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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

1. Stay in the moment. Try the one shot at a time approach, and don't tilt because of a bad shot on the previous hole(s).

2. Maintain the intensity. Try to match my back 9 score to my front 9 score. This means avoiding the inevitable fatigue that causes my swing to fall apart.

3. Work on lag putts. Don't get complacent with the lag putts. Make sure to work hard on them and get them within 3 feet of the hole (minimum).
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

Work on my iron and short game alot more.
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

I just started playing again back int the fall.
My goals for 2009 are:
1. Shoot in the 80's (Broke 90 1 time 10 years ago)
2. Join a course
3. Consistant practice 150yds and less
4. Don't hit the ball so hard
5. Leave driver in the bag most of the time

I believe if i do 2,3,4 and 5 then number 1 will be automatic
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

I would like to drop below a two this year. Finish in the top half of the state ametuer tournament this year. (I failed to even quailify last year) I think in order to do that i need to improve on several things.

1. Made good fundementals a habit. I very have a bad habit of getting sloppy with my grip, alignment, and posture. That needs to stop.

2. Take advantage of the par 5's. I make way to many pars and bogeys on par 5s. Whether it be thinking my way through the hole better, or getting more consistant with my wedges, i need to make more birdies on the 5's.

3. Get a range finder and start mapping the courses i play regulary. I guess, and often guess wrong on my iron distances, leaving me to have to scramble for pars from reasonably good swings.

4. Practice less, play more. Im a range rat, but there are no downhill/sidehill lies on a range. I need to put my self in more golfing situations rather than the perfect ones at the range. But when im practicing i do need to stress those fundementals more.
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

1. Implement a training regime, which is:
Monday: short game work 1.5 hrs - work on 50 yards and in
Tuesday: lesson or indoor simulator, minimum 1 hr work on approach shots, 51-150 yds
Wednesday: Short game work 1.5 hrs focus on putting
Thursday: if I took a lesson tuesday, indoor simulator for minimum 1 hr. If I didn't take a lesson, either lesson or simulator, work on driving and long shots
Friday: Relax, hit into net
Saturday: Driving Range, sand play, putting, then 9/18 holes
Sunday: If I didnt play saturday, play today
Also: Alternate every other day between Isometric training (Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday) and Bench Presses (Tuesday Thursday Saturday)

2. Get 80% of shots from 50-150 yards within 20 feet of pin - losing a lot of strokes here. everything not within 20 feet should still be on green or JUST off.

3. 80% of shots within 50 yards within 10 feet of pin. This should save LOTS of strokes.

4. Putting - from 20 ft, 2/5 in hole and the rest within 3 feet, from 10 feet 3/5 in hole, rest within 3 ft, from 5 feet everything in hole.

5. Tournaments - break 90 to qualify for WJGA tournaments in June.

6. Make the JV team as a freshman

7. Hdcp - Get down below a 15 hdcp

8. Distance - incrase all clubs by minimun 20 yds - 5 iron 170, driver 215ish, etc.

wow that's a lot...
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

My goals are pretty much mind oriented this year, nothing technically oriented. My head cost me a whole bunch of strokes and enjoyment last year, so I'm making sure it doesn't this year.

1. Play confidently, no matter how well I'm playing.

2. Develop a more meticulous pre-shot routine, and use it before every shot, be it on the course or on the range.

3. Be 100% committed to each and every shot.

4. Make the high School Golf Team

5. Win one NTPGA event
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

After a wee break from playing for a few months, I went home for Christmas and had a few games and played quite well. So hope to continue my recent latter 2008 form into 09.

-Sort out my Drives - at Christmas, from the few games that I played, I seemed to be hitting them quite sweet, so focus on hitting good drives, aiming for at least 10 out of 18 fairways on a regular round.

-Short Game - continue to work on the short game, the 50-80 yards from the green, I want to be getting on that green from there. I want to be consistent from this area.

-Putting - commit to every putt, don't flap around it or fear of hitting it too short/powerful/little, look at the breaks and go for it. No dillydallying.

-Handicap - having only started in June 07, and only playing summer golf. I'm delighted at my current handicap but I feel with more practise(another goal) that I can get it down further, but practise, practise and practise to do this.
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

I am currently working on improving my ball striking. I'm going to the range at least 3 days a week and hitting an average of 70 balls per session. I am concentrating on my short and mid irons, with about 70% of my time PW-7I and the other 30% on longer irons, my one hybrid and just 3 or 4 driver swings. My driver is typically straight and long enough, it is GIR's that have been hurting me.
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

get my game to at least how good it once was including short game it left if i had my 56 in my hand it would always be within 5 feet now its on the green half the time :( thats my biggest goal.....
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

My goals are a little less ambitious than last year; we're expecting our first child in March so I'm assuming I have two months of uninterrupted golf left. In those two months I want to play to my potential a couple of times, so I just want to shoot under 85 again, been too long. After March I just want to remind myself to enjoy the precious opportunities I'll get to play.
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

break 80
keep improving my short game
hit more fairways (my biggest problem!)
Avg under 30 putts per round
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

Lose weight
Walk instead of ride
Get to a single digit handicap
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

* More focused Practice Routine
* Work on "On Course" attitude - Maintain constant positive confidence in next shot while remaining focused (not down because of a bad shot or cocky because of a good one). If disappointment is shown at all it should be quite and composed.
* Every round shooting for NO 3 putts
* Break 90 on consistent basis
* Break 80 at least once
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

Well I would have to say my goals for the year would be to break 80 and get that first eagel in the bag! Yea that would work!
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

Of my 2008 Goals, the only one(s) I accomplished was Playing Often (easy), Break 80/40 more often (which I still had my blow up rounds cancelling any chance to break into single digits), and less 3 putts (getting to the green was a little tougher last season I guess.

2009 Goals:
  • Break par a few times - accomplished on one 9 last season (shot 51 on the front and 35 on the back
  • Single digit handicap - looking at 8 for my number
  • Range visits - started last season pretty good with this....then stopped
  • Practice with a purpose - play solo rounds (easy to do at my course) and practice shots into the green, nail my yardages down
  • Enjoy every aspect of the game....including putting - I'm bad about putting....
  • Win both league championships
  • Play more nice courses - need to get around
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

Short game,Short game,Short game.

Putts-stop shaving the hole on that second putt so it drops,could save 6-8 strokes a round if this happens and that's a conservative estimate.

Chipping-Stan Utley has saved me,practiced his chipping method and it's clever much like a minature pitch rather than a putting action,could start getting close to the hole and reduce 3 putts.

Pitching-massive improvement here and I have lots of options,just feels natural and I can hit flop shots on command,great out of bunkers,just need to get closer to the hole from the 60-80 yard range.

I'm so close to putting all of my game together and by the summer should be 5-10 strokes better putting me in the 90-95 range
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

chipping and putting needs alot of work but mostly i just want to play more than i did last year.
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Re: Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

-Lower Handicap to single digits.
-For the High School Team average around 42ish.
-Less 32 putts per round
-Play aggresive whatever the situation is.
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