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Tennis elbow?

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Although I do not play tennis, I developed tennis elbow from repetitive motion at work. It has worsened with golf. I have tried the braces you put in the upper forearm with very little relief. I just ordered a brace that you can put ice or heat over the outer elbow. I have cut back on playing and practicing. Someone suggested a steroid injection.

Any experiences or suggestions?
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Re: Tennis elbow?

This injection is relatively safe and straight forward. One possible side effect is a little hypopigmentation at the injection site http://medgenmed.medscape.com/viewarticle/552797_print. Prior to injection, the physician will evaluate your symptoms and physical health, risks/potential benefits of the injection. There are a few contraindications to injection.

Any PM&R or ortho MD would be comfortable doing this. Most FPs would do it.
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Re: Tennis elbow?

I got tennis elbow from finishing our basement. Hours a day for 5 weeks swinging a hammer and a hammer-style stapler did me in. Mine would not go away so I went to the doctor and they gave me some anti-inflammatory and set me up with a short stint in PT. I think the PT is what did the trick for me. She did a deep, hard massage in the area at the end of every visit. She about put me on my knees, but she said she was breaking up scar tissue and getting it to heal.

I also wore one of the braces and I noticed a difference immediately (no pain when I did usually painful activities), but when I took it off it still hurt like hell.
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