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I love the game of golf because its more about overcoming obstacles than any other game you'll ever play. There a good shots. Then there are bad shots (which seems to be the case most of the time). And there are moments when your by yourself on a fairway and you feel the wind blow against your body and you look up to the the course and see nothing but the beauty of nature. And then there are moments when you watch a 60 year old man nearly when a major championship against men in there 20's and 30's and you remember that golf is a game of life. That's why I love golf.

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When I first started playing 24 years ago, I was in the oilfield. It was an awesome, quiet, peaceful place compared to the daily grind.. There were no phones, alarms,deadlines, or safety meetings. I then fell in love with the game. I was always a really good athlete and thought that golf would be easy like all other sports....wrong!!! The constant challenge of the game is what keeps bringing me back to the range and course.The fun bets with friends, playing different courses in the Houston area, and ,oh yeah, happy hour with the buds after.

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Because the game is so hard and rewarding at the same time. Painful day in the course can lift you in to the heaven after just one good hole. I also love practicing or walking fast 9 holes outside in the sunshine after office hours.

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Originally Posted by gosly View Post

The feeling of a great shot is just too addictive.  Every rocket drive, every great approach, every smooth up and down, every ten foot putt.  I just need one more hit!

Couldn't agree more, and probably what keeps most hackers like myself playing.

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It's a game for life.

It beats working.

No matter how well or how badly I play there's always one shot that will bring me back again.

Getting away from the problems that life brings and forgetting about them for a while.

A couple of hours at the range and I think that I can solve all of the world's problems except those in my golf swing.

Thinking about golf when I'm not golfing.

Being outdoors, regardless of the weather.

There's nothing like the sound of a perfectly struck ball or the ball dropping into the cup.

Peace and quiet.

Time with friends and the ability to make new ones in the game.

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10. Gives me a chance to figure it out

  9. Gives me a chance to figure it out

  8. Gives me a chance to figure it out

  7. Gives me a chance to figure it out

  6. Gives me a chance to figure it out

  5. Gives me a chance to figure it out

  4. Gives me a chance to figure it out

  3. Gives me a chance to figure it out

  2. Gives me a chance to figure it out

  1. Then hit it stiff thus figuring it out- and then life is good

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Because golf doesn't love me and I always seek the unattainable, unrequited love. It's a tragic romance.b2_tongue.gif

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Originally Posted by boogielicious View Post

  1. It is a life sport, young and old can play.
  2. You don't have to be 6'5", 270 and run the 40 in 4.7 seconds to be good at it.
  3. Each shot is a new challenge.
  4. The adrenaline rush of a pure hit shot.
  5. Beautiful landscaped courses.
  6. Playing with close friends and my wife.
  7. Meeting new people who love the same game.
  8. The constant challenge of improving your game.
  9. That 45 yard pitch shot that went in even though you couldn't see the hole.  You find out because your friends are hooting!
  10. Watching the ball fly and slowing curve to land exactly where you wanted it.

6. Playing with close friends WITHOUT my wife!e2_whistling.gif

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10. Takes me back to my youth and the summers that I caddied

9. Nothing better than a cold brew after playing well and winning a few bucks & brews from my buddies

8. To get outside for a good walk - n/a if riding in a cart

7. Something to share with my kids/nephews & nieces (hoping that years from now they can write No. 1)

6. A reason to vacation in Monterrey or the Sand Hills or other places

5. To be able to compete with friends and others, even as we get older

4. The challenge of getting it "right" - still looking for that first ace {sad face}

3. The adventure in playing a course you've never played & the nostalgia of those you have

2. A chance to spend 4-6 quality hours with friends (including clubhouse/bar time)

1. Because it brings me back to when I played with my Dad & Uncles - personal history

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Originally Posted by MS256 View Post

10. I love to hit things and hit things hard (sounds stupid but it's true). Baseball, softball, boxing and now golf.

9. I love being outdoors and have probably spent much more of my life outdoors than indoors. (I could live in the woods or on the lakes).

8. I love competition. No matter if it's anything from a football game to tiddlywinks to seeing who can throw a rock the farthest I want to win.

7. I like passing my time practicing things most people would consider boring and repetitive. (Used to hit BBs with a broom handle for hours).

6. I like the challenge of meeting a goal I set for myself that nobody else thinks I can achieve.

5. For some strange reason I was good at golf from day one and could beat people that had been playing a long time.

4. I enjoy being around the guys at the course. In general golfers are top notch human beings.

3. My time spent during a round of golf is completely focused on the game and any other problems don't exist for a few hours.

2. I'm getting a little old to play basketball or softball very well and needed something to fill that void.

1. Without question (not even a close race for number one) is spending time with my son doing something we both enjoy.  

As fun as it is to play with my buddies, I almost enjoy meeting new people by playing as a single. I have made a few great friendships on the course with like-minded people... It truly takes a special kind of person to play golf, and unless they are a bunch of raging alcoholics or complete hacks taking mulligans every hole, it is always fun to play with new faces

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Originally Posted by cooke119 View Post

6. Playing with close friends WITHOUT my wife!e2_whistling.gif

Im going to have to agree here except preplace wife with significant other, since im not married. Golf is supposed to be an escape, you can't let your wife/girlfriend in on EVERY little thing you do :)

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Originally Posted by cooke119 View Post

6. Playing with close friends WITHOUT my wife!e2_whistling.gif
Lol! I gotta agree. My wife and I do a lot of stuff together but I gotta admit that i love having that one thing that strictly belongs to me.
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You guys are missing out ... some of my best times with my wife are on the golf course.       She's as avid about it as I am & our friday night date night is usually on the golf course !!   Gotta admit, it's tough to take when she outdrives me from the ladies tee though d2_doh.gif

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The feel of and sound of a perfectly struck shot, the idea that everyday could be your new best day.
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Its the hardest game currently available to man. Getting par is a rush, getting a birdy is a high, getting an eagle is perfection. Shot 4 birdies in a row yesterday, will always remember it. Good golf is an addiction. Ha but worth every dollar and every minute of practice I think.
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