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Driver 200- cobra amp
3 wood 125- cobra amp
3 iron 88-cobra bio cell
4-pw 800- cobra amp cell
Gw 100- Cleveland cg14
Sw 150- titleist vokey sm5
Lw 150- titleist vokey sm5
Putter 120- taylormade spider counterbalanced
Bag 175- sun mountain four.5
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Well, I have two sets of titleist 735 cm irons, one with steel shafts and one with graphite. ..both I got for 200$... my wedges probably set me back 500$, which are volkeys and a 588.. and a Taylor made, white smoke putter.... which I believe I got for 70$...
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Just started playing the game and rather than buy a newbie beginner set from Goldsmith or Dick's, I figured I could put together a better set of used clubs for about the same price.  So, here's what I came up with:


Callaway FT-9 Driver - $45

Bobby Jones/Jesse Ortiz 3/5 Woods & 3/4 Hybrids - $130

Nicklaus "The Bear" N1 Linear Dynamics Irons (1-PW) - $30

Titleist Vokey Wedges (52/56/60) - $100

Odyssey Backstryke Marxman Putter - $50

Titlelist Bag - $50


Total cost: $355


Some good clubs in there for less than the cost of a new Callaway, Stratus or Lynx starter set from Goldsmith. In fact, the MSRP of the FT-9 when new was $399, which is more than the total cost of the complete set that I put together.  The same can be said of the Vokey wedges which retailed for about $130 each new.   Bought the Bobby Jones clubs because they were cheap, well rated and beautiful.  Have since learned that these clubs are somewhat difficult for a beginner to hit well, but I also think that if I learn how to hit these clubs, hitting other more "forgiving" clubs should be easier.  The MSRP of the Jones/Ortiz 3/5 woods was $230 and the 3/4 hybrids $200 each; $860 total. The Nicklaus N1 clubs are the most obscure.  They are about 20 years old, probably cost around $150-200 when new and were designed for beginners like me with graphite shafts and, according to PGA.com, a "cantilever weight system and undercut cavity design to establish a lower center of gravity for easier and higher initial launch trajectory." These irons are the weakest part of the set but at $3 a club (total $30), they'll do for now and I can upgrade to better used gear later.  The Odyssey putter cost about $200 and the Titleist bag cost about $160 new.  So, the retail price of the entire set was originally around $2200 which I got for just $355. 


Not bad for a starter set, if I do say so myself.  Now, I just need to learn how to use them properly.  ;-)    

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Cobra Bio Cell Driver-$200 brand new

2009 Cleveland Launcher 3 and 5 wood-$100 used

Nike Slingshot OSS 4-PW and Cleveland CG14 60 Degree wedge plus bag-$100 Craigslist

Callaway X-series Jaws Sand Wedge-$30 used

Nike Drone putter-$69.17 on sale sports authority 


So all together $499.17 not bad for first set of nice golf clubs and considering I live in Alaska.

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Graphite Ping irons, cobra Amp Cell drive, woods and hybrids, with the bag I'd say I'm into this set for $2000+. I also have a second set which I'm into for about another ~$2000.

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Under $500, but the memories are priceless. Plus, on some occasions the two of us have beaten sets costing much more. Other times , we have lost to less expensive set as well as more expensive sets. I probably have $4K-$5K worth of clubs in storage. I know I have at least 3 Scotty Cameron putters in storage I don't use, that together cost more than my gamers do.  . 

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It's worth almost nothing if you try to trade it in at a golf store......

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Golf Clubs are like motor vehicles, once you take out of the show room ,you loose 25% straight up, paid $1700 for my Ping set, if get 5 years at average one game per week, that works out pretty cheap at $6.50 per round.  

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How do you like the G25 irons; I have the G15 and love them but I've been thinking of upgrading. I don't really like the G30s although they could probably grow on me.
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New? Or used?


New, probably around $1,400-1,500. 


Used, it depends if people have seen me use the clubs...if so, they'd assume they're worthless. :-D

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The G25, now played a couple months with them, finding them very good, have picked up about 10 yards in the long irons,8 iron upwards hitting about same length as the SZ cobra I was using. Overall very pleased with the Pings, Woods and Hybrids excellent very rare to get miss hits, normally operator fault if you don't find the fairway.

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No idea, but here in Finland they would be

910D2 + Diamana Ahina 500 e

910F + Diamana Ahina 299 e

910H 19* + Diamana Ahina 279 e

Mizuno MP-59 5-PW + R12 52, 56 and 60 would be 1350 e

64 Dunlop Wedge 10 e =)

Some 10 e putter


Totals as 2448 euros = $3182


I know, golf equipment is quite expensive here. I bought all of those in total of 450 euros used = approximately 600 USD.

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Driver: $350

3w: $40?

Irons + sw: $200

60 degree: $50

Putter: $30? (The grip is brand new!)


As you can see, I have priorities

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* Titleist 905T driver w/Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue shaft, separate ebay purchases for club and shaft plus shaft installation and new grip, $65

* Sonartec  17 degree fairway wood w/UST ProForce V2 shaft, separate ebay purchases plus shaft installation and new grip, $80

* Sonartec  19 degree fairway wood w/stock shaft and new grip, ebay purchase, $60

* Nickent  24 degree hybrid, ebay purchase, new grip, $20

* 3-GW Irons, Giga Golf, custom lie/length, upgraded grips (equivalent to TaylorMade R11), $195

* 54 degree Hogan S/W, older than dirt, free from friend, $9.50 for new grip

* 62 degree lob wedge, $28 new

* Odyssey F7 2-ball putter, Callaway Preowned, $40

* Callaway Carry Bag from parent’s neighbor Christmas day 2009 (he got a new bag for Christmas!) $0


Total = $497.50


If purchased new, approx.  $2,265.

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Driver / 3w 2hy Mizuno JPX 825   $   660

Irons 3/pw Mizuno MP 59              $ 1100

Wedges Taylormade ATV 52/58    $   236

Putter Taylormade Ghost 770        $   132

Grip putter superstroke 3.0            $     30

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