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Re: Sunday Bags....WHY?

my sunday bag has 5 clubs... putter/pw/6i/4h/3w... perfect for a quick 9 mid week at the local exec course... only bummer i find is that it has no pockets for anything so balls an tees go into my pockets
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Re: Sunday Bags....WHY?

I have one that I keep around for when I walk the local par 3 course on occasion. But Ive also noticed that when I play courses that have real walking caddies (not forecaddies) they keep bags around that are little more than sunday bags for people that are inconsiderate and bring huge overloaded bags then expect the caddie to walk 18 with two of those on their shoulders.
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Re: Sunday Bags....WHY?

I bought a great Titleist Sunday bag and love it. The "why" for me is that I wanted to walk more, which I did once I bought the bag. It is really light, and typically, I'll selectively pull a few clubs out to make it lighter and make sure all the clubs are "comfortable" in the bag (it will hold them all, but don't see the need), which forces me to try different shots with different clubs. I still have another "light" bag that holds everything, but it is much more of a load to carry, and is exclusively relegated to cart duty. I would always rather walk and had gotten away from it for a few years, and like the challenge of playing with a "short" set of clubs.
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I've picked up a Sunday bag, just curious what you guys pack for clubs? It's just for my local par 3 course. The course can play long, up to 225 on a hole so the lowest loft club I keep is my 3 hybrid.
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I put all my clubs in it. I know this thread is ancient, but there is a small segment of golfers who live in big cities and sometimes use public transportation. Sunday bags are perfect for crowded subways and buses, yes they get crowded even on the weekends. Great for going through turnstiles, slinging on luggage racks, not looking too ridiculous side by side with casually dressed people.

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mine is a older ping hoofer with the stand. I can put all 14 clubs in it and a dozen or more balls in it and its wicked lite. for the rear occasion when I walk its perfect.

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