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Re: Wilson Staff Gooseneck

Originally Posted by immts007 View Post
I found a set (sw-3i) yesterday on craiglist for $35 (including a bag, bagboy and 2 putters), went over to the guy's house after work and bought them. I had two thoughts: I would be nice to have an extra set of clubs for out of town guests, and I thought practicing and occasionally playing with them might improve my ball-striking in general.

I can find almost zero information on these online - they are a bit of a mystery. They are NOT the FG-53. I've found a few on ebay and surprising they seem to go for a pretty high prices, individually and as sets.

Anyway, I can't find any reviews and Wilson seems to deny their existence. Can anyone fill in the blanks? Basically are these good clubs? The grips are in shitty condition and I wonder if its worth regripping the clubs and shafts themselves seem in very good condition.

I have three sets of Goose-Necks. Yours are made 1989 or earlier. The FG-53's were '90-'91. The earlier one's have minimal offset, where the FG-53's have none. The FG-53's also have a slightly more narrow chanel groove, distributing the weight a tad more toward the bottom, and the channel was no longer chromed.
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Re: Wilson Staff Gooseneck

I had a set of new goosenecks I bought in 92. As mentioned it was the rage back then for cavity back forged iron blades. Sort of a step up for the golfer who's game was almost good enough to move on to blades. For those of us that had no chose but muscle back blades when we first learned the game, the cavity back cast Pings were a God send. Half the folks playing golf today might not be playing at all if we still had only blades. With blades there was zero tolerance on a shot that missed a very small sweet spot. Goosenecks were the unconventional looking of the forged cavity backs, hogan's Edge were very popular. But the Goosenecks really were the most forgiving of he lot and they were the easiest to get up in the air instead of the worm burners the other designs produced. I think the reason they launched so well was that most of the mass and weight of the club was at or under the equator of the ball. Same theory used today for game improvement irons. I had my goosenecks stolen just a few years back, I used them every now and then just for the rewarding feeling of a good swing. I always used Wilson Staff Golf Ball and still have a couple boxes of WS wound balls. There is no better feeling in golf then hitting a wound ball right on the sweet spot of a forged blade, and there is no worst feeling than missing that sweet spot.
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I also have a set, 4 thru the PW and would like more info on the goose necks. I have a set of the Fi5 irons and love the feel they produce. while I'm still a double digit HCP 12 they are easy enough to hit. got the goosenecks 6 thru PW for 25 then added the 4,5 for $5 each.

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Still want info on the Goosenecks?  I can't seem to upload pics from the 1989 Wilson catalog... it just stalls but if you contact me I'll send you the 1989 catalog information that looks really similar to yours.  When I click on the add image it just stalls...


Trivia...??  My dad and Stan Makita designed this line.  My dad worked for Wilson's until about 1987 and hand made clubs for the pros, celebs, etc., and was in R&D.  Friends with Stan, he thought this like should be brought back (from something else I think... I can't remember the story)... so they designed it from scratch (hunks of iron) to their specs and it was a hit!  Of course, Dad was the worker bee so he never got credit...  


But I do have some of these... guess I need to get them out on eBay!

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Hey Big Red,

I fully agree.  I had a set of Haig Ultra's growing up and I love my Wilson FG 53.  They made two versions of the this idea.  One just has the Term "Gooseneck" on it. The other had the FG 53 and the back of the club is slightly different in that it is a true channel back club.  The MOI of the 53 is low in the clubhead and when struck correctly they feel like a million dollars... truly as good as any club I have felt.  I don't find them particularly forgiving but when I am swinging well they are pure joy and the distance consistency is amazing.  They are a fine forged iron for the player who wants to shape his shots and have good control over his distances...  I doubt I will play with cast clubs again just because of the feeling I get 2 or 3 times a round where the ball feels like it is a part of me...

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