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Hm... So since it has an interchangeable hosel, would I still need to get an extra tall club or would I be able to get a "standard length" and be able to adjust?


As seen here: http://www.overstock.com/Sports-Toys/Nickent-Mens-Golf-4DX-Evolver-Driver/5937242/product.html?cid=202290&kid=9553000357392&track=pspla&ef_id=UPQGgwAARNpc22RJ:20130417142758:s

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Or this one, with the 45.5 inch length



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Whichever driver you decide to purchase, the length is going to be a standard which is going to be 45"-45.5". Many golfers prefer a driver that is 44.5"-45.5" though. The shorter the shaft, the easier the club is to control and the more fairways you will hit with a predictable ball flight (less spraying). The downfall to a shorter shaft is a distance loss, but typical losses from 45.5" to 44.5" are 10-20 yards depending on the person. Again, if you get a driver that is any longer, you will most likely not be able to control it and you will be making the driving part of your game much more difficult than necessary.


Do you know your swing speed with the driver yet? If not, you definitely need to have an idea before you make an 'off the shelf' purchase. The shaft and shaft flex in the driver you purchase is going to be one of the most important factors in determining your control and ball flight.


The two links that you provided are different as well. One is for a left-handed club (Stiff flex) and the other is for a right-handed club (Senior flex).


Also, keep in mind that you can pick up a used driver at your local golf shop (such as Golfsmith or Golf Galaxy) for right around the price you're looking for. Most of these drivers will also have modern technology in terms of interchangeable shaft and Open/Neutral/Closed face settings.

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I am 6 2 and my clubs are standard length because I have long arms. When I was getting fitted I tried longer but then started hooking everything and hitting off center. My lie is 2+ with 2 wraps under my gripa
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Dan. Go to Golftec or someplace similar and get fit. It all depends on your stance, posture, and most importantly the distance of your wrists to the floor (standard way they measure). Many tall folks with long arms can use standard clubs or ones just slightly over.
Take the time and get it right the first time. Do not let a non professional fit you.
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I just want to apologize in advance if what I think has been said over and over again, but I didn't have time to read all 95 previous responses.


I am in my early 30s and have played since I was 12 or 13, but more seriously in college.  I'm 6'5", big and athletic frame (not skinny like Keegan or Dustin Johnson).  When I got a custom fitting in college I was fitted at 1.5" inches over standard.  I have used those clubs while until this year (I was away from the game for about 4 years while living out of the country).  When I started playing again, I chopped the top have inch off in the beginning of the year and it made a huge difference in my ball striking consistency (not over night, but over the first half of the season when I got my accustomed to them).  I bought a new cheap set of irons to experiment with played those at .5" inch long and again my ball striking improved within a few weeks.  I don't think I could go any shorter.  It is all about control for me.


I know everyone's swing is different, but I think for most taller players we should be playing shorter irons than we think.  As tall guys we think we need bigger everything in life and our golf clubs are no different.  I remember getting my clubs made to 1.5" inches over standard gave me some satisfaction just knowing I could (I was young).  The other point I will make is even the taller pros don't play anything over an .5".  Els, Keegan, and Bob Tway play standard length and Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson use .5".  Just my thoughts and experience.

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I am 6' 4" and slender. For years I played 1 inch longer an 2 degrees upright. When I was fitted 10 years ago they did it 3/4 of an inch longer and 3 degrees upright. I feel this is comfortable and have re-ordered this ever since.

I agree with the comments about shorter drivers, better for control. All my woods are off the rack length. I should be using a slightly longer putter maybe, but again what I have is comfortable at 35 inches.
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