enjoyed the analogy of signing your name, and then tracing it again. 


Great read for anybody looking to cut down the mental chatter. Just gave it to a friend of mine to read.

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Hey guys, here is a quick shot of awesome-ness.


Dr. Joe Parent is giving his book away in a contest here (kinda cool that he signs it too): 




Hope this helps so you don't have to pay for his new book.



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This book has done AMAZING things for my game.

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Hi everyone!


What parts of the book has been the most use-/helpful to your game?


- Weibel

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Originally Posted by golfbarefoot View Post

I listened to this audiobook on my iPhone a while back and I actually like it. Nothing magic right? but he and Rotella are clever and really have a way of exploiting positive mental angles that really help you relax and think.



Originally Posted by HSip View Post
Parent and Rotella are both adament about this. A big part of their message is either be positive or blank but not, at all costs, negative. It's something we all struggle with even the pros. Visualizing a positive outcome as opposed to "don't hit it over there" is so important.



Exactly. Visualizing is key to confidence and the more confidence you have, the less you think about technical aspects that get in the way on the links.  Like Fred Couples told Rotella at Augusta.. saying he simply tries to visualize the best shot he ever hit with that particular club he has selected and is about to use...

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