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Simulated 18

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Anyone ever play a round on a golf simulator? I'm stuck in the northeast buried in snow, and this is the best chance I have to take some full swings and see the results. How accurate are these things (just looking for personal opinions, not technical specs). I can't imagine that the putting can be too accurate. Is it worth it overall? Also, this might be my only chance to play St. Andrews or Pebble Beach
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Re: Simulated 18

Can't stand winter anymore, going to check one out tomorrow with my daughter, will report on the experience.
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Re: Simulated 18

I used one last week, but I was using a brand new driver, so I can't testify to the accuracy there. But my Brother's drives were going about 220 and had a slice just like real life golf. So i would say they are fairly accurate. I did have to club down one club for my irons. they all were about 10-15 yards long for me.

The machine said my drives were consistently in the 280 yd range, off the heel of the club. around 300 when struck on center. Im hoping those results are accurate but won't know for sure until I get out on a course.

It was great though, even if my results don't carry over, to be able to swing full and hit a ball. Wish I found this place in december. I was amazed that you could work the ball left or right on the simulator, didn't think it would be that accurate in that respect, but was pleasantly surprised.

Putting was terrible, and I couldnt hit my lob wedge because the ball would hit the ceiling in front of the screen and it wouldnt pick up the ball.

I enjoyed the driving range feature the best really, seeing all the info for my swing like path, speed, ball speed, trajectory, contact on face, face angle on impact etc etc... was the first time I could actually see that my path was outside in, causing my slice off the tee.... I knew I had that problem, but was amazing to actually see it.
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Re: Simulated 18

They are pretty decent but the putting sucks I would recomend setting it so the computer putts for you. As for accuracy it only judges where the ball is hit on the screen. I also have to club down my guess is that it does not tell spin so this may be the increase in distance. Overall there a good place to keep your swing in check.
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Re: Simulated 18

There is one close by to me and i have been there once. I found distances to be pretty accurate even on chipping. Putting as stated before is terrible. I purchased my driver from this guy and he let me hit it first and the driving range feature shows you your last 3 drives with all the stats and then an average of all of them that you hit. It gives you th launch angle and a bunch of other stuff. The only reason i remeber the launch angle is because he walked past and said yeah that 9.5 degree will work pretty good because your launch angle is around 12.
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Re: Simulated 18

I've played one 3 times this winter. I think the accuracy is pretty darn good. My clubs go the distance I hit them on the course. Chipping is pretty accurate, but putting really takes some skill (or luck). I usually have the guy set the putting at 12' gimmies (you can pick 6, 9, 12) so I'm not putting as much. Like said above, if you slice on the course, you'll slice on the simulator, too.
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Re: Simulated 18

Thanks for the responses, guys. I know that the simulator cannot replace the outdoor experience that I find so integral to my enjoyment of golf, but it seems worth it for the $18 for 18 holes and the hour and a half drive. I may find it tough to accept a 12 foot gimme, but I'd hate to four putt from there because of the ability of the software or sensors so probably sound advice on that front.

What if you are in the rough or sand or have a sloping lie? I assume you still hit off of the level, fairway-cut mat, right? Maybe that will help a player like me.
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Re: Simulated 18

In the sim I play in, they have sand and rough mats that you put the ball in. They're just deep fiber mats. I have found rough to play semi-accurately but hitting out of the sand was like hitting off the fairway. No excessive swing needed. If you have to hit 30 yards out of sand, make a 30 yard fairway pitch swing (no need to "blast" out). All lies are played level, also.

The shortest putt you can attempt is just over 6' since that is the distance from where you putt to the last sensor by the screen.
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Re: Simulated 18

I discovered a new place for my SIM work this winter. It's a little more expensive (about the same cost as a regular 18 hole round) but it has a 35' indoor putting surface. So, you play the ball to the green in the SIM and then you place the ball down on the putting surface at the distance the SIM tells you (and the distances are marked on the putting surface so there is no guessing) and viola, you have SIM practice AND putting practice at the same time (and there is no pesky SIM putting). The really nice thing here is that you don't have to automatically take a 'gimmie or a two putt" at 12' but rather, if you make that 12 footer you've earned ... on the opposite side of that, if you 3 putt from that 12 foot mark, you have to own that too ...

I find the distances to be pretty accurate, along with ball flight ... the one thing that I don't like about them is trying to pitch/chip ... I, personally, don't chip/pitch by distance, but, rather, by sight and feel so I find it really tricky to chip/pitch in the SIM. But, in January & February in New Hamphire, a chance to play Pebble Beach and swing a club fully is a welcomed thing.

For those of you in the NH area, check out Johhn 9-irons Here: http://www.johnny9irons.com/
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Re: Simulated 18

I actually bought a P3Proswing simulator this winter. It's been the only thing keeping me from going insane! We've had so much snow that I haven't played on the course in 4 months. The simulator is fairly accurate but the putting is close to impossible. Also, I haven't figured out how to judge how much the rough will change the distance. But overall I'd say it was a great investment.
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Re: Simulated 18

As far as prices go i believe the one close to me is 23 bucks for an hour, but for me they have a 10 dollar "after school" price for juniors so that is when i go. I didn't think i woud be able to get done in an hour but i got done and had time to use the driving range feature for about 10 min.
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Re: Simulated 18

I have had a go on one, we have a "golf cafe," in Glasgow.

It seems to be like 10 pin bowling....but golf.

Just another great excuse to drink beer.
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There is one in Lapeer, MI that I like. I'll echo the putting but it is nice to play during the winter. They aren't perfect, having one time buried a simulated ball in the cactus. Would I return? Absolutely. They charge $20 on the week days and $25 weekends.
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is this at Lake Nepessing Golfland

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Play the sims all the time. Fun for what it is but as mentioned putting sucks. Which is most are set to 12-15 ft gimmes. I prefer to use them in practice mode, the range, chipping to targets and whatever else they do.

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I will play them once the snow hits and stays. Just to keep my swing in check. The one I have played, showed my 4 wood going 260 yards and my drives 200. I was like, no point in even bringing driver.

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I have an Optishot SIM. It is not as good as P3Pro but it has helped me lower my handicap. All the drawbacks you are hearing here are accurate but I can get up as early as I want, hit the foam balls (to not wake up anyone), and groove my swing without paying for range balls before I get to the course. That gives me more time for chipping and putting when I arrive at the course. What happens in the SIM happens in the real world except my 18 foot putts don't go in everytime :-) It definately won't hurt your game in the winter.   

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is this at Lake Nepessing Golfland



yes it is.   Heading out there later today.

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