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Drink of choice on the course? - Page 6

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water or bloody mary or dr pepper


depending on what the social situation or type of golf or time of day, etc etc etc

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only ever water. Anything else makes my water bottle all sticky and then it has a lingering taste for a week or two

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You guys that don't have one already should definitely purchase a Camelbak Eddy, insulated bottle. Trust me, you will not regret it!

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Powerade or Gatorade. Quit drinking about 2 years ago. Never had a problem with alcohol but the older I got, the worse my hangovers got, to the point where they lasted almost 3 days. Even if I had only 5 or 6 beers, my hangover would be atrocious. It got to the point where it wasn't even worth it to drink at all anymore.

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Water or once in a great while Powerade.  Can't do booze or beer out on the course, get too dehydrated, especially in summer.  Drink afterwards though!!!!

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In winter I make Coffee laced with disaronno!
(Ya gotta try it!)
In summer any old fruit cordial! And lots of it as I walk!
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Water bottle of Crystal Light Energy - Grape.

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Arnold Palmer.
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I like Arnold Palmers too

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Water on the front nine, and sports drink - Gatorade or Powerade - on the back nine. Sports drink replaces electrolytes so I don't cramp up. (Sorry, but eating a banana in the hot sun upsets my stomach).

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1 bottle of water

4 beers if playing 9 - will play to 9, then one for the ride home (on course). 

6 beers if playing 18


Trying to capture the 3-4 beer buzz the entire round.


Football season, will bring a 12 pack and listen to pregame on radio


Golfed a few times with a box of wine, interesting effects.

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Walking...couple of Yuengling's in the bag, I can fit 10 in the long clothes pocket on the side, heavy though, (10 for 10bucks at Kroger)

Riding. See above but add some Soju

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I really like Nuun.

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The tear of my competitors, mmm delicious.


My tears are a little sour and too bitter for my liking.

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Orange G2 and water.

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Water with a squeeze of lemon in my reusable bottle.

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Usually I'll drink Gatorade or Water. If I'm not keeping score, it's a bachelor party or playing in a scramble, I'll drink a light beer. If I get tipsy in the slightest, my game goes to shit.

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