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Re: ProV1's - Enough Already

Wow - just read the entire thread - lots of strong opinions out there.
My 2 cents:
The place I normally play has bent grass greens, and to keep them alive in the Memphis summer, they keep them wet, so extra spin generated by the Pro V1 is a little bit of a waste. Even a cheap ball makes a monster divot and does not go far. Really cheap balls are lousy to chip and putt with, but the mid-range balls like the DT-solo, NXT and Nike super soft are great. If I was buying balls though, I would buy the new TopFlite D2, they seem like a good compromise. (I don't buy balls - I play what I find - we have a lot of nasty ditches on our course - I am playing Bridgestones now and they play fine)
The only place I have found that a Prov1 helps is on a course with bermuda greens, they are generally rock hard and every little bit helps.
I am not a particulary good golfer, have no official handicap, but generally shoot in the mid/high 80s. Even if the Prov1 would shave strokes off my game, I would not buy them, it just hurts my feelings to pay that much for a ball (cuts down on money I can spend on beer, heh, heh, heh)
The only Prov1 balls I play are the one I find, and only when the greens require it.
A man has to know his limitations..................
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I've been back and forth between pro v1's and Bridgestone balls, about $20 diff, I have a bunch of kids and not a ton of $$$ to piss away. I love prov1's for the spin rate, and I hate them just as much when that same spin hurts me. Main diff I've seen is 1) a bad shot (hook/slice) w/ pro v1 off tee= lost ball, whereas Bridgestone e6 will still be playable off your drive.... 2) I can stop my prov1's and hold the greens with ease , versus Bridgestone e6's which I just have to figure in the roll. I score well with both balls, but had my best round w/ Bridgestone ball
It comes down to which ball you will be able to score better w/ from 100 yards and in, for this reason I play the prov1's, since I have had a few lessons and fitted clubs I've been able to hit the ball better which is why I'm back w/ prov1's, but I don't buy them. Christmas and bday or free ones, because no matter how good you are titleist prov1's do scuff quickly after so many rounds. Good luck with whatever ball you choose. Hit em' straight and have fun!!!
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Taylor Made TP 3's right now at $22/doz at Golfsmith.  If your handicap is like mine, you won't know the difference from a proV, you might even like it better.

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Are they a low spin ball like the Bridgestone e6's, I may try them again. Played my best rounds with those balls, they just don't hold the green as well with the longer irons
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If you can put that much JuJu on your shots from the mid iron range you may like the TP 5 better.  They are also on sale as TM tries to empty the shelves and make room for the Lethal, at a much higher price.

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I am not sure why anyone would care what another person plays?  Does someone using a Prov1 have anything to do with your game?  I wont even pick up a found ball that is not a Pro v1 and that is to include a Pro v1x.  I refuse to hit any other ball.  But that is my decision to make.  I work hard for my money and if I chose to pay for a Pro v1 why would you care.  I trust what a Pro v1 will do around the green and off the face of my putter.  Should I also not spend $350 on a Scotty Cameron?  But I did because they are the best in my opinion.  I am not looking down on someone who has a cheap putter or uses noodles.  I am a cop and I drive a Kia but I choose to have good gear and that is my choice.  

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Originally Posted by Jazzfan View Post

I am not sure why anyone would care what another person plays?  Does someone using a Prov1 have anything to do with your game? 



My thoughts exactly and not just about the ProV but also about another person's choice of the rest of their equipment and attire (as long as it meets the course rules) etc....    IMHO, too much time is spent criticizing other people's choices when those choices have absolutely ZERO affect on the person doing the criticizing.

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I play about whatever but would never pay Pro V1 prices unless I was close to "BEING PAID" to play golf.

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A rant asking why people prefer to the play the #1 ball in golf?

In my opinion, in today's world with all the advancements in technology there's not one piece of golf equipment, from various manufacturers that one could not argue they are the best in their category..

EXCEPT the Golf Ball. There's only one PROV1.. and then every other ball that claims to be "as good as" the benchmark...

Honestly, why care what others play with anyway... Tee up your own ball and worry more about scoring.. This goofy rant makes me laugh and reminds me of those hilarious nike commercials! I love those.
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As a hacker I can tell the difference from a prov1 to let's say a dt solo. I can't bring my self to buy them new as where the dt solos are 20$. I did just find 10 new prov1 yesterday at the course. It's good for a couple putts using the pro v1 when it sits with no roll out as the harder balls like to roll out 10ft further for me. Bridgestone e series is a close second. Im a hacker and have nike forged blades. You should hear the comments when people see them in my bag. Until I drop it from 160 within a couple feet. Then 2 putt. Lol
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When you start hitting the ball straight, that's when it's time for the Pro V1s. You need your approaches to stop to score consistently.
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I don't play ProV1s, but I find em quite often when I play.  I just toss em in my bag, with the intention of using them when I get a little better.


I went to college on a baseball scholarship.  I feel like if I were to pick up the game of baseball again, I would buy the very best equipment...because I have the requisite skillset to get the most out of that equipment.


The reason I play the Top Flite Gamer or the Nike Mojo is because my game isn't where it needs to be to justify a ProV1.  I can't spin the ball back (not intentionally anyway).  I don't shape my shots (not intentionally anyway).  I'm just happy to hit a straight drive.  Once I can play 18 holes, and not lose 4-8 balls, then I might consider upgrading.  Until then, I would rather throw a $5 bill into a cigar, or a stripper's bra rather than throw a $5 golf ball into a lake

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I am lucky to break 100. I can afford Pro Vs but can't justify them. When I buy balls, I buy the Top Flite Gamer and Gamer Tour balls. Great value for what I do.

I have about 5-6 dozen Pro V that I have "collected" this year. It's amazing how many find on a typical course. They are cleaned and waiting on me to become a better striker.

Thanks to all who made the Pro V the number 1 ball ... Found near lakes, trees, and OOBs.
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Agreed absolutely. Played a round yesterday, and hit a few errant drives. On the way over to my shots, I picked up two mint Pro V1s on different holes. They had the same logo and number, and they weren't THAT far off the fairway. Easily findable. I don't know who decided to abandon them, but kudos to them for giving me the opportunity to add them to the stockpile.
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