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I'm 6'3" barefoot with wrist floor meas 39.5", and inseam 37.5", I play my clubs 1"long and no lie correction, thats everything from SW to Driver.

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6'3.. i play only 1/2 inch long... and i play a 44.5" driver.. but my irons are 2 - 3 degrees upright.. wedges are 1 degree upright.

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irons are +2", 2 degrees upright

Wedges are +1.5", 1 degree upright.

Driver is standard length, but I believe Ping shafts are a little long anyway.

Recently had my putter lengthened to 36.5", and it pretty much immediately improved my putting.

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Here's one for you - I'm a newbie and got fitted this past Spring at +1/2" 2* up at Golf Galaxy by a guy who I'm sure didn't know what he was doing.  The fitting matched my static measurements.  He put impact tape on my club to confirm, but I had a relatively upright swing then.


BTW, I'm 6'4", 210lbs, 34yo.  My WTF when standing at attention (shoulders up and back) is 38.5" (the measurement I gave for the static fitting), but with relaxed shoulders is 36".  (I have really long arms).  How should this distance be measured?  We don't play golf with our shoulders pulled back, eh?


So with all that in mind, I've developed a more bent-over swing with the ball further out from my body, and now the toe of my club is clearly off the ground at address, implying I need to flatten them back out.  Ball flight is pretty decent though.


One note - the single biggest change I made for the better was putting Jumbo grips on my clubs.  (Winn Dri-Tac).  I have XL or XXL hands, but the fitting chart indicated midsize grips.  ...but when I held the midsize grips, my fingers dug into my palm.  Jumbo grips immediately cured the duck hook across both my irons and driver.


I'm playing a Callaway Hyper X 10* driver w/ stock 45.5" regular shaft.  My distances have gone way up recently as I'm figuring out how to get some power behind the ball.  I'm starting to fade pretty consistently - or slice... the hook is gone, and I'm beginning to wonder if it's time to get fit for a new shaft/driver, and if at my height I could game longer shafts.

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Originally Posted by Tax Man Golfeth View Post

...the toe of my club is clearly off the ground at address, implying I need to flatten them back out.  Ball flight is pretty decent though.
Having the toe up at address is normal. The club flexes down coming into impact. It's all about the club head at impact.
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I was hitting my irons off the toe or topping it. I'm 6'3" and went for a fitting. The pro pointed out that I was standing as close to the ball with my 6 iron as most people set up with a pitching wedge.  I like my irons and hybrids so opted to get my originals lengthened. For money reasons, i didn't want to have to shell out $ 900 on new clubs. They added 1" to my clubs....3 and 4 hybrids  19 and 22 degrees and my 5 to PW. i didn't tweak the angle and it made a huge difference on how I make contact with ball, as well as the accuracy. Your clubs do feel a little heavier at the top but after a couple of trips to the range, you adjust. Good luck

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I'm 6'3 and play Ping irons that were fitted for me. They are 2 upright and a 1/2 inch over standard. My 3 wedges are Vokey standard length.

I hit my irons alittle left so I think I should have gone with 1 degree upright.
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I'm 6'5" tall. Ping irons are +1/2" and 5 degrees up (maroon dot).

My next set will more likely be +1" long and 3 degrees up.
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I am 6'4" and got fired at Ping for +1" and 2° up or white dots.
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Fitted not fired, sorry.
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Originally Posted by Tower Of Power View Post

I think i am the worlds tall active golfer. I am 23 years old, 7 foot tall and 290 lbs with a club head speed that has been clocked upwards of 150 + mph, and am a +1 handie cap. Does anyone know of someone that is taller that is actively and playing golf or on a smi-pro or better level. Erik  "Tower Of Power".

I know Yao Ming plays golf regularly, but I don't think he's a low handicapper. He's 7'4".
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Originally Posted by sean_miller View Post

Isn't barefoot the normal way to measure one's height?

Unless you play golf barefoot, I would measure yourself with shoes on.
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I am 6'1 (6'2 with shoes on) and have a 34" WTF (Wrist-to-Floor) measurement, so I have very long arms. Fortunately, I lucked out in my "natural" stance and address and I am a perfect fit for Standard Length, Lie and Loft. I also use a 34" putter - though I may cut this down to 33" or 33.5" soon.

Sorry that I probably did not provide you with much help here.

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Hey guys,


I am new to the golf world and looking into buying my first set of clubs... I am 7 feet tall and it is looking like this may be a problem in purchasing clubs.. Any thoughts? It look likes +2" is for people who are 6'4 to 6'9 ... Should I buy clubs that are +2"? I'm looking to spend $200-300 on my first set of clubs or $100 on a driver just to see how I like it.


Any comments greatly appreciated.



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im 6'2 and play clubs +1/2" and 3 deg upright.  To be honest, the toe is off the ground a little at address. 

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I am 6'2-6'3 I play with my clubs 3/4 inch longer from 4-LW and the lie is bent 1.5 degrees down. The length of your club really depends on your arm length to the floor.  I wasn't aware until I got my new clubs fitted how big of a difference this made but now whenever I use a shorter Iron my shots go wayward.  Get fitted that should take care of all that.

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What do you guys think about this driver, just to practice on/learn on? Trying to find something solid, but relatively cheap (<$75). I would be getting the extra tall length (6'5 to 6'9)... I am 7 feet once again..



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If you can find it, search for a Nickent 4DX Evolver driver. This is a great driver to practice with in my opinion. You can also find one with an adjustable hosel which incorporates the Open, Neutral and Closed settings. These are older now and discontinued, but they were very popular and "ahead of their time" with the interchangeable shaft technology. I personally owned one and had no change in distance when I upgraded to the Cobra S3 Driver, or even when I tested the new Cobra AMP Cell. I actually gave mine to my father 2 years ago and he loves it and still uses it today.

You should easily be able to find one on eBay and probably at, or around, $50-75. Some of the listings I found also include multiple shafts for around $100.00.

Keep in mind that your height is not going to play that much into your driver's length. The longer the driver, the harder it is to control - regardless of your height. You should probably be using a driver that is anywhere from 44.5-45.5" in my opinion and figure out which shaft meets your swing's speed and style in terms of torque and flex (Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff).


As for the rest of your clubs (irons, wedges and putter), you will need to be fit for your stance/address and swing. Even if we shared the same Wrist-to-Floor, our setup can vary in every aspect and could result in me using Standard (which I am fit for) and you needing the loft, length and lie modified.

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