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RBZ Driver................$289


Titleist 712 AP2 Irons..$869


Titleist 910F 3 wood....$190


Nike slingshot 3 hybrid....$70


Titleist Vokey wedges 54 & 60.....$180


Odyssey white ice putter.....$120



All brand new except the nike hybrid                                total $1718

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Ping G20 300$ (Stock Shaft)

No 3 wood For now

3-Pw Ping S56 400$ (Players Usage Discount)

Vokey Wedge 56 125$ If I remember

Cleveland Cg 16 60* 110$

Nike 20XI-S 45$

2 Hybrid 200$

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I didnt read through all the posts but I'd be willing to bet I got mine the cheapest.

TaylorMade Superfast driver 9.5 with epic nano fuse stiff shaft       50 on craigslist

titleist 906f4 aldila blue by you shaft 15.5                                    40 on craigslist

titleist 755 3-pw true temper steel shafts                                     100 on craigslist

mizuno Faldo wedges 52 56 60                                                  40 Total from neighbor

Ping Anser 2 putter  MSRP-100 i believe                                     Christmas gift

What i consider to be a very high quality set on a budget              230 TOTAL



Should i add in the sport trek bag 14 way divider that i found for 10 dollars on Craigslist :)  


But im this close to droppin alot more for a 910 d3 with aldila RIP shaft. I want it so bad.                                                             

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My buddy was ripped off when buying R9 irons (turned out to be fakes) so I made a decision to pay a little extra and buy new stuff from a reputable reseller. 


R11 Driver $300

R11 3 Wood $200

Adams Idea SUPER SS Hybrid 19 $199

Mizuno 800 Pro 4-G Irons $699

Cleveland CG15 56 & 60 $99 each

Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 $180 - only used item I purchased



My wife bought me the Driver for our anniversary and Irons for my BDay.  

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about $4k

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Titleist 910D2 9.5* Driver 46" ProjectX 73gram s-flex shaft - $399
Titleist 910f 15* 3wood 43" Project-X 82gram s-flex shaft - $249
Titleist 904f 19* 5wood YS-6 r-flex shaft - $129 (clearance)
Titleist AP1 irons 3-pw tru-temper dynamic gold R-300 steel shaft (+1/2", 2* upright) - $699
Titleist Vokey 58.08 wedge - $119
Titleist Vokey 52.08 spin milled wedge - $119
Titleist Scotty Cameron 35" Studio Select Squareback #2 - $300

Titleist S72 Staff bag - $269


+Tax @7% =~ $2450

(doesnt include the 907d2 10.5* driver -$399 or 906f 15.5* 3wood - $169(clearance) that i took out of the bag or balls/towel/gloves/shoes/etc)


i have an aversion to buying used equipment. i feel every club has a personality and i want it to be loyal to its owner.. i refuse to let friends use my clubs on the course even to try. just a superstitious thing.

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This is how much my set cost me brand new

Ping G5 irons 4- LW steel shaft with cushion insert reg flex= $1499

Ping G5 Driver +$399

Ping G5 Fairway 3W & 5W = $398

Ping Crazy E Putter = $169


Total Price =$2465

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Driver: $300


Hybrid: $40

Irons: $250 (current retail value)

Wedges: $240

Putter: $90

Bag: $100

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Same clubs as before, with the exception of a different putter and R11 driver adding an estimated $120 in value.  Modify the total value of my previous post Tv by Tv = ((Tv - Diamond Ball Marker)+120)*0.9 + 120*0.1 + Diamond Ball Marker * 1.05

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Replacement costs for new equipment (I swap out long irons for hybrids depending on the day):


Forged blades 2-P: $1000

Driver: $300

3-wood: $175

Hybrids (including reshafting to SL300): $375

Mid-High end putter: $250

Forged wedges (52, 56, 60 prior to bending) ~ $375

Regripping to my favourite grip for all irons, woods, hybrids: ~ $150

Bag: $250



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Using current values


Driver: $70 (because of shaft)

Fwy: $30~

Irons: $200

Wedges: $60

Putter: $80


$440 total.


What did I pay for all of it? $80. lol. I love bargain shopping.

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Driver $280

3 wood $30 ($230 originally rest was gift cards)

Hybrid $190

Irons $365 after trade in of older irons which was one hell of a deal

Wedges $260

Putter was a birthday present.. priced at $120


Sooooo how much I spent - $1,125



If I had bought everything at retail - $3,005


I'd say I did very well!

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Nike Machspeed Black Driver $150
Cobra Baffler Rail 3 Wood $100
Cobra Baffler Rail 3 Hybrid $100
Nike Machspeed Irons 4-PW $300
Cleveland 588 54 Degree $125
Cleveland 588 58 Degree $125
TaylorMade Rossa Putter $100
Total $1,000

All the clubs were bought new, but the models are a few years old - except for the 588s. Upgraded from a garage sale set so I'm pretty happy with them.
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Left hand set:
Burner 1.0 irons
Diablo fw3
Burner fw5
Ping g15 driver
Burner 2.0 driver
Adams a70 putter

Ping g10 which I do not use
Burner r9 which I never use

Cost me about $1200 worth about $150? Maybe?

Right hand set (I am ambidextrous):
Titleist 735cm
Diablo big bertha driver
Diablo 4 hybrid
Adams putter

Cost me used about $220 worth about $200? Maybe?

I think golf equipment loses lots of value after you btheir, the cost is in the service of selecting and tuning the clubs work for you.

I only wish that I had communicated with more people on this forum before buying my first club.
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Not as much as I paid for it...
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I use exotic materials in all my shafts:  gold, silver, and enriched uranium.  The heads on my woods are made of ambergris.

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$170 iron plus hybrids
$99 Driver
Free putter
$30 58* wedge

$300. Compared to everyone here.. my set is cheap as hell. Bet we hit it the same though.lol.
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If yer lucky, half of what you paid for it!  $400 here.

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